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Accused Season 1 Episode 3: Release Date, Streaming Guide & Spoilers

Accused: Danny's Story

Anthological dramas often allow the viewers to have a greater perfected of various stories and a great roundabout to different kinds of stories and themes. Accused is a British criminal and legal drama that is based on the anthological genre, wherein each episode presents a new story for the viewer to watch and analyse. And since this is a crime drama, the show follows various crimes and the investigations that take place post the crime. 

The show in actuality is a thrilling and enticing experience as each criminal story is bought from the perspective of the criminal who sits in the courthouse as they await their trial and listen to the final verdict. They confess and talk about the crimes that they conducted and how they originally land themselves in this problem to start with. 

Every crime has a source of anger/hatred and that is very carefully visualised by the makers of the show. The show is originally a distant spin-off or is based upon the 2010 released British show of the same name. 2010 Accused was created by Jimmy McGovern. The show in terms of concept is based but the show still stands alone in its making and season. The show is mostly narrative hence immersing its viewers in the whole experience. 

The 2023 version of the show is created by Howard Gordon and he has also developed the show. There is no strict cast to the show as the cast changes with episodic roles. The show launched its first season on January 22, 2023. Sony Pictures Television holds the distribution rights to the show. The show has managed to get a great amount of viewership due to its past association with the similarity in the 2010 Accused.



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Accused Episode 3 Release Date

The series began with interesting characters and more intriguing stories, that begin with subtle clues and hints and all of that leads up to the big confession and revelation of why did they commit the crime in the first place. They also portray the fact of how they got caught for their crimes. 


Accused: A still from the show

The show’s episodes are aired weekly. Each week the episode is aired on Sundays. Release date for Accused Season 1 Episode 3 is on 31st January 2023. 

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Streaming Guide for Episode 3

The crime thriller show is a perfect representation of justice prevailing and truth never staying hidden for long. There is always a day when the truth shows its face. All of the episodes are compelling in nature which makes the viewer wait for the next one. 


Accused: Danny’s Story

The show’s original network rights are owned by FOX channel and the show is also aired there. The show other than that is also aired on Peacock TV, Hulu and Prime Video. One needs to buy a subscription to the online platform to be able to watch the show without any disturbance of the advertisement and even watch it at their convenience. 

Other than them the show can also be watched on Spectrum TV and Vudu as the show is also streamed there as well. The show airs at the following times:

  • 9 PM Eastern Standard Time on 31 January 2023.
  • 8 PM Central Standard Time on  31st January 2023
  • 7:30 AM Indian Standard Time on 1st February 2023
  • 6 PM Pacific Time Zone on 31st January 2023

Spoilers for Episode 3

In the last episode, we saw the saddening story of the deaf child and her surrogate mother Ava who is also deaf fighting her battle to save her and the child from the intention of the married couple she became a surrogate for. 

In episode 3, the show again shifts to a whole new story. Episode 3’s title is Danny’s Story. Danny is a teenager who has been growing suspicious of his mother’s caretakers’ actions and intentions towards the family. She has been hired to take care of the mother who is not in great shape to cater for himself. 

But things get even more suspicious when he figures out that the caretaker for his mother is dating his father. The story follows the revelation of the crimes that take place in this situational frame. 

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