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Grand Design Season 23 Episode 5: Release Date, Spoilers & Streaming Guide

Grand Design Season 23 Episode 5
Grand Design Season 23 Episode 5

Grand Design is a British real estate property-based TV show that follows the journey of some of the most ambitious individuals and couples who want to build the house of their dreams at any cost. Grand Design is one of the highest-rated real estate TV shows that has been running for more than 20 years now and has won several prestigious awards, and is considered one of the best television shows.

The show follows its host Kevin McCloud who meets with these unique individuals and discusses their construction plan, he visits the site frequently where the house is getting constructed to see if everything is working properly. The show does everything possible to keep its audience invested, it takes us through the challenges one faces in building his dream house, and it lets us witness and understand all the complex technical things that go in while constructing a home.

The construction takes several months to complete, and after it’s done, Kevin takes a final look at the beautiful dream house and gives his reviews, and concludes the show’s episode.

In the previous episode of Grand Design, an Australian and a Zimbabwean couple together want to build their dream house, a beautiful multilevel building on a slope, a house that could remind them of their origins, i.e, the house would have an Australian and Zimbabwean essence in it.

Although before they could finish constructing their beautiful home, they had to face a lot of troubles, like bad weather conditions, difficulty in construction because they were trying to build it on a slope, material problems, and eventually, they also ran over budget. But as the saying goes, as you do, so shall you reap, all the hard work, difficulty, and challenges paid off when they finally finished the construction after 17 months.  After the construction ended, the couples invited Kevin to take a look and my god! He was more than impressed.

Grand Design Season 23 Episode 5 Spoilers

Like any other grand design episode, this episode also follows Kevin McCloud, the host of this TV show traveling and meeting new people, talking about their dream home, and asking them several questions to understand their perspectives. In this episode, a lovely couple, Mike & Sarah, wants to build their own dream home that could provide shelter for multiple upcoming generations i.e. building a multigenerational home.

There is one thing that is sure about this couple they sure like to do it in their own way. They want to build a complex yet beautiful rooftop, a storage place where they could store their most valuable things, and their own basement.

Grand Design Season 23 Episode 5

Grand Design Season 23 Episode 5

Grand Design Season 23 Episode 5 Release Date

Grand Design season 23 episode 5 is releasing on 28 September at 9 pm British time. This show started in 1992 and since has received lots of praise and love from critics and audiences respectively.  The success of the 1st season allowed the production house to make more seasons of the show, and it has been more than 20 years now, and Grand Design has now over 23 seasons several spinoffs like Grand Design Indore, Grand Designs Abroad, Grand Designs Trade Secret, Grand Design Revisited & Grand Design Street.

Now for those who are new to this show, you can check our preview of previous episodes of season 23 here.

Where Can You Watch Grand Design Season 23 Episode 5

You can catch Grand Design Season 23 Episode 5 on Channel4 at 9 PM in British Time. The new episode is titled Derbyshire Dales. Each episode of Grand Design is about 47 minutes long, and it aires every Wednesday on Channel4.  It’s a show that deals with construction projects, covering the difficulties and challenges that have to be faced when one dreams of building his own dream house. If you are someone who loves real estate TV shows, then you should definitely check out Grand Design.

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