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Who Is Britt Stewart Dating? DTWS Dancer’s Love Life

Last Updated on November 17, 2022 by OtakuKart Staff

People are recently showing their sudden interest in who Britt Stewart is dating. Well, this is major because she has participated in Dancing With The Stars Season 31, along with the actor Daniel Durant. However, it’s pt her first time in the show. So, is it something because of their chemistry on stage or in real life? What’s happening? Before getting into all of that, let’s learn about Britt Stewart’s prominence in the dancing world. 

Starting from the basics, Britt Stewart started her career by appearing in the High School Musical movies as the lead dancer. Because of her great dancing skills, so far, she has worked with Selena Gome, Katy Perry, Rihanna, and Janet Jackson on their respective tours. Have you not watched her as the dancer on Grey’s Anatomy? You will be surprised to know that Britt started learning dancing when she was three years old. So young! 

Born on 21 September 1989, Britt Stewart is now 33 years old. She hails from Aurora, Colorado, United States. She made her debut in Dancing With The Stars back in Season 23. Concerning the recent one, Britt has learned sign language to interact with her dance partner, Daniel. Their chemistry fueled the interest of her fans in knowing about Britt’s current relationship status. If you are looking for who Britt Stewart is Dating, here is what we know. 

Britt Stewart Dating

Britt Stewart

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Who is Britt Stewart Dating? 

We are unsure about who Britt Stewart is dating. The professional dancer has always been secretive about what goes on in her life. Because of this, it is also not known if Britt shared a romance with anyone earlier. In recent days, Britt doesn’t appear to be with someone suspicious, and therefore, it’s hard to comment anything on her status. 

What about Daniel Durant? The actor has done quite a few works so far, one of which is CODA. Witnessing their romantic and steamy performances on stage and being the semi-finalists of DWTS S31, some fans wanted them to date each other. Many are even convinced. What’s your say on this? 

Well, neither Britt Stewart nor Daniel Durant has officially announced anything. So, we can’t say that they are romantically linked. But, they indeed share a special connection. When asked, Daniel was full of praise for her. He shared that without Britt’s help and support, making him calm down every time before getting onto the stage, he would not be able to make it to the show. Both are “great friends.” We wonder if it’s romantic between the two. 

Britt Stewart Dating

Britt Stewart with her DWTS celebrity partner, Daniel Durant

On the other hand, Len Goodman stood down as the head judge of Dancing with the Stars after serving for more than a decade. Knowing this and being associated with the show for quite a few seasons, Britt Stewart opened up about how much upset she is. She shared that she earlier had no idea about his plans to retire. On this note, she said, “He’s had such a long and amazing career, so we will all miss him but continue to celebrate him.” 

In the show, Britt Stewart was previously partnered with Johnny Weir, Martin Kove, Jensen Arnold, and Tracy Shibata. 

As mentioned already, Britt Stewart hardly posts any pictures of her with any man whom fans can suspect to be her boyfriend. At present, speculations revolve around her and Daniel. So, it’s just him. We are eagerly waiting for them to confirm to the public what is happening. 

Wishing Britt Stewart nothing but the best for the upcoming days of her career. We will be very happy if Britt turns out to be dating her dance partner, Daniel. Don’t you think that they look very adorable together? You may give Britt Stewart the following on her Instagram account for more updates.  

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