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JTBC’s Snowdrop: Everything We Know So Far


It looks like Korean dramas will have a fantastic year as more and more new series are on the way. Fans equally will have a brilliant year as they will get more dramas with their favorite casts. There is quite the buzz after the announcement of the star-studded cast for the latest drama, Snowdrop. Jisoo from BLACKPINK will take lead as one of the main cast and will mark her debut with the series. She made her singing debut in 2016. It is her first official role as a lead actress, although she made special, and cameo appearances previously on two dramas. Let’s know everything so far revealed on Snowdrop.

Snowdrop: Release Date

Snowdrop is an upcoming historical political melodrama romantic South Korean series. The series will premier in the JTBC original network. Snowdrop was not the title of working for the series, but rather, is Leehwa Women’s University Dormitory. It has, also other names such as seolganghwa, seolkanghwa, sulganghwa, and sulkanghwa. There is no revelation of the official release date for Snowdrop yet. According to many sources, the drama will air in the first half of 2021 only. One will get an idea of Snowdrop’s airing when official seasonal projects are revealed by JTBC.


Snowdrop: Production

Yoo Hyun-Mi is the screenwriter of the series, with Jo Hyun-Tak as the director. The production companies behind the series are JTBC Studios and Drama House. JTBC is also the distributor for the series. Development is a full-on swing for Snowdrop, although it has stopped for some time last year. Snowdrop is the second alliance of Jo Hyun-Tak and Yoo Hyn-Mi after their 2018’s hit series, Sky Castle. It was in late November 2020 that filming got suspended due to close contact of a supporting actor with a COVID-19 person. But, the suspension only took place temporarily until the results of testing. However, there are not any updated latest details on the progress of the show. 

Cast & Plotline

The cast for Snowdrop includes Jung Hae-In, Yoo In-na, Kim Ji-soo, Jung Yoo-jin, Jang Seung-jo, Kim Hye-Yoon, and Yoon Se-ah in the leading characters. They would take the roles of Im Soo-ho, Kang Chung-ya, Eun Young-Cho, Jang Han-na, Lee Kang-moo, Kye Boon-ok, and Pi Seung-hee. There will be no news on any other cast, but reportedly Yum Jung-ah will make a special appearance. JTBC officially confirmed the leading cast and characters on October 5, 2020. The cast began to join one by one from August of last year.

Kim Hye-Yoon was in talks for joining from June 18, 2020, and included in the cast list on August 18 of the same year. Kim Hye-Yoon and Jang Seung-jo joined the team officially on August 24 and August 26, respectively. Jung Yoo-Jin and Yoon Se-Ah joined the team in September and Yoo In-na in December of last year.

The storyline of adaption for the series is quite distinctive as it is taken from a man’s handwritten notes. The man was an escaped prisoner from North Korea’s political prison camp. Snowdrop will tell a love story that takes place in the female dormitory of a prestigious university. The backdrop will be set in 1987. It will somewhat be a mystery and thriller, also with one of the university students, Eun Young-Cho hiding another male student, Im Soo-Ho in the female dormitory.

Im Soo-Ho is also a student of the same university but hides a secret due to which he also ran to the female dormitory covered in blood and hide. As for Eun Young-Cho, she hides Im Soo-ho as she fell in love at first sight. However, it is easier said than been done as there is strict surveillance in the dormitory.  

The housemother of the Women University Dormitory of Hosoo, Pi Seung-Hee is also very terrifying and strict. Besides, there are many other women in the dormitory from whom they have to hide. There are also criticisms towards the drama series with someone comparing it to Crash Landing On You. People are accusing due to emphasizing the complicated situations between North and South Korea and romanticizing the same complex situations.

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