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The Boys Show Creator Reveals Threats Made Against Him By The Viewers

The Boys Team Seven Standing Together

Last Updated on April 17, 2021 by OtakuKart Staff

The Boys represents many controversial but so exact real-world concerns that not everyone perceives it for what it is- a satire. In an era where the superhero movies are throughout, this Amazon Prime’s The Boys has been a gloomy, ironic take on the dominant culture that not only portrays how the world would be if caped champions did exist but also a harsh yet tragically correct description of real-world concerns. For here, last reason solely, it has maintained its controversial state since the day its 1st season premiered on the streaming platform and has put the whole series show creator, Eric Kripke, on the getting end of many warnings that “frightened” him.

Certainly, for the uninformed, The Boys centers on two fighting groups: “The Seven,” a famous group of superheroes who spent more extra time being celebrities and ruining the world they advertise about protecting. However, we also have a bundle of cruel antiheroes, who are dirty-mouthed and don’t hesitate to slice a man in half if it somehow helps them in sending down the “Supes.” Moreover, it has issued when films with a grand superhero are an undeniable favorite; this antihero caricature has mostly got positive feedback from the viewers. But the show’s theme is connected to trigger negative reactions, and as Kripke gave, it dragged threats as well.

The boys homelander

As per Eric Kripke, “Concerning of all the possible threats which I did receive, it’s just that the human nature that is to respond to all the violence or any amount of hatred aimed right at you. I’m not going to lie and say, ‘No, I assume it’s funny.’ It concerns me. It bothers me and everything, but I believe it’s part of my job to not let it touch the work and not let it overpower me to make another guess to myself and what I’m making here. So, no, I take a while, feel rightly frightened, and then prepare my way through it and get back to the job of writing the show.”

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But Eric Kripke prefers to ignore such small hiccups and see at the larger picture as he encountered no protection from the studio affiliated with The Boys and “by and large, the majority of observers understood that it’s irony.”

“Most importantly, so we sort of have a very particular rule that we constantly attempt to follow up, which is, it was George Carlin who primarily told: ‘You evermore want to shatter it up. You never aspire to punch down.’ So, sometimes a joke will make us giggle, and we’ll like it. Then as I think about it, I’ll see that we’re making fun of somebody who or something that really doesn’t have a lot of energy. We shouldn’t be doing this. We should ever be punching up at the more robust people than us and have more power. I think that shows a humanistic worldview,” he added more.

“Seth Rogen spoke to me, in the start, and I actually took it to heart, “You can really be as extreme as you want as long as you really make it obvious to the audience that your heart is in the best place.” I think like, by and huge, that’s worked.”

Last we viewed the series. The Boys had served the main defeat to their threatening enemy, Homelander, who had to accept his defeat immediately and licks his wounds individually as his partner-in-crime, Stormfront, got charred to death by his son only. Whether she is truly dead and how Homelander will make a comeback, it all depends on The Boys Season 3, which will start shooting in early 2021. This report comes to us via End of Sound. You can watch its season 1 and season 2 on Amazon Prime Video.

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