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Drag Den Philippines Episode 7: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

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Drag Den Philippines Episode 7’s air date is here. Before the release of the upcoming episode, we will give you all the information you require. The site features a summary of all previous episodes, spoilers, a streaming schedule, and the release date for Drag Den Philippines episode 7. Don’t worry if you missed an episode of the show.

You can get help here and recap the developments of the show so far from this article. One of those programs that continue making progress with every new season is Drag Den. Many claims that it’s the perfect binge-worthy show. Tragically, Drag Den was really only introduced on December 8 of the previous year.

There are only six installments of Drag Den accessible, and a sixth one will soon be released. For those who may not be aware of the show yet, below is a brief overview. In the reality competition series Drag Den Philippines, almost eight drag divas will fight for the win.

With its help, the “Filipino Drag Superior” title was finally attained. The fact that Manila Luz, a well-known American drag queen, would be hosting the series must make people delighted. She participates in the “Drag Lord” show as a juror.

Sassa Gurl is posing as her “Drag runner,” while Nicole Cordoves, who is standing by her left, is posing as her “Drag dealer.” To earn the title of Drag queen or king, these eight contestants have almost eight weeks to prove their talent, charm, and attractiveness.

The fact that each of the six episodes has achieved a rating of 7 or better on IMDB so far will definitely boost interest in the show. Manila revealed the judges and the full cast to the globe by uploading the trailer to the same YouTube account of the producers.

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The Philippines’ Drag Den in the recap

The several holidays scattered throughout the year depict the rich traditions of the Filipino people nearly flawlessly. The queens offered these important or formal occasions of the year a special spin and shine in episode five’s topic wear presentation.

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“Round 4,” meaning “episode 4, titled High on Drags,” the next-to-last episode, was equally outstanding. The rankings from the previous round are revealed at the start of the program. The following are the rankings after round 3: NAIA is now in the 2nd spot, with Maria Christina and Barbie-Q tied for the first.

Once more, Pura Luka Vega & Shawarma were ranked third. Aries Nights, OA, and Lady Gaga are ranked 4, 5, and 6, respectively. Sassa gurl assigns the drag siblings a mission by giving them the gathering of tales from the drug den after listening to everyone’s comments and views about their ranks and the nearby area.

Before everyone is prepared to enter the ThemeWare, they all play In a Knockoff. The performance included KZ Tandigan, a Filipino artist regarded as Asia’s soul queen. The main premise of this episode is centered on well-known Philippine fantasy literature.

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It was prepared for round 2, a group talent contest, after all the presentations. Manila asks Barbie-Q to choose the best three queens for her squad after she triumphed in the previous Dragdagulan round.

As a result, the groups are NIA, Pura Luka Vegas, BarbieQ, and Madame Gagita in bunch 1, and Shawarma, Aries Nights, OA, and Maria Christina in lot 2. Viewers might see drag queens working out with KZ Tandingan. They will sing later in front of the judges and guests.

Drag Den Philippines Episode 7 Release Date

Drag Den Philippines Episode 7 will air on January 19, 2023. To view, you have to get into your Amazon Prime account at 7 PM PHT. If you’re not one of those people who constantly have to recall the dates, just keep in mind that the latest episode is released every Thursday.

Where to watch Drag Den Philippines Episode 7 online

Amazon Prime Video has the complete seventh episode of Drag Den Philippines. Six installments of the show are currently available on Prime Video. However, you shouldn’t worry because the show’s original Filipino audio is available with Thai, English, and Filipino subtitles.

Episode Guide and Schedule for Drag Den

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