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How To Watch Vikram in USA, UK, Canada & Australia? Everything You Need To Know!

Where to watch Vikram in USA, UK, Canada & Australia?
Where to watch Vikram in USA, UK, Canada & Australia?

Tamil cinema has entered a new age. With Vikram serving as the foundational step, Lokesh Kanagaraj, a four-film veteran, has unlocked the doors to a brand-new cinematic universe that raises intriguing possibilities. Before Lokesh, there had never been a filmmaker who could properly drive the conversation about providing a genuine cinematic experience. Before Lokesh, a cinematic experience meant lofty concepts and pointless gimmicks to appeal to a star’s male audience. However, this director is dedicated to providing you with a specific level of experience.

Much to the fans’ delight, Kamal Haasan’s comeback was marked by the action movie Vikram. Fans are anticipating the film’s digital launch now that it has broken box office records. According to sources, the movie has made 350 crore rupees at the box office worldwide. On June 3, 2022, Lokesh Kanagaraj’s high-octane action-comedy, which he also wrote and directed, was released in Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam, and Hindi. Let’s learn more about this movie Vikram and answer the question in demand, that is, how to watch Vikram in the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia?

What’s Vikram All About?

Lokesh Kanagaraj is the director of the action, drama, & political film VIKRAM from Kollywood. Kamal Haasan, Vijay Sethupathi, & Fahadh Faasil play the prominent characters in this film. The film’s initial release date is June 3, 2022. India releases VIKRAM in Tamil for the entire world.

Where to watch Vikram in USA, UK, Canada & Australia?

Where to watch Vikram in USA, UK, Canada & Australia?

Haasan plays RAW agent Arun Kumar in the film. RAW is India’s foreign intelligence organization. He can be violent at times and has no patience for criminals. The movie features Malayalam celebrity Fahad Fazil and Tamil superstar Vijay Sethupathi, who both portray antagonists. In addition to, Suriya, another popular Tamil actor, makes a brief cameo appearance in the movie, which is made by Raj Kamal and R. Mahendran, Kamal Haasan’s production company. Narain, Antony Verghese, Chemben Vinod, Gayathrie Shankar, Shanvi Srivastava, Shivani Narayanan, Arjun Das, and Kalidas Jayaram are more actors who had prominent roles in the film.

Vikram Teaser Trailer

The first teaser for the movie was published on November 7, 2020. Later, on November 7, at 5 PM, Kamal Haasan’s 67th birthday, the directors released a second teaser. On Monday, almost a week before his actual birthday, the entire team even celebrated it (November 1).

One can tell from the teaser that Haasan is portraying an agent who is armed with every kind of weapon imaginable. He calls everyone to the table for a meal, and just before they finish, he swings his axe at the person seated in front of him. The teaser also says, “There once existed a ghost by the name of Vikram.” The entire action-packed saga’s trailer was released on May 15.

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Where to watch Vikram in USA, UK, Canada & Australia?

According to the official schedule, the movie will be released worldwide on June 3rd. It will take a little longer for those who want to watch Vikram on OTT. The movie will have its digital debut in Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam on July 8. People in the USA, UK, Canada, and Austria will be able to watch this movie on Disney+Hotstar. Earlier, in May, at the Cannes Film Festival, a limited group of people watched Haasan’s 232nd movie.

Where to watch Vikram in USA, UK, Canada & Australia?

Where to watch Vikram in USA, UK, Canada & Australia?

According to a report, the price for Vikram’s OTT rights was close to Rs 100 crore. The movie is expected to earn Rs 200 crore when its TV debut rights are added. Kamal Haasan and music director Anirudh Ravichandran wrote and co-sang the song “Pathala Pathala,” which has already become a huge hit on YouTube.

With an impressive pricing structure, Disney Plus Hotstar is a fantastic option for watching only Indian TV shows and movies. With its subscription, you can view your favorite Bollywood films and Indian TV shows while in the USA, UK, or Canada without ever feeling too removed from your culture. A Disney+ Hotstar Premium or VIP Plan can be purchased for less money here than it would cost elsewhere. Depending on where you are in the world, Hotstar costs vary. Monthly costs for the US are $9.99, Canada is $12.99, and the UK is £5.99.

Unfortunately for people living in Australia, Disney + Hotstar is blocked in Australia. If you try to access the website in Australia, you won’t succeed because of local limitations. Hotstar will block the IP address of your foreign computer. But, the audience can watch this movie in movie theatres in Australia from the 3rd of June.

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