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Gaming Recommendations: Fun Mobile Games To Play Right Now

Genshin Featured

Mobile games and mobile gaming have been at an all-time high right now. People debate whether mobile gaming is actual gaming or not, but the real point is that it is entertaining. With more and more powerful phones getting released each year, the gap between mobile and PC gaming seems to be closing.

But don’t be mistaken, PC or Console and mobile gaming are years apart from each other when it comes to sheer graphical and general strength, but the fact is mobile is slowly catching up. Right now, we get to play old but big PC games on our phones completely. The best examples are the GTA games; huge games like San Andreas and Vice City are all playable on our phones right now.

They display the same amount of graphics as the games did back then on PCs. Some other games have some amazing graphics that we would even think for a second it actually is a mobile game or not.

Also, there’s no denying the fact that mobile games are just iconic, it’s so popular with billions of downloads. Some games have made such a huge fanbase that it resulted in TV show remakes and full feature films. An example of such a situation would be Angry Birds. The small mobile game now has over 20 games, PC games, Films, and more.

Pokemon Go, which was released on phones, swept the world. It became a movement, and it was the most trending thing on the planet back then. We saw hundreds of people gathering in parks and other places with their phones to catch Pokemon.

So with mobile games on the rise, what are some of the best games we can play that right now?

Player Unknowns BattleGround (PUBG)

This is literally the biggest game on the mobile right, and there is no denying that. The number of people who still play this addictive Battle Royale to this day is over millions. Keep in mind this game has been released a few years now.

No game has ever seen such a constant number of players throughout a number of years. The PUBG players are so loyal to the game that they never stop playing. Who can blame them, the game is so addictive!


PUBG can be seen as the game that brought in all the attention to Battle Royale games. It sure isn’t the first-ever BR game, but it is without a doubt that brought the genre the most amount of attention. After PUBG came out, it was followed by a roster of BR games.

But even though a ton of new things came out with the same concept and a few new adjustments, none of them could make it to the level of PUBG. The open-world, the looting, the shooting mechanisms, player movement, versatility, the sounds, everything is so beautifully made.

The amount of teamwork necessary to win a game is astonishing. A lot of friendships have become stronger through PUBG, a lot of new friendships took form through PUBG!

The game still stands at the top as one of the best open-world Battle Royale games. On phones, it has very decent graphics and power. Whether you’re on the go, stuck at home, or even at work (we don’t recommend that), playing PUBG on your phone with your best friends is the best way to pass the time.

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COD Mobile

Call Of Duty is a household name when it comes to first-person shooters. They are at the legendary level of game makers and games. They have gone down in history.

So when they transitioned into mobile games, it was guaranteed that they would dominate they’re as well and dominate they did. The multiplayer elements of the game are so fun, no other mobile game had a multiplayer game with so many modes, fluid gameplay, PC level graphics.

COD Mobile

The game has a ton of iconic maps, game modes, and also features a Battle Royale mode. The BR mode isn’t on par with PUBG, but the multiplayer element of the game cannot be beaten by any other. The Deathmatches, Domination, Search and Destroy, everything gives you the same feel as the old school Call Of Duty did on PC.

When it comes to playing a quick game with your friends or even calling in your teammates to become the highest-ranked, Call Of Duty is the best option without a doubt.

Among Us

Out of all of the previously mentioned games, this is one is the most popular one of 2020. Everywhere you looked, it was Among Us. The game was released way back, but due to lockdown and people trying new games, its popularity shot up through the roof.

Among Us is now a fan favorite for all friend groups; it’s so fun and addictive. The game doesn’t feature anything spectacular gameplay-wise, it mainly clicks and presses. But the best part of the game is through voice chat.

Among Us - Mobile Games

The game is about a group of spacemen on a shuttle. But among the group, there are impostors who plan to kill every other person. Before the game end s the impostor has to eliminate everyone in order to win, if you are in the innocent section (crewmate) then you have to figure out who the impostor is and kick him out.

So basically, the game depends on your ability to lie and your ability to deduce and figure out if a person is lying or not. So because the game is being mainly fought between the intellects of a friend group, it often leads to rages, shouting, and many more, which is the most fun about the game.

The funniest part is PUBG and COD Mobile has brought a lot of people closer and made a lot of friend groups tighter in the past years. Among Us, on the other hand, it is brutal it could tear apart friends.

The game, because of its massively growing popularity, has new updates coming out. A new map and new features will be added to the game shortly. The hype for this doesn’t seem to be dying any time soon, so get on board the Among Us hype.

Genshin impact

This game took everyone by surprise. It had been released on PC earlier on but went by without gaining much popularity. But when it was released on every mobile and other platforms for free, people started to take it much more seriously.

It was released at the perfect time, the pandemic was going on, and it being a massive open-world RPG, it would mean that you could spend hours and hours trying to finish the game.

Genshin Impact - Mobile Games

So like we said, Genshin Impact is a massive open-world multiplayer role-playing game. It takes heavy inspiration from Zelda Breath Of The Wild, but it’s not a ripoff in any way. The game has it’s own take on the style with amazing graphics.

It can have a pretty huge file size in phones, but still, it’s worth it. We get to control an array of characters with amazing superpowers across a huge and beautiful open-world map.

The dialogues, the story, the gameplay, everything is done so beautifully. The open world is the best part of the game, from random boss fights to solving brain-teasing puzzles, to help out a stranger, the game has it all. Even if you aren’t a fan of massive RPG games, Genshin Impact would be the perfect way to test it out.

Simpsons Tapped Out

If you’re a fan of strategy games and The Simpsons, then this is the perfect game for you. in the mobile gaming world, people really love strategy games with the long building times, base building, city planning, and so on.

Simpsons Tapped Out - Mobile Games

In Simpsons Tapped Out, you get to create your own Springfield from scratch. The sense of accomplishment you get when you unlock a certain character or abuilding is so good. That’s because it takes a long time to make any improvement in this game. But that’s the fun part of it, games like these will only need your attention for a few minutes per day, but for any improvement, you would have to wait weeks.

The best part is it’s The Simpsons, so it’s not your average strategy game. It has a great narrative that goes along with it and is filled with Simpsons jokes and easter eggs.

So these are some of the best mobile games available on the market right now for you guys to try out. Keep in mind these were just some of the games. Browsing through the Playstore or Appstore, you’ll find thousands of such games.

But if you’re not in the mood to browse through all the pages, don’t worry; we’ll keep you covered. We’ll put up more and more articles on this topic.

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