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Will There Be We Became A Family Episode 9?

We Became A Family Episode 9
We Became A Family

Due to the exciting cast and entertaining concept, many viewers’ looking forward to having We Became A Family Episode 9! Surprisingly, the Korean variety show has stolen viewers’ hearts. It is an MBC and Discovery Channel Korea’s collaboration reality program where South Korean stars come together and form a family. The concept is new yet familiar since previously we had Roommate and We Got Married like variety programs.

During an online press conference, the production team talked about the show. We Became A Family, also known as My K-Star Family, is similar to MBC’s We Got Married, but it’s in the form of a family. Therefore, the cast of My K-Star Family comes from a range of Kpop idols from 1st generation to 4th generation! They starred various well-known faces such as BTOB’s Eun Kwang, AB6IX’s Lee Dae Hwi, Wonder Girls’ Yu Bin, and g.o.d’s Son Ho Young, Super Junior’s Ye Sung, and many more!

Due to the unique ‘on-screen family’ concept and well-known cast line, many viewers enjoyed the short variety program. Furthermore, the bonding between the members is the highlight of the show. So it’s not surprising that fans crave more and want Episode 9 of We Became A Family!

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My K-Star Family Cast

The gem of the variety show ‘My K-Star Family’ is the cast line which is star-studded and full of famous celebrities’ names! Therefore, it’s not surprising that many fans expect We Became A Family Episode 9. After all, the show starred g.o.d’s Son Ho Young, Wonder Girls’ Yu Bin, Super Junior’s Ye Sung, BtoB’s Eun Kwang, a former member of IZ*ONE Kang Hye Won, Lim Na Young, The Boyz’s Hyun Jae, AB6IX’s Lee Dae Hwi, actor Kim Kang Hoon, and WayV’s Xiao Jun, Yang Yang and Hendery!

As for the guest appearance, we meet one of the youngest Kpop dancers- Na Ha Eun, 2AM’s Jo Kwon, ASTRO’s Yoon San Ha, and former IZ*ONE member Lee Chae Yeon!

We Became A Family Episode 9 release date

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What Is The Variety Show ‘We Became A Family’ About?

From the title, anyone can get an idea that the reality program features South Korean celebrities who become virtual family members. The concept is similar to the former Korean variety shows such as the famous MBC’s We Got Married or 2014’s Roommate. Therefore, In We Became A Family show, stars from different backgrounds, ages, and genders come together and form a family by becoming a couple or another way. Also, each family consists of four members.

Furthermore, the program contains a little twist. Thus, the netizens should anticipate the unexpected. Age doesn’t matter here. The oldest member may not play the role of a father, or the youngest member may not play the role of the youngest child!

We Became A Family Episode 9

We Became A Family Poster

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Meet The Families

Throughout the show, we meet three families, Kangchun Family, Jjakkung Family, and Waybin Family. And like we previously mentioned, each other family is formed of four members.

Kangchun Family- Kangchun Family consists of three Uncles and one Nephew. Here we meet Son Ho Young as 1st Uncle, Seo Eun Kwang as 2nd Uncle, Hyunjae as 3rd Uncle, and Kim Kang Hoon as Nephew.

Jjakkung Family- Jjakkung Family forms of Older Sister Couple and Younger Couple. Ye Sung and Lim Na Young are Older Sister Couple. Meanwhile, Lee Hae Hwi and Kang Hye Won are Younger Couple.

Waybin Family- Waybin Family includes an Older Sister and three Brothers. Thus, here we meet Kim Yu Bin as Older Sister, Xiaojun as 1st Brother, Hendery as 2nd Brother, and Yang Yang as Youngest Brother.

We Became A Family Episode 9 Release Date

Sadly, We Became A Family Episode 9 will not be released. The family friendship Korean variety show is an 8-episode series. Episode 1 of We Became A Family premiered on 6 December 2021 and concluded on 24 January 2022 with 8 episodes. Although fans won’t get Episode 9, the chance of getting Season 2 is higher. The variety show was wrapped in January 2022. So fans may have to wait before getting any updates on the second season. However, nothing’s officially confirmed yet. So let’s cross our fingers and hope for We Became A Family Season 2!

Watch We Became A Family Korean Variety Show Ep 9 With Eng Sub Online- Streaming Details

Although we won’t be getting We Became A Family Episode 9, fans can watch the previous 8 episodes on Discovery+. However, on Discovery+, the show is known as My K-Star Family. Furthermore, short clips of episodes are available on the official YouTube channel of Discovery Channel Korea.

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