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What is Jimmy Sohns’ Net Worth? Reason Of His Death

jimmy sohns net worth (1)
Jimmy Sohns

Apparently, it is said that band members earn a lot; let’s look into Jimmy Sohns’s Net Worth. Jimmy Sohns was a member of an American rock band titled the Shadows of Knight. The band played all around the 60s with a hit song, “Gloria,” in 1966. The band was Chicago based, and they played the British Blues as they got a homely feeling from that genre.

Also, the band was known to add a Chicago touch to British Blues which gave them an edge over the other bands of that time. The band was an outcome of the talents and hard work of 10 people, of which Jimmy Sohns was the lead singer and frontman. The admirers of the singer had a broken heart after they heard about the passing away of their favorite member of the band. Do you want to know the reason behind his unfortunate death?

How did Shadows Of Knight Start?

The Shadows of Knight was a band made by high school friends who were students in Chicago. The kids were impressed by The Yardbirds and The Rolling Stones. This inspiration made them try to form their music and then lead one of the best bands of the 60s. Surprisingly, Jimmy Sohns grabbed all the worldly attention at a very young age. In fact, he was just a teenager when his band sang Gloria, which hit No. 10 on the Billboard charts.

jimmy sohns net worth

Jimmy Sohns

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 Jimmy Sohns After Shadows Of The Knight

Bands are meant to break, history is evidence of this. After the split of Shadows Of Knight, Jimmy had a hit song, bubblegum-flavored “Shake”. After this shit, he went offstage in the rock biz training Skafish, the new punks of Chicago. Apparently, it was seen that, at times, Jimmy used to interfere with their show and sing Gloria onstage. Now, we wonder about his love for the song. All of this added to Jimmy Sohns’s Net worth.

Moreover, Jimmy’s life wasn’t that black and white. In the 80s, he was arrested for drug charges and spent three years in prison. But, the prison didn’t give him any anxiety. His love for music made him form another prison band called Jimmy Sohns and the Cons.

The splitting of the band didn’t take his soul away. He started an all-new Shadows. The prime focus of this band was on garage-sock lovers. As stated by the people who have already met Jimmy, he was a voluminous talker and didn’t let anyone speak in front of him.

Shadows of Knight

Shadows of Knight

How did Jimmy Sohns Die?

The unfortunate death of Jimmy Sohns took place this week. The 75-year-old singer is known to have died of a heart stroke.

Jimmy Sohns’s Net Worth

Apart from immense fame, the other thing this singer earned was a lot of money. The singer was earning approximately $ 4,00,000 per year, $32,000 per month, and around $ 8,000 per week. Jimmy Sohns’s Net worth is estimated to be around  $5 million.

Now we can be sure that band singers do earn a lot.

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