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What Happened Last Night On The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 7? Who Gets The Hometown Rose?

The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 7
Ariel, Kathrine and Charity (CC: ABC)

Welcome to The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 7, and just like Greer’s reintroduction to the show, I’m gonna keep things nice and concise this week. Luckily though, this episode is not very important at all, as it’s only the episode before hometowns. Here Zach and the remaining women will learn who gets to have their families meet Zach, all while visiting Budapest.

And here, before The Bachelor Season 27 Week 7 can begin, of course, Zach has to have his weekly boys’ chat with Jesse Palmer because his previous BFF, Sean Lowe, won’t return any of his calls. And like every time they have to do this, Jesse has some news for Zach.

So it a new about Greer, and he tells Zach that she’s been quarantining till now and that she’s on her way to Budapest. Zach says, “cool, but can you make her disappear as you did with Logan when he got COVID?”

What Happened Last Night On The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 7?

Well, first up for the one-on-one this week is Katie, and this date is pretty much a write-off cause, at this point, if your name is either Katie or Gabi, you can pretty much always expect a rose. So these two explore the city and get some sage advice on love.

Type out a poem about each other on this love typewriter. Alright, Zach, take this girl and run with her because all it took was you writing two sentences into a typewriter, and she’s calling you the perfect man. I mean, soon, Zach will be making her swoon just by typing any random things on the typewriter.

The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 7

Zach with Katie (CC: ABC)

Now, while these two get all riled up over some type of writing for the rest of the ladies, the Group date card for the week has arrived. And with Brooklyn’s name not being on it, that means she’ll be getting the one-on-one, and women like Katrine are left to continue their spiral from last week.

And we see Kathrine crying and saying that she doesn’t want to shut down or close off. Then she tells that because of everything that’s happened recently, it’s like making her feel like she wants to protect herself. And then she finally goes on to say, “Doesn’t Zach miss her as much as she misses him.”

Now moving back to the night portion of Katie’s date, here she reiterates that what she wants in a relationship is a man who is actually going to stick by her. Like if she gets a hometown, Zach won’t be meeting her dad because he left her.

The same goes for the man who raised her for a number of years after that. He, too, left. And so having someone stable who will be there no matter what is all she’s ever wanted. At which point Zach leaned in and said it was weird hard, but he’s got her. And then he winks at her.

Was that Wink: “You’re getting a hometown” or Wink: “you don’t have to worry about the other women”? So Katie gets a rose and the first hometown spot, while the production gets these two, of course, into a giant Hungarian hot tub. After the date, Katie says that she is falling in love with him, but she needs a little bit more time to be able to say that.

The Magic Mentalist Group Date

On to the group date for the Week 7 of The Bachelor Season 27, where here the rest of the women, minus Brooklyn, will be enjoying a date with The Mentalist, AKA this guy who does a bunch of magic tricks.

So this magic guy draws a heart on Zach’s hand and then tells the girls to check their hands. After opening their hands, only one girl is surprised four, and that is Gabi because she magically has the same heart drawing on her hands as well.

The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 7 Recap

The Mentalist group date (CC: ABC)

Oh, you know, all of these women are outside dying this Mentalists like, “Why her? Why Gabi of all people?”. So he asks Gabi to tell him in one word what she is looking for in a relationship with Zach, and she says that she has two words. Mm-hmm, and I’m gonna say those two words are “Instagram Followers.” OK, that weren’t the two words she had in mind, and I was joking around.

But yeah, whatever two words she had, the Mentalist guessed it right. And after guessing the two words, he was like, “That’s the power of mentalism. And You can’t hide anything from me now”. The Mentalist then takes some time to reveal these ladies’ innermost insecurities that production already wrote down and told him.

Then he asks Charity what the one reason why her previous relationship didn’t work was, and she says Infidelity. After hearing the answer, he turns his shalk boards and guesses what’s written on them… Infidelity. He then proceeds to wow them all with how much he knows, without any of them realizing that the dude probably just watched the footage from The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 6’s date.

How To Get A Hometown Rose From Zach

Well, now that everyone’s either freaked out or emotional, it’s time to move into the night portion of the date, where tension is only going to get even higher as they all have to sit down and stare at the group date rose, AKA a one-way ticket to hometowns and a spa on Bachelor in Paradise.

The Bachelor Season 27 Week 7

Gabi with Zach (CC: ABC)

So one by one, the ladies are brought forth before Zach to plead their case on why they should get a hometown. And by now, we pretty much know the deal. So when it was Gabi’s chance to put herself forward, she said that her mom and sister thought that she could be a good match with Zach. And then she goes on to say that she has no doubt in her mind that they’re gonna love him.

If you come to Zach with fun and good times, like how Gabi did, by the end, you’ll get a kiss. However, if you come with drama, like how Katrine did, suddenly Zach’s giving you this face. Not the face of someone who’s thinking they’re looking at their future wife. Kathrine came in with drama, all crying and saying that these days have been so hard for her that she just couldn’t do it, and that was just too much for her.

So it really shouldn’t be a surprise when Zach picks up the group date rose and says, “Gabi, will you accept this rose?”So Zach will be going to her hometown to meet Gabi’s family. Hope they don’t try to feed him Maple syrup cause we know what happened last time.

Oh, Greer Is Back! Oh, Greer Is Gone!

Well, with the group date rose being handed out, Kathrine continues her spiral into madness, and we continue on into the final one-on-one for the week with Zach and Brooklyn. A huge date, as if Brooklyn receives a rose, there’s only one rose left for the rest of the women.

Then we see Greer saying that she is so excited to be here right now. Oh, right, Greer is back. I Guess Brooklyn’s date will have to wait as Greer comes in super excited to meet Zach after three weeks. Ohh, Sweet summer child, three weeks since you’ve seen him? Well, let’s get this over with.

So Greer is stoked to see Zach. The last time they spoke, he said her experience of missing work due to COVID was not like his experience of missing time with his future partner due to COVID. So now that she also got COVID here, they’re totally twinsies, right? So she is getting a hometown?

The Bachelor Season 27 Week 7 Recap

Greer is back and gone (CC: ABC)

So Greer says that she dies and sees something between them. But I guess Zach was already checked out at this point. So he says that he can’t give her a hometown rose because he doesn’t see a future with her.

So Greer is in and out in no time flat. Listening to this, she starts to cry and says that she really appreciates them being so honest and transparent with her. Well, OK, that’s all good and fine, but she might still have COVID. Someone get this girl T stat.

Zach And Brooklyn’s Date

Alright, so now we can move on to Brooklyn’s date. And as these two smooches in this hot air balloon ride thing, The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 7 cuts back to the ladies as they talk about Brooklyn’s date in a very important way.

So while speaking to Katherine, Charity says that she does feel confident that “Brooklyn will be coming back with a Rose after the date, and that will leave her and Kathrine as the last couple of unpicked girls. I’ve seen the show far too many times, and you know, every time they bring up someone coming back with a rose or not, they’re not.

Well, First off, production sends Zach into his second giant hot tub of the episode. For Zach, this Iconic Hungarian bathhouse was like a big old hot tub. And then, for another second of The Bachelor Season 27.

They have Zach get more romance advice from an old couple while inside the hot tub. But hey, at least they’re wearing clothes this time. Also, can I just say the dude here’s vibing in a hot tub with his girl playing chess? At his age, I don’t know if it gets much better than that.

Who Gets The Hometown Rose On The Bachelor Season 27?

The really important part of Zach’s date with Brooklyn is the night portion. So while Brooklyn goes on about hometowns, her family, the People Zach will be meeting like her mom and Grandpa who raised her, or the people he won’t be meeting like her dad.

Zach pipes up and says, “Let me stop you right there.” So Zach tells Brooklyn she deserves someone who can give her the love that he can’t. On her way home, he walks her out to the back of an SUV while the rest of the ladies watch her suitcase get taken away.

The Bachelor Season 27 Week 7

Zach with his last hometown rose (CC: ABC)

But at this point, there are still two hometown spots up for grabs and two roses still to hand out. So we’re now headed to the Rose ceremony for the Bachelor Season 27 Werk 7. And with Katharine still spiraling and Charity wondering if her being so open during the Mentalist was too much for Zach, Ariel gets the first rose handed out. And the storyline here comes down to will Charity or will Katharine gets the last hometown spot. And Zach chose Charity.

And there you have it. Our final four are complete as Katie, Gabi, Ariel, and Charity will have their families meet Zach while Katherine follows Greer and Brooklyn back home, dreaming of her Bahama’s Date, knowing that in the end, for this Bahama Mama, and this Bahama Papa, it just wasn’t meant to be. So that’s it for this The Bachelor Season 27 Episode 7 recap.

What Will Happen In The Bachelor Season 27 Episodes 8 & 9?

But alright, let’s now talk about The Bachelor Season 27 outlook as a whole. Does anything in the Week 8 Preview of The Bachelor change what we talked about last week? Well, no. In fact, there’s only even more evidence to suggest that Charity will be the one eliminated in her hometown.

Now, of course, with Katie and Gabii, we’ve got direct Thailand footage with these two, so to no one surprise, we know they will be enjoying a lovely week of no touchy-touchy with Zach. But in this last section of The Bachelor Season 27 Week 8 Preview, we get a series of shots of each of the women, all of which could easily be from fantasy suites except for this shot of Charity in the daylight wearing a yellow dress.

These pensive-looking shots are commonly seen in fantasy suites, as the contestants often start the week looking off into the distance and monologuing about how serious things are or how important this week is. But if there’s no footage of Charity doing that cause she’s not there, they have to settle for this hometown version.

So just by virtue of this being a hometown shot. We have further evidence to suggest that Charity will be gone next week. Then after, hometowns expect Ariel to go as we’ve got tons of footage of Katie and Gabi left on multiple dates in Thailand, but virtually nothing of Aerial.

I know they’re likely holding some of her Thailand footage back from these previous in order to not reveal too much too early. But come on, all season, Katie has pretty much been the front-runner with Gabi right behind, so it’s hardly a surprise that it’s one of these two getting the final rose.

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