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Call It Love Episode 10: Release Date, Spoilers & Streaming Guide

Call It Love Korean Melodrama Series Episode 10 Release Date
Call It Love Episode 10 Release Date

Premiering its first episode on 22nd February 2022, Call it Love is a romantic melodrama that tells the story of a man and a woman who, worn out from facing the hard cruelty of the world, start to understand one another as time passes. With newfound feelings toward each other, they find themselves slowly changing for the better.

Call It Love Episode 10 is finally scheduled to release very soon! Set to release 16 episodes. This K-drama has touched the hearts of many. Its tear-jerking plot intertwined with realistic situations has made the audience fall in love with K-drama.

To know more about Call It Love and when Episode 10 will be released, stay tuned! As this article will provide you with all the information you will need regarding this heart-wrenching K-drama that is sure to make you tear up!


Our protagonist, Sim Woo Joo’s father, and his mistress have made her life terrible. Treated like an outsider within her own home and made to feel like an outcast, Sim Woo Joo is finally driven out of her house after her father passes away the woman he was dating.

Call It Love Korean Melodrama Series Episode 10 Synopsis

Call It Love (2023)

She makes a choice to exact revenge on the woman as soon as she leaves the house. She approaches Han Dong Jin, the son of the ex-mistress of her father. After getting to know him, Sim Woo Joo comes to realize that he is nothing like his mother and slowly starts feeling attracted to him.

As she begins to spend more time with Dong-jin, Woo Joo falls in love with him. Han Dong Jin has been a workaholic and a lonely person his entire life. A kind spirit who doesn’t interact much with others changes the moment he meets Sim Woo Joo. He enters a whole new world after meeting the daughter of his mother’s dead lover. 


Starring Kim Young Kwang (Han Dong Jin) and Lee Sung Kyung (Shim Woo Joo) as the main characters in this K-drama, Call It Love boosts a great cast and crew, which has helped it capture the essence of a heartbreaking love story. Apart from these two, the drama also stars actors like Sung Joon (Yoon Joon), Ahn Hee Yeon(Kang Min Young), and Kim Ye Won (Shim Hye Seong). 

Lee Sung Kyung

Lee Sung Kyung, a South Korean actress and model, plays the role of Shim Woo Joo, our female lead who’s been betrayed and abandoned by her father and his mistress. She made her modeling debut in 2008 2008 after competing in a locally arranged Super Model Contest.

Call It Love Korean Melodrama Series Cast Lee Sung Kyung

Lee Sung Kyung

In the SBS drama, “It’s Alright, That’s Love,” Lee made her acting debut as the first actress from the joint collaboration between YG Entertainment and the modeling agency K-Plus. Some of Sung Kyung’s notable works are Cheese in the Trap (2016), Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo (2016), and Doctor Romantic Season 2  (2020).

Kim Young Kwang

Call It Love Korean Melodrama Series Cast Kim Young Kwang

Kim Young Kwang

Kim Young Kwang, who plays the role of Han Dong Jin, our male lead, was a model before entering the entertainment industry, and he has walked for well-known labels, including Etro, Vivienne Westwood, and Alexander McQueen. In 2008, he was the first Asian model to walk the Dior Homme runway. He started his acting career the same year with a supporting part in the drama “The World That They Live In.”

Young Kwan began his conscription on December 12, 2013, and was released from the military in June 2014. His breakthrough year came after the film’s release in 2014, when he was cast in larger roles in hit dramas like Plus Nine Boys (2014), Pinocchio (2014), and Somebody (2022).

Call It Love Korean Melodrama Series Cast Kim Young Kwang

Kim Young Kwang

Call It Love Episode 10 Release Date

Call It Love Episode 10 is set to release soon, on Wednesday, 29 March 2023. The release date and time of the episode may vary according to region, hence is provided below for easy tracking:

  • (KST) 8:00 PM Wednesday, 29 March 2023
  • (IST) 4:30 PM Wednesday, 29 March 2023  
  • (Bangkok, Thailand) 6:00 PM Wednesday, 29 March 2023
  • (JST) 8:00 PM Wednesday, 29 March 2023
  • (PHT) 7:00 PM Wednesday, 29 March 2023
  • (Bekasi, Indonesia) 6:00 PM Wednesday, 29 March 2023 
  • (MYT) 7:00 PM Wednesday, 29 March 2023 
  • (PST) 4:00 AM Wednesday, 29 March 2023 

Streaming Guide for Call It Love Episode 10

Call it Love Episode 10 is currently streaming on Hulu, Disney+ (in some places), and Disney+ Hotstar (in some regions). To watch the episodes without advertisements, a subscription to both Hulu and Disney Plus is required, costing  $6.99 and  $11 per month, respectively. If the K-drama isn’t available in your location, try using a legal VPN to stream the episodes safely and securely without any problems.

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