Top 10 Aaron Paul Performances: The Exciting Appearances Of The Breaking Bad Actor

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Top 10 Aaron Paul Performances

In this article, we will talk about the Top 10 Aaron Paul Performances. Now that the Season 6 of Black Mirror has been announced, fans of the series are curious about the actors. Particularly their roles in the past and what made them famous. Aaron Paul is among the people who have piqued people’s curiosity. He might be regarded as one of the best TV show actors. Though he has done his fair share of movies in the industry, his skill shines the most in TV series. No doubt he will be offered Movie roles, and he will come in a few of them, but there is something about how he portrays characters on the TV.

In lew of Breaking bad actor’s performances, we have compiled the Top 10 Aaron Paul Performances of TV and Movies. He may be well known for his TV gigs, but his Movies are nothing to scoff off. He plays his role with knowing wit and performs the role to his fullest. Whether you are a fan of the man, you will be after going through his movies and TV shows. We have also made sure that the list is spoiler free and contains premise at most.

Top 10 Aaron Paul Performances in TV and Movies

The actor started his career as Chad in the TV show Beverly Hills, 90210. Though he didn’t make an impact, he got his start and appeared in many flicks. His biggest role to this day has been Jesse Pinkman from the breaking band. But the actor has still been prolific despite the character’s popularity. The insistence on keeping acting has given us some great performances from the actor. And after going through these performances, we have compiled the Top 10 Aaron Paul Performances where he shines the most.

10) Central Intelligence:

Starting with a thriller on the list ( most of them are), Paul is a supporting character in the movies, but his performance makes it into the audience’s heart. It might be considered not worthy of being on the list, but again, these are rotten tomatoes reviews, and we believe they have a lot of credibilities. The movie also features Dwayne The Rock Johnson and Kevin Hart. 

Top 10 Aaron Paul Performances
CC: Central Intelligence

9) Westworld:

Westworld has a way of making it into the news. The show’s season 4 dropped not long ago and had people talking all over for the direction it took. People were expecting an all-out war, but we got a post-war world with characters dealing with consequences while there has been a great shift in the power structure. However, after a certain show, the show may get kicked out of the Top 10 Aaron Paul Performances.

Top 10 Aaron Paul Performances
CC: West World Franchise

8) The Path:

The Path is a show about a family man questioning his faith after his return from a spiritual retreat. Aaron Paul is a father of two kids, but it wasn’t the case back then. He portrayed the father’s role well to make everyone question if he was married or had children. Neither was true, but the actor gave a believing performance that no one could say otherwise.

Top 10 Aaron Paul Performances
CC: The Path Movie

7) Big Love:

Not the Actors big break, but the show is on Top 10 Aaron Paul Performances for the show. The actors performed wonderfully and gave everyone a pause with their acting. Though the show was good, it only lasted for four seasons. We also see Paul in an outfit that is unlike him in many ways than one.

Top 10 Aaron Paul Performances
CC: Big Love Franchise

6) Smashed:

As we said earlier, the actor is renowned for his roles on TV shows but has a few movies name to himself as well. Smashed is one of those movies. The movie is focused on a couple who are alcoholics and enjoy it to the fullest. But when the wife gets into trouble at work due to her habits, she decides to put it down for good. Her husband, however, has no such plans of becoming sober—an easy pick for a Top 10 Aaron Paul Performances list.

Top 10 Aaron Paul Performances
CC: Smashed Movie

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5) American Woman:

Drama is what all the stories are about, and this movie has just that. The 2018 film is among the best in the Top 10 Aaron Paul Performances. Given the diversity of genre the actor took upon himself, it must have been hard to pick this one over the others. 

Top 10 Aaron Paul Performances
CC: American Woman Movie

4) El Camino:

 Another great movie from Paul, and this one is none other than Breaking Bad! Okay, it’s an epilogue to the story, but it still counts. Though Jesse Pinkman is the lead in the movie with some familiar faces missing, he shouldered all the movies by himself. It deserved to be in the top three in the collection, but the man has a way of outdoing himself.

Top 10 Aaron Paul Performances
CC: El Camino Movie

3) BoJack Horseman:

Fun fact: Aaron Paul is one of the series’s executive producers, and if you thought he was just a good actor (and voice actor), then this is where it ends. Paul does the role of portraying his character wonderfully and the way it has meshed into the series’ tone. This one deserves the Top 10 Aaron Paul Performances plus a must-watch.

Top 10 Aaron Paul Performances
CC: BoJack Horseman Franchise

2) Eye In The Sky:

Given he is good at portraying roles, the second last entry should also be a series. Well, it’s a movie and a great one at that. The movie goes into the ethics of modern warfare ( not the game) and how technological advancement affects the world in a good and a bad way. You can imagine who will be at the top in the Top 10 Aaron Paul Performances, right?

Top 10 Aaron Paul Performances
CC: Eye In The Sky Movie

1) Breaking Bad:

You knew it was going to be here. What else was going to take the first spot? Some shows alleviate the status of actors at such a level they become associated with it. The same is the case with Aaron Paul and Breaking Bad. But, the performance was good and lovely, so it will get the number one spot in the Top 10 Aaron Paul Performances.

The Breaking Bad actor will appear in Season 6 of Black Mirror. The Top 10 Aaron Paul Performances list will surely be updated after it. Though we don’t know what the storied of Dystopian Sci-Fi anthology will be, it could focus on the technological changes that occurred during the pandemic or maybe not.

Top 10 Aaron Paul Performances
CC: Breaking Bad Franchise

People have more or less moved on from the pandemic disaster, so they may not like the show that might bring back those memories. But it could feature an episode where the characters end up in a claustrophobic situation? Maybe there can be an episode about influencer dystopia? Or how about the rise of Gacha addiction that has been affecting people? The possibilities are many!

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