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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68 Spoilers: Breakdown and Analysis

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68 is days away, and we have some idea of what will happen in the newest arc. The infamous Moro Arc ended in the last chapter, and things have mostly gone back to normal. Some people called the Moro Arc the best yet for the DBS manga. While that is fair to say, there were some very peculiar things in that arc, which could not mean any good for this franchise’s future. From what we got in the new chapters, it seems that the new arc featuring the character called Granola is going to introduce the strongest foe that Goku has ever faced to date. Let us dive into the spoilers of Chapter 68 to find out what exactly is hinted at, for the chapter, in the leaks.

Granola is the focus of the introductory pages of this chapter. He is the green-haired guy with some Saiyan features and the left eye covered with some kind of device. There is a similarity with Vegeta for this character, yet the hair is not black. His hair reminds us of only one other character, Broly. While we were told that Broly would not be in the dragon ball super manga, Granola could be an alternative new legendary Saiyan that can transcend to a higher power surpassing both Goku and Vegeta. It is important to point out that Granola seems much more intelligent than Broly. Right now, Granola is chasing after the remains of 73, probably for a buyer. We can predict right now that granola is an experienced space pirate.

Chapter 68 Spoilers

The Chapter will be titled: “Granola the Survivor”. It starts with the flashback into Granola’s past, where the Saiyan Great Apes are attacking his home. Three Saiyans are transformed on a full-moon night bringing havoc to the town. Granola sees one of the apes as he breaks through a roof and growls at the people inside. Granola wakes up from the dream. It looks like this is not the first time, he has this dream, an incident that haunts him since childhood.

The OG73-i is in their possession, and he is going somewhere with the android after destroying the rest of the 73s on the ship. This one seems to be the original, and the rest were cloned from him. After the dream, Granola confirms to his partner Oatmil that he has a grudge against the Saiyans that were all killed after the meteor destroyed Planet Vegeta. Anyhow, it’s not clear what they want to do with 73.

The scene changes, and we are at Beerus’s planet. Goku and Vegeta are back to train as if preparing for the next opponent. Goku is chasing after the Oracle Fish as part of the training. The Oracle Fish is having sleep issues at the time, so Whis has to give it some vitamins. Whis mentions that when Oracle Fish is like this, it’s usually a bad omen. Vegeta understands that something bad will happen soon, while Goku looks excited about the next challenge. He wants to know what type of strong guy he will be facing this time. 

Whis ends up saying not to trust this sign. Goku loses some spirit, but Beerus is overly annoyed at him again. He still cannot get over the punishment that he faced as a result of the Moro vs. Merus incident. Still, Goku transforms directly to the Ultra Instinct Omen form to face off against Whis.

This is all the information we got from the leaks.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68

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Dragon Ball Super Chapter 68 Release Date

The first chapter of the Dragon Ball Super Chapter for the year 2021, Chapter 68 is scheduled to release on January 20th. The chapter will release on Shueisha’s Mangaplus Platform, and it will be available to read at 23:00 (JST) of that day. It will be focused on the new arc surrounding Granola and his potential buyer who wants to use the power of 73. As a result, we will get an even stronger villain for the Z fighters to cope with. We can expect many other strong characters to be introduced in this new chapter expanding the DB universe even further.

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Preview For Granola’s Arc

Granola is introduced as part of a crew that is chasing after the remains of 73 that were recovered from the place where the final battle between Goku and Moro took place. While Moro was completely obliterated, some parts of 73 survived. These were later used to produce dozens of clones of 73 at a ship. Granola invaded this ship and destroyed the whole crew, and took the previous OG73-i from the ship. 73 is an android that uses multiple orbs to copy the powers of multiple people at once. Yet we were never told how 73 was created or why he was at the Galactic Prison when Moro broke out.

73 had the technology that was sophisticated enough to copy the powers of an angel. Although, that power proved too much for Moro. The Orb was the key, as when it was destroyed, Moro died with it. Seven Three had many of those, and if someone brings him more of those and fixes his body, he can be back to his usual potency. 

At the same time, Granola is introduced. He is a strong individual that took down the whole crew of the ship and the clones of 73. He looks like a Saiyan, yet his hair is different. On top of that, he hates Saiyans for affiliation with the Frieza Army that destroyed his home town. There are hints of a strong character that far surpasses any previous villains, along with Goku and Vegeta. That could either be Granola or someone else that harnesses the powers of 73. We will get the full picture once the whole chapter is released.

Fanart of Granola

Granola has a companion that he calls Oatmil. Toyotarou is following the naming schemes of Akira Toriyama. Granola was born on a different planet, not on Planet Vegeta, and on that planet, the people are named after grains. I won’t be surprised if that planet is named Planet Grain. Anyhow, it is a good throwback to the legacy of Dragon Ball. But what is this new race that we are getting in the manga series? Are they going to have similar powers to the Saiyans, or is it something different? These are some of the questions that make this new arc interesting.

It has already started, and it would be bad to do nit-picks from the limited information we have for the arc. There is a potential for this arc to get quite big as DBS usually follows a normal arc with an extraordinary arc. I would call Moro Arc ordinary compared to the Universe Survival Arc. Goku did not gain new powers, yet he perfected the old ones, and he can now activate Ultra Instinct Omen at will.

Vegeta also got some much-needed growth, getting out of Goku’s shadow. But Moro Arc has now confirmed that Vegeta is going to stay the side-character, where Goku is always the one bringing the decisive punch at the end of the arc, no matter what. At the same time, they have no alternatives in this series yet, and these two will be the defining force of this series to the end. Let’s see what the creators have planned for this new arc! Stay tuned with us for everything related in the future.

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