Calvin Harris Before And After: The DJ’s Surprising Transformation

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Calvin Harris Before and After
(Credits: Calvin's Instagram, Herald Sun's YouTube)

With hits like One Kiss and This Is What You Came For to his name, it’s no surprise that Calvin Harris was once the highest-paid DJ in the world. Harris started his music career at the young age of 15 and hasn’t looked back since. As his career took off, the singer certainly also had one of the best glow-ups ever seen in the industry, both in terms of his face and his net worth of almost $300 million.

Born on January 17, 1984, in Dumfries, Calvin Harris’s real name is Adam Richard Wiles, which he changed to his popular stage name after he entered the world of music. Although he produced many good tracks once he started working as a DJ, it was only in 2012 that Calvin was able to secure a position on the top charts in UK and US with his album, 18 Months.

The album was so successful that it even broke the long-time record for “Most top songs from one studio album” that was held by Michael Jackson. Since then, Harris has produced several great hits that managed to rank high in both countries. At the beginning of his music career, his appearance used to be his least concern as Harris used to show up at red carpet events as a geeky boy with dark hair and flashy clothes.

This changed once he reached fame, though, as after he moved to Los Angeles, Calvin started working out and shifted towards a cleaner diet. If you were to look at pictures of Calvin from before 2009 and the Calvin that we know now, both of those people wouldn’t look related at all. That’s how much of a transformation Harris has gone through over the years.

Calvin Harris: Before And After

Back in 2007, when Calvin was still new to being famous, he had more of an Emo look with dark brunette hair that covered most of his forehead. His clothes were the usual teenage clothing that was seen in the 2000s with slogan T-shirts, graphic hoodies, and loose pants. In 2009 he had the first-ever change in his appearance, which was having shorter hair that suited his long face and a fit, toned body.

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Calvin Harris Before and After
(Credits: Fnac’s Calvin Harris Interview, 2008)

The years 2009-2011 were also the times when he was producing back-to-back hit songs like Bounce, and We Found Love, and Calvin started to take his appearance much more seriously. When 2012 arrived, Calvin got influenced by LA Air and started working out to have a muscular body.

Having healthier breakfasts in LA compared to the ones in the UK made his skin clearer and helped him build up lean muscle. Another change he had undergone was his teeth, which were crooked and yellow before 2012.

Harris whitened them and got his teeth aligned to make his smile much brighter and ideal. This was also the time he finally decided to let go of his obsession with dark hair and let his natural color grow out. By 2014, Calvin had completely stopped drinking, as he claimed it made him feel much better. He also started getting into relationships with celebrities like Rita Ora and Taylor Swift, although both of them eventually ended. Harris started dating Taylor Swift in February 2015, but their romance only lasted until July 2016.

His style was now completely different from what he once was used to. Harris shifted towards designer suits which made his overall vibe more charming. Armani cast him as one of the models in their clothing campaign in 2015, and once the photos were revealed, it was apparent that Harris was working extensively on his body as he visibly had a chiseled six-pack.

Calvin Harris Before and After
(Credits: Calvin Harris’ Interview by KISS, 2022)

Throughout the years, he has also developed tan skin, which seems to be adding up to his already attractive appearance. At present, Calvin Harris is engaged to Vick Hope, and his Fiancé made the announcement earlier this year in January.

As for his music career, it has only grown since he first appeared on the charts. He released a single on March 10th, 2023, with Ellie Goulding, one of the women he was speculated to be dating back in 2012, although they denied all of it. Most recently, Harris was seen performing at the 22nd Coachella that was held in April 2023.

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