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Why Was Adam Sandler Fired From SNL?

Fans are highly shocked to know about Adam Sandler getting fired from SNL. What do you think of this? Before knowing further details about the comedian’s exit, let’s look at his popularity. 

Originally known as Adam Richard Sandler gained massive fame for being the cast member of Saturday Night Live from 1990 to 1995. That was quite long. Later, he pursued acting and has been doing numerous films and television works. Some of the hit ones include Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo, Reign Over Me, Murder Mystery, Hubie Halloween, Hustle, etc. On the other hand, some of Adam’s television credits are The Late Late Show with James Corden, The Drew Barrymore Show, Real Rob, Remote Control, etc. 

Talking about his appearance on Saturday Night Live as the host for so many years, people started wondering what went wrong. Was it something related to Adam’s willingness or inclination to explore more, specifically as an actor? Or did he do something wrong? No matter what, Adam Sandler is a great comedian. If you are now looking for what went wrong, leading to his departure from the show, you are at the right place. 

Why Was Adam Sandler Fired From SNL?

Adam Sandler

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Reason Behind Adam Sandler Getting Fired Saturday Night Live Explored

We all are well aware of the fact that Saturday Night Live airs on NBC. The executives of the network fired him for some obvious reasons. 

It has been noticed that some people branch out to explore more opportunities once they become the center of attraction and become famous. After playing some roles as a comedian at some clubs, he finally made it to the SNL. People used to enjoy his musical skits, most precisely his Thanksgiving and Hannakuh songs. 

Well, it was not solely his willingness to get into the films, and television plays primarily. In reality, things turned out to be different. Adam Sandler got fired. When asked, he shared that he felt like the NBC executives didn’t like him much. It was not just him but also his group. 

However, Adam was reported to have maintained a very healthy and close relationship with his colleague, Lorne Michaels. He failed to save him. Also, to some extent, the show wasn’t doing good at that time. Yes, we meant the viewership. So, it decided to hire some new talents and kick out some of the old cast members. Well, Adam Sandler was one of them. In addition to this, he was also reported to have made it to several issues with his friends. 

Why Was Adam Sandler Fired From SNL?

Adam Sandler

In 2019, Adam Sandler returned to SNL with the same role as the host. However, people have learned that getting fired from a show doesn’t limit or stop them from being successful in life. Moreover, Adam’s departure appeared like a career boost to him. Don’t you agree with this?

On the same hand, he also felt that being a part of that legacy motivated him in any way at that time. That includes drinking alcohol and acting cute with some of the models backstages. Not to forget to mention that he was also reported to have made late-night prank calls which were highly disturbing and bad. We wonder if these things got added to the real reason behind his getting fired from SNL. 

We wish Adam Sandler nothing but the best for the upcoming days of his life. You may give the comedian a following on his Instagram account for more updates. 

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