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Who Does Ryan Atwood End Up with in The O.C. Season 4?

Marrisa and Ryan
Ryan Atwood and Marrisa Cooper

Who does Ryan Atwood end up with in the Fox television series The O.C.? What happened between Ryan Atwood and Marissa Cooper? Those who are hearing the show’s name for the first time. Well let me tell you, The O.C. is an American teen drama television series that revolves around the lives of some teenagers and their families who lived in Newport Beach in California near Los Angeles. And when the show was released in 2003, the show become one of the most-watched shows at that time.

Viewers liked the show a lot. After the great success of season 1, on viewer’s demand, the show came up with season 2 which again was a hit. And let me tell you the show now has 4 seasons in total. In 2007 when the last season was released, people back then has mixed feelings. They were excited as well as sad that this is the last season. But that doesn’t mean that season 4 didn’t succeed. And let me tell you people are still very fond of this show and binge it again and again.

Moreover, according to the viewers, this series is such a stress buster. On the other hand, when we talk about the love angle in the series, people are still curious to know the love story that began in the show. Because we all know that there is still a majority of people who just love romance. So if you wanna know, which character had a love angle in the show, you are in right place. Here we will reveal, the romantic part of the series. Come let’s dig into it and know who ends up with whom in the series.

Who does Ryan Atwood end up with?

It’s now finally time to talk about the most interesting part of the show. That is about the love angle. Well, let me tell you there was a love angle between Ryan Atwood and Marissa Cooper. Yes, you heard it right.

Marissa Cooper and Ryan Atwood

Marissa Cooper and Ryan Atwood

Come let’s reveal how it all started between them and know whether Ryan Atwood ended up with Marissa or not. It all started in season 3 when Ryan realized that he has feelings for Marissa. And he will end up with her one day. But things didn’t come to us so easily and good things took a little more time. The same thing happened to Ryan.

When Ryan saw Marissa for the first time, he knew will fell in love with her. But he never knew that he will fell in love with her so early. When he arrived in Newport n The O.C pilot, he didn’t even imagine that he will ever meet a woman like Marissa. For Ryan, it was love at first sight. And when he gets to know more about her, he found that she is such a nice person who is so lovable. And has the ability to accept everyone as they are.

Ryan Atwood tried quite a few times to save Marissa from her problems. As she had a very rough life and Ryan always wanted to save her from every problem. But he couldn’t until season 3. And at the beginning of season 4, because of all the problems, Marissa turned out to be an alcohol addict. And throughout the whole season, Ryan Atwood tried his level best to save her from this addiction.

But unfortunately, their love came to an end when Marissa died in Atwood’s hand after their graduation when Ryan asked Marissa to drive him to the airport. Because he wanted her to be the last person to say goodbye. But unfortunately, he didn’t end up with anyone.

More about Ryan Atwood aka Ben McKenzie

Moving further let’s talk about the real man behind the character Ryan Atwood. And the person who portrayed Ryan Atwood is non-other than Ben McKenzie.

Ryan Atwood

The O.C. lead actor Ryan Atwood

Benjamin McKenzie Schenkkan professionally known as Ben McKenzie is an American actor and commentator as well. He is best known for his role in The O.C. Besides that, he also appeared in so many other successful shows including Southland, Gotham, and many more. He also appeared in a lot of movies as well such as Line of Duty, Goodbye World, Some Kind of Beautiful, and many more. Over the years he has achieved a lot in his life that anyone could wish for. We wish him all the good luck in the future. May he achieve more heights in his career.

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