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How Old Is Daisy From Mario Franchise? The Tomboy Princess Age Revealed!

How Old Is Daisy

Daisy from Mario is one of the recurring characters in the series. She has appeared in every game since her first appearance, which makes people question how old Daisy is from Mario Franchise. If we were to collect her age by count, it would easily shoot overshoot. Though, that is not the case. Characters with the potential to be in a lot of money never age or their associates; Daisy not aging is the latter as her character lies in her love interest for Luigi. Luigi, the second Mario brother, is not as famous or iconic as his older but shorter brother. That is not to say he hasn’t made any significant marks in the gaming industry. His standalone game and its sequel Luigi’s Mansion, are still one of the best Nintendo exclusives people look to play.

How Old Is Daisy

CC: Mario Franchise

How Old Could Daisy From Mario be?

Though, the main reason for Daisy being talked about these days is her being announced for Mario strikers. She has been given free in the game’s update, and people have been smitten by her tomboy personality. Given the tomboy and youthful appearance, people ask how old isΒ  Daisy from Mario Franchise could be? Given her direct nature and youthful appearance, it is easy to tell how old Luigi’s girlfriend is. But you can never be so sure about it; after all, Nintendo hadn’t said how old she is.

Though, there are few facts we know for certain that can help us ascertain her age. She is a cousin to princess peach and is said to be the same age as her quiet and collected cousin. She is more outgoing than the green Mario and is upfront about what she wants. These two things don’t tell us her exact age, but they hint at her age. Daisy from Mario is likely to age somewhere between 19 and 25.

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