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The Curse of Oak Island Season 10 Episode 10: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

The Curse of Oak Island Season 10 Episode 10 preview
The Curse of Oak Island Season 10 Episode 10 Release Date

The Curse of Oak Island S10 Episode 10’s release date is here. We have brought all the fans the latest details regarding the newest episode. If you want to know the details, such as The Curse of Oak Island S10 Episode 10’s release date and streaming guide, this post is for you.

As the treasure seekers face an uphill battle to gather evidence and gain leads towards the wealth, shortly, the past of Oak Island will be made public. This reality series, dubbed The Curse Of Oak Island, debuted in January 2014 and centers on the search for treasure seekers eager to discover the historical items at Oak Island, Canada.

Many people have worked hard since the 18th century to discover the riches at Oak Island. In Oak Island, though, it’s rumored that a jinx says anyone looking for the gold will perish seven times before they find it. Many persons died in the search for those relics, while much more simply gave up after failing miserably.

The search is still ongoing. After hearing about the fabled Oak Island riches, Rick and Marty became captivated and began to search for it. Since 2014, these brothers have made attempts with the assistance of locals. The first step is to recap the ninth episode of The Curse of Oak Island S10, so here it is.

Recap of episode 9 of The Curse of Oak Island S10

To examine the 1⁄2 coin Gary found last week on Lots 5, Alex Lagina & Jack Begley called theoretical mathematician Sandy Campbell into the Interpretive Center. And he broke some earth-shattering information in the most composed, somber manner imaginable.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 10 Episode 10 preview

The Curse of Oak Island S10 episode 9’s recap.

Sandy determined that the coin originated in ancient Rome after examining the chemical makeup information examining it. He suggested that either it was Roman or Byzantium, the Roman’ successors’ kingdom with its capital in Constantinople.

Sandy assigned a range of dates spanning 300 BC and 600 AD, but he favored a Roman origin over a later Byzantine one. Rick may rest easy knowing that “the design is undoubtedly Roman.” He asserted that the depictions of a tree and a human are Roman designs while pointing to them.

What on the world is it by doing on Oak Island, would be the next query. Sandy has yet to provide a solution, and further research would be required. The drilling team was working in the Money Pit, trying to track down a tunnel they had discovered near the gardening shaft a few weeks earlier.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 10 Episode 10 preview

The Curse of Oak Island S10 Episode 9’s recap.

The fact that this tunnel was found at only 71 feet deep led the men to believe it might connect to offset chambers. To find out where the tunnel went, the men needed a new drill. However, Terry Matheson or Charles Barkhouse was somewhat surprised when, at just 39 feet, they collided with a large amount of wood.

They soon understood that this was a brand-new pit, not the purported tunnel they had been looking for. They have no historical information to support the existence of a tunnel at this site. Thus, this was a major surprise.

Further research will be required. The wood beams appeared to have been cut using a pit saw, indicating that they were made before the industrial era, maybe in the 15th century. Observing the bands, Craig Tester proposed sending the wood for dendrochronological dating.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 10 Episode 10 preview

Rick and Marty.

The men are hopeful that the gardening shaft construction will soon receive approval. The Dumas Mining firm will be able to dig 21 feet toward the shaft once it has been stabilized to be adequately explored.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 10 Episode 10: Release Date

As many proofs were discovered in the last episode, fans expect to see how those discoveries and shreds of evidence will yield gains for Rick – Marty and their team in the upcoming episode.

The Curse of Oak Island Season 10 episode 10 is scheduled to debut on 24th January 2023 at nearly 9 PM ET on History TV.

  • Pacific Time Zone: 24th January 2023,  6.00 PM PT
  • British Time Zone: 25th January 2023, 2.00 AM GMT
  • Indian Standard Time : 25th January 2023,7.30 AM IST
  • Australian Time Zone: 25th January 2023,  01.00 PM AEDT
  • Philippines Time Zone: 25th January 2023, 10.00 AM PST

The Curse of Oak Island Season 10 Episode 10: Where to Watch?

As mentioned earlier, The Curse of Oak Island S10 Episode 10 can be watched live while it airs on History tv in the US, while the flash from other nations has to use the streaming option, revealed here, to watch the episodes early.

The fans are needed to cross-check the hours written here with their region’s hours to avoid missing The Curse of Oak Island S10 Episode 10. You may even watch previously published seasons and episodes on the official website itself.

Furthermore, Amazon Prime Video, the Vudu app, and Hulu provide streaming for The Curse of Oak Island. If you don’t already have one, you must purchase a premium subscription to these OTT sites.

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