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Loki: Marvel’s new mini-series to hit the screens soon


Loki is probably the most interesting character of all time. This holds for everything: mythology, movies, and other works of fiction. This is one character that established the grey area. Mainstream media has always portrayed humans as black and white, good and bad. But Loki lives beyond this binary of morality. Thus, he is probably the only God that is human in nature. There are several works of entertainment out there that feature this character in the lead. No matter how many come out on a daily, people seem to always want more. These people are in luck as a miniseries centred around Loki will soon hit the screens.

We know this is one of the best news you could have heard so far, and we don’t blame you. We are as excited too. There is a lot to discuss regarding the series, and we’re here to do just that. Read on, if this interests you (we’re sure it does!)

Loki: a mini-series we’ve all been waiting for


Tom Hiddleston as Loki

Marvel has been toying with the idea of a mini-series featuring this character for quite some time now. Hence, we aren’t surprised that the makers have finally gotten around to making it happen for the fans. Loki is a character that many have fallen in love with. Most of us want a more substantial role given to him, and that is exactly what the series will potentially mean for the character.

From the information we have gathered, it has come to our attention that the series already has not one but 2 seasons currently in production. This means there is already a well-established storyline. As far as backstories go, Loki already has a role in the cinematic universe. For Marvel to pick this character and give it a shot at being the lead is something commendable.

As far as casting goes, we already know that Tom Hiddleston will reprise his role as Loki Laufeyson. Apart from him, we will also see Owen Wilson playing the role of Mobius, and the cast will also feature other stars like Sasha Lane, Wunmi Mosaku, Gugu Mbatha-Raw, and Sophia Di Martino. The series is written by Michael Waldron and directed by Kate Herron. It will be of crime thriller and science fiction, and the aesthetic seems to match this.

What will the miniseries be about, and when will we get to see it?

The series will take off where we last saw Loki. It will see the aftermath of the Avengers: Endgame and everything thereafter. The plot will follow Loki as he brought to the Time Variance Authority. This is a fictional organisation that is taken from the Marvel comics. They are a group of timeline monitors, and a majority of the cast will be seen as members of the same. After stealing the Tesseract, he will be seen travelling through time and causing mischief by altering human history.

This series could prove to be extremely engaging as apart from being one of the most interesting, Loki is also one of the most fun Marvel characters out there. We could potentially see some hilarity sprouting up in the nooks and crannies of the storyline.

Now, we know the cast, and we know the storyline. So when will we finally get to see Loki in action? Worry not, for we have all the answers. Marvel has announced an official release date for the series, and it is sooner than you might expect. The miniseries will drop on Disney+ in May 2021!

Things are beginning to get exciting for the fandom as this could be what we were waiting for all this while. The storyline seems promising, and we already know the kind of breathtaking performance Tom Hiddleston is capable of delivering. The rest of the cast gives us something to look out for, and the anticipation is only adding fuel to the already rising excitement surrounding the series. 2021 already seems like a great year for stans of this God of Mischief, and we hope that this statement of ours turns out to be true!

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