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PVR To Release One Piece Film: Red In India Very Soon

One Piece Film: Red release date
One Piece Film Red

If you are a One Piece fan, then you will agree with the fact that this is certainly the best time to become a One Piece fan as the series is doing a great job in each segment, be it Manga, Anime, or Movie. The series starts revealing the mysteries that it was created from the day it started, and it seems that the dots are finally connecting. The anime is showcasing some flashy animations recently, and in the manga, we almost said goodbye to Wano, and our heroes are just on the edge of a whole new adventure. Since the movie was announced with the 1000th episode of One Piece, there were clouds of confusion in fans’ minds regarding the release of the movie in the Indian region, but now, the confusion is finally burst out, and we’ve got good news for you. Let’s know, what is it?

Well, It is ridiculous for us not to know much about the guy who started everything. Yes, we are talking about Shanks. We have seen Shanks since the day One Piece started however, he is still one of the most mysterious characters of the series. No one knows about his whereabouts, the depths of his powers, and information about his crewmates, but now, the time has finally arrived to know about him and his crew in detail. Not only this, but we will also see Red Hair Pirates ( Akagami Kaizoku) in action.

One Piece To Release In India Soon

We know that One Piece Film: Red has already been released in Japan and France on 6 August and 10 August, respectively. The movie breaks all the past records of other anime films, including Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero with a very huge margin. There was a huge confusion among fans in India regarding the release of this film in their country, but the good news finally arrived. PVR, one of the largest multiplex chains in India with ODEX, announced on Friday, 12 August 2022, that the movie is all set to release in the Indian region in October 2022. PVR’s official social media handle posted the announcement, which was later shared among fans like a wildfire.

The Official release date is yet to be announced but now the road is all clear for One Piece fans and all they do now is to wait a few more months to witness their favorite One Piece characters on Big Screens. Apart from One Piece, PVR is almost ready to release Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero in cinemas on 26 August 2022. We are grateful to PVR to bring the anime culture to India and we are looking forward to watching the film on the first day itself.

One Piece Film: Red Achievements:

One Piece Film: Red has crossed the mark of 4.407 Billion Yen as of 11 August 2022 which made it rank among the top 4 highest grossing movies in Japan. The movie successfully surpassed Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero by a great margin on the first day itself. Not only this, but the music used in the movie is also trending on various music streaming apps.

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