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20 Facts About “Black Clover” You Should Know!

20 Facts About Black Clover You Should Know!

Black Clover, the very crossed over show between Harry Potter, Fairy Tail, and Naruto, arrived in July of 2019. The anime series started picking up the buzz pretty quickly because of the manga being a hit. The Japanese fantasy manga series written and illustrated by Yūki Tabata was applauded for its adaptation. The anime series showcased a well-balanced equation of humor, action, and art, consistently drawing similarities with previous top-class animes. Black Clover has been listed by Crunchyroll in their “Top 100 best anime of the 2010s,” along with the most-watched anime series on Crunchyroll in 2020. The Anime series as of now consists of four seasons, with the show wrapping up on March 30, 2021. It’s also been announced that the show will end with a following important announcement from the creators.

Black Clover follows the story of Asta, a boy born with no magical abilities in a world where magic is everything. He keeps working hard with his self-gained abilities and new friends and aims to be the next Wizard King of the world. So, as the series is all set to wrap up, we thought we might take a look back at it and present you with some concrete facts that might not or might have slipped out of your minds. So with no further adieu, let’s begin.

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Spoilers Ahead

20. Asta’s Original Name Is “Staria”

20 Facts About Black Clover You Should Know!

The origins of both the  Asta and Yuno during the initial manga chapters were kept a mystery. All we knew was Asta was left at the Hage Village Orphanage shortly after he was born. We literally saw him grow up with the other kids at the orphanage. There are hardly any traces to his original family, plus all we had was the name Asta in the Manga. But everything was summed up with a one-shot pilot episode of the anime series, where it was revealed that Yuno and Asta both have different family names. The episode revealed that Asta’s name is Staria, which doesn’t need much explanation as he is named after a flower that is derived from the Greek word that means “Star”.

19. Yuno is the Reincarnation of Light’s child

20 Facts About Black Clover You Should Know!

This was revealed in one of the much later arcs of the Anime series. It was showcased that Litch had a goal to bring back the souls of all the people who lost their lives at the hands of humans. All these souls included a young child, which Litch’s fiancee was going to have. Soon the spirit made its home inside Yuno’s body and gave him a huge power boost to go against the likes of the elves.

18. Yuno Is The Youngest Manazone Master

20 Facts About Black Clover You Should Know!

Using the Mana zone in the world of Black Clover is considered a huge feat and can only be executed by the mages who are most talented and powerful. We have seen Yuno saving Prince using this, becoming the youngest one to do so in the world of Black Clover. The Mana zone is where the mage can manipulate the magic into his own area, helping them to pick up and wield magic a lot more than they usually can. The Mana zone not only makes the magic stronger but also boasts the mage’s physical ability.

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17. Asta Can Store Magic In His Sword

20 Facts About Black Clover You Should Know!

If you are an avid watcher, you might remember the very second sword that Asta spawned against Mars, the Diamond King’s Solider. This new sword let Asta steal the opponent’s magic, which he was able to store for later use. Although the character hasn’t showcased the sword much, it’s still considered one of the powerful weapons to go far when you are left completely powerless.

The Magicless Asta so far has managed to spawn a bunch of swords out of his Grimirore that has helped him a lot compared to the magicians who can wield magic easily. Although everyone else can wield Magic, Asta can’t is quite unfair to the main character. But that’s what the creator wants to set in with our hardworking talentless protagonist. But this doesn’t mean that Asta can’t hold magic at all with the example of this sword.

16. Yuno Has Beaten A Magic Knight Captain

20 Facts About Black Clover You Should Know!

Since the very beginning of Black Clover, Yuno has been portrayed as the strong and most talented who constantly keeps growing further. But still, we were not given the complete overpowered version of Yuno until the Royal Magic Knight Exam. Yuno went toe-to-toe with the new and young captain, Rill of the Azure Deer squad. They both have an intense battle, but certainly, Yuno is outmatched until we see him tricking Rill to use him to shatter his own team’s crystal, thus giving Yuno an upper hand when it comes to beating a Magic Captain.

15. The Final Boss Of Black Clover was Revealed In Initial Episodes Itself

20 Facts About Black Clover You Should Know!

Probably the most hated fact over here, but it is what it is. Black Clover is one of the shows that showcased the final boss in the very beginnings of the show. At many times, fans love theorizing and a good build-up for the boss to arrive, but this move from Pierrot, the studio that created the anime, wasn’t welcomed happily. The manga fans were certainly disappointed by the revelations, and even we will keep it shut if you consider reading the manga first.

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14. Asta Was Trained By an Enemy Soldier

20 Facts About Black Clover You Should Know!

We all know that Asta received a sword from his very first pages of Griromore. We have seen Asta train his whole life, but we have never seen him doing it with any kind of blade. Still, when he brings out his sword, he swings it very smoothly as he trained with it his whole life. This instance was explained in the later episodes, where we learn that Asta indeed learned these skills from someone on the enemy’s side.

It was revealed that Fanzell Kruger, a former soldier of the Diamond Kingdom, was running away from Diamond Kingdom Soldiers and met Asta on his way. Fanzell Kruger trained Asta on how to use a blade as Asta helped him to fend off the Diamond Kingdom Soldiers.

13. Yuno Is Not Same Around Charmy

20 Facts About Black Clover You Should Know!

We gotta say that the “I-don-care” attitude from much of the things from Yuno’s side doesn’t work for most of the ladies. Even if Yuno looks good and is very much talented. But one character that has set her eyes on him from the very first meeting was Charmy. Here we see a completely different Yuno due to the fact that even he resonates the love for sure. Charmy has always seen Yuno as a gorgeous prince who has saved her meal from getting destroyed during a fight. Even Yuno has always been warm and friendly, which is a highly unlikely side of him.

12. Manga Is Considered To Be Better Than The Anime

If you have read the anime, you might agree. During the initial episodes of anime, Black Clover was hyped to its peak. As it progressed, the fans voiced their disappointment fairly, comparing it with previous big names like Naruto, Bleach, and Tokyo Ghoul, which was evident. On the other hand, the anime, despite being pretty good, is considered to have a slower pace than Manga. The anime does have a lot of filler with animation that takes its due time to develop.

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11. Asta Was Once A Detective

During the very first chapters of Black Clover, it had a crossover with another manga too. If you are an avid manga reader, you might remember Black Clover ran along with Toshiaki Iwashiro’s Kagamigami. The short-lived manga of Kagamigami followed the story of Kyousuke Kagami, a young man who had abilities to form contracts with Shikigami, which possess human beings for causing trouble. Kyosuke Kagami worked alongside Mako Miyoshi, who was pursuing to be a detective.

A crossover manga came out celebrating the very first volumes of both Black Clover and Kagamigami. The crossover saw Asta joining Miyoshi’s detective agency. Asta didn’t summon any spirits but punched his way out until Miyoshi asked to make use of a Shikigami.

10. The Wind Spirit Took Yuno To A Complete New Level

20 Facts About Black Clover You Should Know!

During the first arcs of the Anime, we saw Asta and Yuno, along with their groups, on a hunt for the treasures of the Clover kingdom. From those treasures, one was a Wind Spirit elemental known as Sylph that gave Yuno incredible strengths, which let him access higher-level wind magic. Throughout the series, we can see Yuno trying to control the same level of wind magic evident from the Sylph.

9. Asta Can Sense Ki

20 Facts About Black Clover You Should Know!

We don’t know how many times we have repeated, but that’s the point of the show. Asta doesn’t have any kind of magic, and also, his skills are not solely based on swinging different swords. During one of the arcs, when Asta went head-to-head with the Eye of the Midnight Sun, Yami Sukehiro, the captain of Black Bulls, taught him a new technique. This technique basically gave Asta the ability to sense life forces around him that let him move at a faster pace than normal. The new technique did nothing but make Asta deadlier than he already is when it comes to close-to-close combat.

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8. Asta Resembles The Creator Of The Show

20 Facts About Black Clover You Should Know!

Yuki Tabata, who created Black Clover in a 2017 interview with Weekly Shonen Jump, was asked which character he resembles the most. Tabata quickly noted that it was none other than Asta, the main character of the show with whom he sees himself matching the most. The fun fact was encouraged more when, in the very same interview, Katayama, the editor for Tabata, agreed to the writer in regards to the positive attitude Tabata carries and the way he is not able to sit still.

7. Yuno Has Attained One Of The Incredibly Rare Grirmores

20 Facts About Black Clover You Should Know!

Yes, we are talking about the four-leaf grimoire. Yuno’s magical abilities were quickly surfaced on our screen once he attained the four-leaf grimoire, which in the world of Black Clover is considered incredibly rare. Grimoires are basically ranked according to power. So again, basically, Yuno has attained one of the highest level grimoires of them all. The surface of Yuno’s powers was soon shown off, which is way beyond what others can actually do in the anime.

6. Yuno Is Considered More Popular

20 Facts About Black Clover You Should Know!

Well, it’s more like every other anime. The black-haired secondary mysterious character is liked by everyone. Although Yuno is not promoted much like Asta and keeps himself away in the dark, he has certainly created a following among fans. The mystery behind his silence and the way he is what intrigues the fans most. Yuno is heavily compared to other popular names such as Vegeta from the Dragon Ball series and Sasuke from Naruto.

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5. But Asta Is The Ladies Man

20 Facts About Black Clover You Should Know!

Like we mentioned above, Yuno’s stand-offish and “i-don’t-care” attitude certainly doesn’t have an edge when it comes to the ladies. On the other hand, Asta’s openness, honesty, and straightforwardness have caught the attention of a lot of ladies for sure. There is his comrade Noelle from the Black bulls, then Mimosa of the Golden Dawn, and last Rebecca, a commoner girl from the city. But we think he still has a heart for the nun who raised him.

4. Yuno Has Heavily Relied On Asta

20 Facts About Black Clover You Should Know!

We might have seen Yuno acting up tough right now on the screen because of the talent he inherits. But all this wasn’t the same years ago when both he and Asta were growing up. As a kid, Yuno always needed Asta to look out for him resulting in Asta getting the beating. There was a time when Yuno’s necklace was stolen as a kid, and Asta went all the way in town to bring it back. Even though Asta returned heavily injured and beaten up, he managed to bring back the necklace to his friend.

3. Asta Can Break Curses

20 Facts About Black Clover You Should Know!

Everyone knows the ability of Asta’s sword to break almost any kind of magic that comes its way. The sword has let Asta bring his opponents on an even physical field. Asta has taken advantage of this ability a number of times. There was a time when an opponent took Asta’s sword and held it in his body so that Asta can’t use it anymore. The attempt only made the opponent much slower than usual due to the fact that the sword killed his magic ability for a moment.

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2. Yuno Is, In fact, The Head Of Spade Kingdom

Although Yuno comes from an orphanage growing up with Asta and other kids from the village, he has always carried himself as a noble. It’s been speculated that the reason behind this portrayal of him is because he is, in fact, the Prince of the Spade Kingdom. Yuno’s parents were attacked by Zogratis siblings, which led them to take away Yuno to a place where he can grow up peacefully, leading to an orphanage in the Hage Village.

1. Asta Has a Demon Inside Of Him.

20 Facts About Black Clover You Should Know!

We can’t ignore the fact, which has been mentioned time and again, that Black Clover has very much resemblance to other big animes names. Especially Naruto, the same under-dog story of becoming the Wizard King or in context with Naruto becoming the Hokage. And much like the fact Naruto had the Nine-tailed Fox inside of him, even Asta has someone living inside of him.

The only difference between Naruto and Asta is that Asta didn’t struggle with this demon at all. Asta realized this dark power waking up during a battle. And instead of letting the demon do his thing, Asta decided to control him on his own. Asta refused to give up his body and was granted anti-magic abilities, which gave him his very first transformation.

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