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Wolf Pack Episode 3: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

Wolf Pack Episode 3 Release Date
Wolf Pack Cast (From Left - Everett, Blake, Garett, Kristin, Harlan, Luna)

Episode 3 of Wolf Pack is all set to release. Fans are highly anticipating the upcoming storyline after the enthralling end of the previous episodes. As the first two episodes of the series kept everyone enchanted with an unusual narrative of werewolves capturing the town, the next episode will be much more intriguing as many of the main characters started having abnormal werewolf experiences that are certainly going to bring substantial change in their lives. 

2023’s most acclaimed supernatural drama series, Wolf Pack debuted on Paramount plus in January. Based on the book by Edo Van Balkom of the same name, the series encircles the story of a non-wolf group of friends encountering unusual events that lead them towards the unimaginable world of werewolves.

Episode by episode the story of the Wolf Pack is developing, making new discoveries about the characters and the nature of werewolves. Many of the main characters have already started feeling something off within themselves but where will their destiny lead them? Well, no one knows yet. But watching all the episodes is equally significant as each episode will leave hints for viewers to anticipate the story further. So, let us get to know everything about the upcoming episode of Wolf Pack.

What Happened In The Last Episode?

The episode starts with the group of Blake, Luna, Everett and Harlan getting caught by the firefighters in the woods who send them back to their homes considering how dangerous it would be for them to wander around the jungle. In the car, Everett lets everyone know that he heard the howl and even got bitten by an animal.

However, while proving the same, he discovers that his animal-bitten wound has disappeared. At this time Everett and Blake discover that something is off as both of them got bitten, but considering the whole situation, they don’t say a word. After reaching home, Everett endures the very short temper of his mother but this is what not he is anxious about, he is worried about the bite and what is coming into his and Blake’s fate in the future.

Everett - Wolf Pack

Everett from Wolf Pack (Credit: Paramount Plus)

Subsequently, Blake starts experiencing odd things such as hallucinating having werewolf fangs while looking into the mirror and getting phone calls to stay safe so that she would not get killed.

Even Everette dreams about sharing the same bed with Blake while sleeping but he does not understand what hints this dream wants to give him. Additionally, Everett finally develops wolf claws when he wakes up in the morning.

Harlan who doesn’t trust any of his friends consistently argues with his twins Luna about the credibility of Everett and Blake’s words about getting bitten by a werewolf even though he experiences the same hallucinations as Everett and Luna do. On the other hand, they try every way possible to find their father, Garett and soon receive the good news of his location and well-being.

Wolf Pack - Main Cast

Main Cast of Wolf Pack (Credit: Paramount Plus)

Connor, Everett’s friend when goes to him, reveals that he has the animal bite on his body but both of them later end up with the theory that he was got bitten by any other animal but not a wolf because his wound has not yet disappeared. Connor finds it better to go see a doctor for his wound but in the middle of treatment, he passes out.

On the day of a full moon, Connor calls Everett telling him he is scared and someone has been following him. Even though Everett and Blake reach Connor’s location to save him from the werewolf, they fail to stop the attack and ultimately, Connor falls prey to the werewolf-like horrible creature.

Wolf Pack Episode 3: Release Date

Many things have happened in the Wolf Pack episode 2, but the reasons behind the same are not yet revealed, so each episode of the show is significant to unravel the mysteries of the wolves hunting the whole town.

As episode 2 has already shocked all the viewers, they are highly anticipating the next episode, so when it is going to release? Episode 3 of Wolf Pack is scheduled to release on Thursday, 9th February 2023 at 12.00 PM PT on Paramount plus.

Blake and Everette - Wolf Pack

Blake and Everette from Wolf Pack (Credit: Screen Rant)

  • Pacific Time: 9th February 2023, Thursday, 12.00 AM
  • Eastern Time: 9th February 2023, Thursday, 03.00 AM
  • Greenwich Time: 9th February 2023, Thursday, 08.00 AM
  • Indian Standard Time: 9th February 2023, Thursday, 01.30 PM
  • Philippines Time: 9th February 2023, Thursday, 04.00 PM

Follow the schedule given above to watch the upcoming episode of Wolf Pack at the exact time on Paramount Plus.

Wolf Pack Episode 3: How to Watch

As Wolf Pack is the official series of Paramount Plus, unfortunately, there is no option available to watch the series other than its official platform. So, if you want to watch the upcoming episode of Wolf Pack, you will need to buy a subscription that will cost you around $4.17 a month.

Also, there are multiple Asian countries where Paramount Plus is not accessible, so, you can use Express VPN, to get access and enjoy Wolf Pack. We will surely update you if other OTT platforms list Wolf Pack on their website or app, until then, enjoy the magnificent world of werewolves with Wolf Pack.

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