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Barry Humphries
Barry Humphries (Photo by Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

Barry Humphries, who is an Australian-decent actor, is best known for playing characters like Dame Edna Everage and Sir Les Patterson. In a sad turn of events, we have lost our most beloved character Dame Edna forever. The veteran actor recently passed away at the age of 89.

Earlier this week, the comedian was hospitalized at a hospital in Sydney. He had recently undergone hip replacement surgery, which resulted in “serious health problems.” A representative for Sydney’s St. Vincent’s Hospital confirmed that Humphries had passed away.

Following his death, Barry’s family released a statement honoring his legacy. The actor spent more than 70 years of his life performing on stage, making people around him happy, and contributing to the entertainment industry. 

Barry Humphries
Barry Humphries (Credit: Mediaweek)

What was Barry Humphries’s net worth?  

Barry Humphries has worked on multiple projects, which enabled him to gather good fortune. In all his work, whether it’s being a comedian, actor, satirist, scriptwriter, or producer, he has not only become everyone’s favorite but also gathered a good size of money. It has been estimated that Barry’s projected net worth as of April 2023 is 18$ million.

We have seen Barry Humphries in many avatars, but he became a household sensation due to his good humor. The comedian and acting career fetched him an enormous net worth. Humphries also dabbed in writing, painting, and directing throughout his active years, which also added enormously to his wealth. He is one of the well-liked names in the entertainment business, and everyone’s fond of his unusual personality and sharp wit.

How did Barry Humphries make his fortune?

Humphries was just 21 when he became a household sensation after creating his famous character Mrs. Norm Everage. The character gave him worldwide popularity. He made his stage debut in the year 1955 as Mrs. Norm Everage during a tour with the newly established Melbourne Theatre Company.

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Barry performed in many films as Dame Edna. He even hosted Tv Shows and wrote many books. Dame Edna is a very popular character who attracted the masses with her unique look. She wore a purple hair wig and cat-eye glasses, which garnished a good fan following.

In 1959, Barry shifted to London, where he met many then-famous and well-established personalities, which further opened many opportunities for him. He became friends with British authors and performers like Alan Bennett, Spike Milligan, Peter Cook, and Dudley Moore.

While performing at Peter Cook’s The Establishment nightclub, Barry even gave a contribution to the satirical magazine Private Eye. 

What movies was Barry Humphries in?

Barry Humphries was part of various TV shows and stage productions like “The Barry Humphries Show,” “The Dame Edna Experience,” and “Dame Edna’s Neighbourhood Watch,” 

He featured in numerous of the same shows as well as “A Late Lunch With Les” and “Les Patterson and the Great Chinese Takeaway” as Sir Les Patterson, Edna’s temperamental opposite.

In addition, he played Bruce the shark in Finding Nemo, Estragon in Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot, the Great Goblin in The Hobbit, and an Australian newspaper proprietor in Selling Hitler.

Barry Humphries
Barry Humphries as Dame Edna (Credit: Getty Images)

How did Barry Humphries die?

Barry Humphries’s recent death came as a shock to the whole industry. There’s no doubt that his death is a huge loss to the entertainment industry. On April 19, 2023, Barry Humphries was hospitalized after suffering a “serious” health setback.

This year in March, the veteran actor was admitted to a Sydney hospital after experiencing problems after his hip surgery. Following his health problems, the Australian comedian was again admitted to St. Vincent’s Hospital in Sydney. It was reported that his recent admission came after a serious deterioration in his health. 

With the sad turn of events, Barry passed away on April 22, 2023, at the age of 89. It’s being reported that he suffered complications from his hip surgery which became the reason for his poor health.

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