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BarkEm’s To Go Net Worth in 2020 and All You Need to Know

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BarkEm's To Go: a Company that provides kits of dog food, water and waste disposal for pet owners.

Bark’em’s To Go is a business idea that deals with providing traveling pet parents with an easy and suitable option of taking their dog’s meals along with them on the road.

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Blake St. Clair: The Owner and Founder of BarkEm’s To Go.

Establishment of BarkEm’s To Go:

Blake St. Clair is the founder of this company. Blake was a dog owner himself and he wanted to find an easy way to take his dog out for traveling or hiking without taking a load of diapers or products with him. Consequently, he came up with the idea of Barkem’s Go-To kit. BarkEm’s To Go provides with a single-serving meal that is pre-packed. It is available in a disposable dish that consists of fully furnished vitamin-enhanced water and even treats. The package also includes a waste bag so as to clean-up after its use.

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A pack of 3 BarkEm’s To Go kit.

Blake even came in Shark Tank with his idea and was offering a stake of 51% in return for $100,000. He was rejected by all the sharks on the show which led to the shutting down of his website. But, that made him focus even more on the idea. He even collaborated with a dog food company and started selling the product on Amazon’s e-commerce site.

Net Worth:

There is not much information available about the net worth of the company or its evaluation. But, the evaluation of it’s website was conducted and its net worth was found to be $240 per year with an average of $0.66 per day. As soon as we get any update, we will post it here soon. So, stay tuned.

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