Danny Masterson’s Case Retrial: How the Allegations Start?

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Danny Masterson (Credits: Rolling Stone)

Denial Peter Masterson is a well-known American comedian, DJ, and actor. He is professionally known as Danny Masterson in the entertainment industry. He got popular from “That 70s Show”. And he is popularly recognized for the character that he played, Steven Hyde. Danny comes from a well-known family background.

His brother Christopher Masterson is an actor in Hollywood. Danny also played Milo Foster in “Men at Work.” he is also a DJ and entrains celebrities with his music. In 1997, Danny was known as DJ Donkey Punch and is now known as DJ Mom Jeans. Despite all of this, he was also Scientologist.

Among his popularities, Danny dragged himself into controversy. In 2001 and 2003, he was accused of sexually assaulting three women, including his ex-girlfriend. But it came to light in 2017, and the verdict was heard against him. The court sentenced Danny to face 30 years of life imprisonment. But the court had the second trial and made the Church of Scientology, and Danny was a member.

However, Charges aren’t filed until 2020. He was arrested in June 2022 and later released on bail. What are the elements that emerged during the re-trail of three-week? What will happen next?

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Danny Masterson and his wife (Credits: ABC News)

Here is some more information about the allegations

As for now, Danny is waiting for the court’s judgment. The reports say that actor drugged the victims before assaulting them, but it led to, unlike anything from the first trial. Before, the possibility of drugging victims could be given testimonies about experiencing disorientation, memory loss, and feeling of unconsciousness that could not be able to count by the consumption of their alcohol.

One of his women belonged to the Scientology family and was one of his friend’s circle. She was known to all of his closest members. However, the woman claimed that in 2003, she was stopped at Masterson’s house to pick up the keys. Danny offered her a drink, made her sick, and sexually assaulted her in his bedroom. Later, she filed a complaint against him at the police station. But he was not arrested by police, yet she was back to authorities in 2016. All her allegations seemed valid to Judges, who sentenced Danny to Jail.

Danny Masterson (Credits: Rolling Stone)

The second victim was his girlfriend, who was a model and actor and had been with him from 1996-2002. She took the stand to open the trial and testified that Danny was sexually and physically abusive to her when they were together. Also, she added that he raped her twice in the year 2001. but she filed the case after 15 years. So, Judges could not get convinced of her allegations.

The third woman met Danny through her mutual friends in the Church, and she was a teenager at the time. In 2003, Danny invited her to his house, and they were alone. And told him she had no intention of having sex, but he tried to convince her to get into his private Jacuzzi. After that, he took her to bed and raped her. Later, in 2017 she lodged a complaint with the police.

These are all three victim allegations, but What is the defendant say? What is his point of view? Well, Danny has been an actor since childhood and got famous through the TV show called “That 70s Show,” which starred Mila Kunis, Aston Kutcher, and Topher Grace and ran for over eight years on Fox.

When allegations were made, it was his prime time, when his house was near Hollywood and had a backyard pool and Jacuzzi, also a social hub. This was also accounted as evidence for the allegation made by victims. However, Danny and his lawyers pleaded not guilty and denied all his allegations.

Danny Masterson at Los Angeles Superior Court. (Credits: People)

Scientology passed its statement regard to Danny’s allegations. It stated that the Church has no policy of prohibition or discouraging members from reporting the criminal conduct of anyone Scientologists or not to law enforcement. And added that it has explicitly demanded. Scientologists abide by all laws of the land.

However, the cops revealed they have been investigating the actor since 2017. Hollywood was struck by the Blizzard of the #MeToo act, which led Danny off from Netflix’s “The Ranch,” based on a Western comedy genre in that he was re-united with Aston Kutcher. Later, in the years 2020 and 2021, he was arrested and charged with three sexual assaults. Also, the jury was strongly convinced against his allegations.

Overall, Danny’s first trial was held for a month-long last October. Now, Danny is currently free on bail, and he got support from his fans, friends, and family, including Scientology and Entertainment Industry. Also, he was accompanied by his wife and the mother of his child, Bijou Phillips, a model and actor. In the end, the new trial was held in the month of April and May 2023. And on May 31, Dany was found guilty of two among three of forcible rape. The Judges suspended 8-4 in favor sentence on the third charge.

Until the judgment, Danny remained in custody without bail. However, no judgment date has been set yet, but the hearing of the statement will be on August 4, 2023. As of June 2023, he could face 30 years of life imprisonment. Los Angeles Prosecutor’s office decided to try with a new Judge, and all women agreed to take a stand again for the decision.

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