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Martial Peak Chapter 3094: Release Date, Spoilers & Where To Read

Martial Peak Chapter 3094
Martial Peak still

Martial Peak Chapter 3094 wills how Yang Kai uses eight array artifacts to make a universe disappear in front of Senior Sister Feng. Sir Shentu is going to come along to investigate the void yin mirror and their positions which will help them to start teleporting to different universes and extracting the resource. Thanos would have erased them for such actions.

The path to the martial summit is desolate, secluded, and endless. You must thrive and be stubborn in confronting circumstances. Only then will you be capable of pushing through and pursuing your mission to emerge as the ultimate? Yang Kai is a disciple at High Heaven Pavilion. And used to do a cleaning job due to merely reaching Tempered Body Third Stage.

Upon getting challenged and losing against ordinary-level disciples, Yang never lets go of his persistence. One day, while sleeping, Yan experiences a black energy aura coming out of the black rock he found while hunting and now using it as a pillow. The black rock turns out to be an untitled empty book. When flipping through the pages, a riddle talking about blood and immortality gets visible.

Sister Feng warning abut the Ink Clan (CC - AC.QQ)

Sister Feng’s warning about the Ink Clan (CC – AC.QQ)

When dropping some drop of blood, a conscious skeleton emerges from the book. It enters his body when trying to hold and gets absorbed. It enhances some of his capabilities and reduces pain. Read the story to know what destiny beholds for Yang. The manhua is written by Momo & Pikabi and also illustrated by Pikabi.

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Chapter 3093 – Recap

The latest chapter showed us 10 days later, Yang Kai and the member of the dawn squad reaching the resource area assigned to them by the old master. Here, the ink clan feeds on the world force, and the world force of this world is completely devoured by them. But, the various resources produced have been preserved.

Instead of the Ink clan being driven out of place, there’s still a fear of some remained troops harassing them. Yang ensures to listen to Big Sister Feng, to which she points him towards a deserted universe world/planet that can be full of resources. Yang quickly gets recalled for refining the Yin_Yan mirror in order to teleport the Ore star for mining.

Yang instructs Big Sister Feng to make arrangements for mining heads to nearby areas alone for inspection, just upon agreeing to her to listen. Upon reaching, Kang experiments with some magic accompanied by Sister Feng. He tells her to look at the artifacts until he gets back from the Blue Sky Pass.

Yang Kai activating Yi-Yang Mirror-min

Yang Kai is activating Yi-Yang Mirror.

Yang confronts Army Commander and insists he comes with him to show some extraordinary, which is of no use if it doesn’t work. But, if he does, he can see from his own eyes. In the depths of the void, Yang activates the Void Yin-Yang Mirror and teleports the deserted universe world near the pass, giving the Commander a shock.

He talks about bringing all the universes in the vicinity of the pass, thereby reducing the extra work of traveling. The chapter ends with the Commander surprised, thinking about the unearthed abilities of our Hero.

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What Is The Release Date For Martial Peak Chapter 3094?

The release date is not official, but chapter 10 of Martial Peak will be available after 14 to 15 days, around the 16th of March, as observed by previous chapters. The English scan is done by Argoscan, and the translation is done by OneDefauter and the team.

Martial Peak is worth reading, with 3000+ chapters on the floor, because of its engaging story and the art style the creators use.

Commander infront of the teleported world-min

Commander in front of the teleported world

Where Can One Read Martial Peak Chapter 3094?

As the official publisher of this manhua is not yet known, one can get to read and buy the chapters and volumes in Official Raw and Official English with the latest chapters updated. It is also available to have on AC.QQ magazine supports the author and creator instead of using illegal websites.

If you enjoy reading a journey of an MC from weak to unbeatable, do try Solo Leveling. The plot follows the story of Sung Jin-Woo, the weakest hunter in the world of hunters possessing magical powers to fight and stop monsters from invading earth. 

He happens to get a level-up system that makes him the strongest among all, leveling him up with each passing event. How will he react to the system lending him the power of the player?

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