Sistas Season 5 Episode 20 Review: This Episode Is One Way How You Can Waste An Hour

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Poster for the show, Sistas
Poster for the show, Sistas

Written, produced, and directed by Tyler Perry, Sistas is a show that follows the story of a group of single black women, all leading completely different lives from each other, and how they become friends, all the while wondering why they are single. The show aired its pilot episode on October 23rd, 2019, and released its fifth installment on October 22nd, 2022.

The show has KJ Smith, known for her roles in The Available Wife and The Family Business, as Andrea Barnes, a divorce attorney. Ebony Obsidian, known for her roles in Hunters and Tough Love, is playing the role of Karen Mott, a salon owner. Mignon Von as Daniella King, an airline supervisor, along with Novi Brown as Sabrina Hollins, a bank supervisor.

The show also has male counterparts for all the actresses as their love interests. Actor Chido Nwokocha is cast as Gary Marshall borders, a married man who gets romantically involved with Andrea. Devale Ellis as Zac Taylor, Karen’s ex.

Anthony Dalton and Kevin Walton as Calvin Rodney and Aaron Carter, the two love interests for Sabrina and Karen, respectively. The show has a huge cast of recurring actors and supporting roles. It is available with all five seasons on Apple TV for streaming.

A still from the show, Sistas (Credits: BET)
A still from the show Sistas (Credits: BET)

Sistas Season 5 Episode 20 Storyline

Sistas is a comedy-drama revolving around the lives of a group of black women who are struggling to find love in their lives. And when they do manage to find it, it is usually in the form of a married man. The show released its 20th episode on March 1st, 2023.

Season five of the show has Andi trying to figure out her life after her divorce from Gary. Karen finds herself in a relationship with Aaron but is also attracted to Zac. Daniella tries to work on her relationship with Preston (Trinity Whiteside), and Sabrina, still not sure about her sexuality, finds herself confused about whether she should pursue Jacobi (Alvester Martin III) or not.

In the previous episode, we saw trouble between the sisterhood as Karen and Andi felt betrayed because of Fatima. On the other hand, Fatima (Crystal Hayslett) and Zac experience troubles in their relationship and have a big argument because of it. Fatima ends up leaving Zac for that night to get a clearer perspective on her relationship with him.

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Sabrina, visiting Daniella or Danni at her place, finds a bunch of letters written by her grandmother, thus bringing forth new information about Danni’s family history. Episode twenty of season five, named “What goes around,” has some big revelations and tests the waters of certain relationships. The episode starts with the return of Que, Sabrina’s gay friend, Maurice Webb’s unrequited love.

Que (Mackenro Alexander) reveals the truth about himself in the presence of Sabrina and Danni. Sabrina spills all the facts Que to Danni, telling her that he is on the run for robbing a bank and that he is also the one who slept with Maurice.

Danni, who knows Que from work and has slept with him before, is horrified after hearing this and throws Que out of her place. Danni and Sabrina share a conversation about Danni’s habit of sleeping with random men, and Danni confesses she feels stuck in a cycle of bad men as if she was still in college. 

Maurice, who is stuck in jail, gets a call from Sabrina telling him that she has managed to get enough money to get him out. Sabrina goes back to dating Bayo (Ellis E. Fowler), and it is heartbreaking to see Sabrina not date Calvin. Andi and Fatima get together in the office to discuss Zac and Karen. Fatima and Tamara (Joi Symone) continue to have trouble with each other. 

Sabrina meets up with Andi to tell her about Danni and her relationship with Que, and the girls all agree to go see Danni after work. Aaron visits Karen at her workplace and brings her lunch, but it seems as if she is not too happy to see him. She looks uncomfortable around him, and it looks as if the build-up between the two over the past few episodes was all for nothing. 

Fatima’s child’s real father, Joey, shows up at Zac’s house, and the episode ends at that. Surely, his presence at Fatima’s current boyfriend’s place is going to stir up some trouble and cause misunderstandings, which is a great way to keep the fans on the lookout for the next episode.

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Cast of the show, Sistas
Cast of the show, Sistas

Sistas Season 5 Episode 20 Review

The show Sistas was written, produced, and directed by Tyler Perry and aired first in late 2019. The show could be considered one of its kind for having most of the main cast as black actors. It is definitely a great opportunity for rising black artists to showcase their talent. The show has a group of independent single black women wandering through life, trying to find love as they go.

But it seems things do not come as easily to them as they thought they would. It is season five, and trouble does not want to leave their doorstep. What is good about the show is that it is entirely focused on the lives of black people. It is high time we start seeing black people on screen as normal people, and this show helps normalize that.

But this seems to be the only good thing about the show. The show suffers heavily because of its poor writing. It has tried its best to sound modern and create the image of strong independent black women, but they only come forth as arrogant, rude, and cringe-worthy. A lot of the dialogue is repeated over and over by different characters, and a lot of the scenes shot seem slowly placed and stretched.

This is a show that is supposed to have black actors playing very normal characters, but they all end up acting very animatedly and exaggeratedly. They talk in a very forced “black people” manner, and it is just annoying to watch. The show offers nothing new with its same over-the-top, soulless, and superficial characters and boring storylines.

The story arcs for a lot of different characters within the show seem unnecessary and unrealistic. The portrayal of black gay men with stereotypically effeminate characteristics just feels offensive to watch in 2023. It seems all effort was put only into bringing together an all-black actor cast, and no actual effort was put into creating interesting storylines or bringing depth to the characters. 

Tyler Perry wants his audience to appreciate his half-assed efforts in creating and writing the show, but it is high time the makers realize that even the soap operas of the 1970s were more interesting than whatever Tyler Perry is trying to do with Sistas. 

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The recent episode itself felt underwhelming, especially when Maurice got the news of him finally getting to leave jail. His reaction to the news was over the top and not what one would expect from somebody who has not seen the light of the day for a while. The conversation between Danni and Sabrina regarding Danni and Que’s relationship and they’re having slept with each other was torture for the eyes.

Danni, an airline supervisor, puts forth all the wrong reasons for sleeping with Que. It is very clear that the writers of the show have either never talked to an actual woman or they think that women spend their days thinking about just one thing and lack all forms of self-control, much like men. How did they manage to come up with such one-dimensional characters with zero personalities is beyond comprehension.

Main cast of the show, Sistas
The main cast of the show, Sistas

Our Verdict

A lot of the sets and backgrounds used in different scenes throughout the show look very unreal, constantly reminding the viewers of the show’s cheap production and making the show look even more unconvincing.

The makers wanted to make a show about independent black women, but it clearly does not understand the difference between loud, rude, and arrogant women who may be potentially obsessed with sex and women who are actually confident, strong, and know what they are worth.

The recent episode of the show, episode twenty, ended with a cliffhanger, and it has the viewers invested in seeing just how bad the story can get. The boring story arc between Gary and Robin will probably continue on to the next episode, and Danni, who has been the main lead of this season, will continue to make bad decisions.

Fatima and Zac’s story and the problems they may face in the next episode is probably the only thing worth looking forward to in the show.

Our Rating: ⭐ (2/5).

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