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Bull (2021) Ending Explained: How Did the Crime Thriller End?

How Did the Crime Thriller Bull End?
Bull (2021)

Last Updated on November 14, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

“Bull” was one of the most talked about movies of all time. However, in this article, we will see the ending of Bull. It is a passably fascinating vengeance thriller whose relentlessly grim and gory tone compels us to put up with its predictable premise. This 2021 crime thriller was written and directed by Paul Andrew Williams. Neil Maskell, David Hayman, Kevin Harvey, Lois Brabin-Platt, and Tamzin Outhwaite are all the stars in the movie.

Bull is a lowlife who lacks moral character. There is nothing good about him other than his devotion to Aiden. He looks for an escape, but not for himself. The story is quite straightforward, and the movie doesn’t spend much time setting it up. Bull’s deed and Williams’ portrayal of it are both ruthlessly harsh, but maybe the most important lesson is the shiver-inducing awe with which Bull’s many victims view him. So, without any further ado, let us see how did Bull (2021) end.

Bull Synopsis

A brutal mob enforcer named Bull (Neil Maskell) makes a ten-year absence from his home before returning to find his son, Aiden, and kill anybody who has betrayed him. He unexpectedly makes his way back home to get revenge on those who betrayed him years ago. Bull is quite clear about the things he wants out of life. Nothing has ever been simple in his life, and nothing goes as smoothly for him.

Bull Synopsis

Neil Maskell as Bull

Bull has wed Gemma, the privileged daughter of his sociopathic boss, Norm. Though Gemma has moved on from Bull in favor of another man, they both share a kid named Aiden. Bull is concerned about her drug use. Bull receives explicit warnings from Bull’s overly protective father, Norm, that Gemma and Aiden don’t want him in their lives.

But ultimately, Bull wants to find his son Aiden, whose life has been wrecked by his drug-addicted ex-wife. But after every one of Bull’s deadly rampages, the story jumps to the terrified mafia minions’ response and then flashes back in time.

Bull Ending

The most important lesson is how terrified Bull’s many victims are by him. They are aware of the impending devastation and are horrified that he managed to survive such a severely disabling tragedy ten years previously. The apparent message is also overly archaic: even a bad man loves his family, but a woman shatters the family structure.

How Does Norm Deal With Bull?

Bull is on a hell-bent spiritual mission to destroy everyone who hurt him, regardless of gender or whether they have since married and had children. As the title character searches for his end-boss father-in-law using blood-stained breadcrumbs, he is a fairly typical criminal yarn.

Bull Ending Explained

Bull and Aiden

He commits sinister acts while working for Norm, like chopping off a man’s fingers for refusing to sign crucial paperwork for his employer. Norm made him do all, though. He receives the worst treatment from Norm. Ten years have passed since Norm tried to remove Bull from the picture; his strategy was so comprehensive that he no longer believed Bull to be alive. Norm is adopting aggressive measures to guarantee his own survival, ones that augur badly for those who are with him, despite the doubts that plague his head.

The Bull was on a rampage.

Bull stabs people who knew him in the mouth, leading one on a ride before knocking him out and only ever saying what needs to be said. Even if betrayal was a part of his life before the episode that exiled him for a decade, he is still disconnected from his actions and, as the story progresses, even starts to find things amusing.

A Supernatural Twist

Later on, we learn that Aiden has grown up and developed a heroin addiction. Bull doesn’t care whether anyone witnesses him brutalizing a drug dealer at a busy bar or if his DNA is all over a crime scene because his return is magical but only temporary. He is an extraterrestrial assassin.

It’s a lengthy story, how long you got, Bull responds to Norm’s unclear question before killing him. He returns to the location of his burial at the conclusion of the film, perhaps to continue his time in Hell. Everything is routine before his death. 

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