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Preview and Recap: American Pickers Season 22 Episode 5 and 6

It has been so long since we all have been witnessing American Pickers on reality TV. For the first time, the show aired its episode back on the 18th of January 2010 on History. The series has been produced by A&E Television Networks. The production was also done in collaboration with Cineflex Media. Mike Wolfe is the person who has created American Pickers. Mark Poertner, as well as Stephen Pettinger, have developed this reality TV show. Anthony Mastanduno is the director of the show. In the show, we come across Mike Wolfe as well as Frank Fritz. They like collecting antiques. These guys go around the entire United States in order to find various items for resale or even for someone or maybe just to add it to their own collection. It is Danielle Colby who manages the entire work business of Wolfe. Their main business is located in Le Claire in Iowa.

Recently, they have even established a new business for themselves in Nashville located in Tennessee. Initially, when the show was in its early stages, the duo used to travel in a Mercedes Benz Sprinter van. As of right now, they have switched their vehicle to a Ford Transit. These men stop at places that they think might contain things that are worth buying. Sometimes, the duo even stops at one location for more than one time, too if they are in search of something valuable. It is Fritz who narrates the introduction of the series. In the starting three seasons of American Pickers, the introduction used to be pretty long, but when the show started with season 4, a short version of the same introduction started to be used.

American Pickers Season 22

American Pickers Season 22 Recap

They say that they travel by the roads throughout the American states in order to search for their kind of treasure. They say that they are trying to find out the dusty things that might be buried in the garage of people or maybe in their barns. Fritz says that what is junk to other people is dollars for them. The duo buys anything from which they can make money, and every item they select comes with its own form of history. Fans are obviously in love with this series because it is currently on its 22nd season, and that is a lot.

The duo goes on to find out valuables in the homes of people l, in their barns and their sheds, as well as the outbuildings along with other places. They constantly are in contact with some of those people who have inherited precious collections from their ancestors and have no idea of their value. A bit of a backstory, Wolfe is a person who has been into the collecting hobby since he was four years of age. Particularly, the man is interested in antique motorcycles as well as Volkswagens. On the other hand, Fritz has a fetish for antique toys as well as oil cans and some old Hondas. When the show first came out on History, it has a 3.1 million viewer rating. This established the show as one of the highest-rated History channel series to ever come out.

American Pickers Season 22

American Pickers Season 22 Episode 5 & 6 – Release Date

In the current 22nd installment of American Pickers, the show started with Mike and Jersey Jon going to a shop in Connecticut. The store has been there for a century while being a printing shop. At the same time, a rare sort of globe is found by Danielle at a 1920s truck shop. Then in the second episode titled Hidden Harley, we witnessed our group on a historic farm located in New Hampshire. The residence has 300 years of treasure that is not known by anybody. At the same time in Pennsylvania, we see Robbie, who stumbles upon a 1936 Harley located in plain sight.

Later in Florida, Mike, as well as Mefford, come across a 1964 Chevy pickup. They even find out a circus scrapbook that contains some pictures of Elvis, which has never been seen before. Upcoming episodes 5 and 6 are something that fans are much enthusiastic about. They are both scheduled to release on the 15th of February 2021.

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