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Where Is Neighbours Filmed? Explore All The Major Locations

Where Is Neighbours Filmed
Neighbours Title

Australians have watched it five nights a week since 1985 to catch the most recent household shenanigans in the soap drama Neighbours. Neighbors has been on the air for more than 7,000 episodes over 32 seasons, making it the longest-running show in Australian television history. The plots center on the lives of the residents and employees of Erinsborough, a made-up neighborhood of Melbourne, Victoria. The series focuses more on the people of Ramsay Street, a cul-de-sac, and the Lassiters complex, which is nearby and has a park, a bar, a police station,  a hotel, a café, and an office for lawyers.

The street was given the name after the grandfather of the original main character Max Ramsay. The Robinsons, the Ramsays, and the Clarkes were the first three Watson-created families to appear in Neighbours. In his statement, Watson stated that he intended to depict three neighboring families that are friendly on a tv show, hence the show was created. There was also a long-standing conflict between the Ramsays and the Robinsons throughout the show.

Let’s go through each Neighbour’s Filming Location:

Where Is Neighbours Filmed?

The street that all Neighbours fans are familiar with and love is basically a residential cul-de-sac in Vermont, Melbourne, called Pin Oak Court. It is named after the iconic Max Ramsay character, who debuted on March 18, 1985, in the show’s premiere episode. While many people may be familiar with the exterior shots for Neighbours, interior shots are filmed in the studio, which is situated in the Melbourne neighborhood of Nunawading. Erinsborough High School, the garage,  the hospital, and the Lassiter’s complex, which includes the Waterhole bar, the Lassiter’s Hotel, Harold’s Café, the legal firm Rebecchi Law, and the police station are additional sites.

Where Is Neighbours Filmed

Ramsay Street

Ramsay Street

Ramsay Street is situated in the fictional district of Erinsborough and is home to most of the characters, including Robinson, the Ramsay, and Clarke families. The six houses have seen many characters come and go over the course of the 32 seasons, but the houses themselves have largely remained the same.

Residents of Pin Oak Court in Vermont South allowed camera crews to film on their front gardens and in the street for all exterior shots of the street. At the same time, the interior shots are being filmed at Global Media Studios in Forest Hill. Prior to the appearance of numbers 22, 30, and 32, the show originally focused on the three residences at 24, 26, and 28, respectively. Daily bus tours are offered, and you can sometimes see the cast or staff members there.


Ramsay Street, Harold’s Store,  The Waterhole, Erinsborough Hospital, Lassiter’s Hotel, Erinsborough High School, and other well-known locations may be found in the fictional town of Erinsborough, Melbourne, which serves as the setting for Neighbours. It was widely speculated that Neighbours was based in Sydney or Melbourne when it initially premiered, but it wasn’t until 1994 that the screenplay made it clear that Melbourne was the location of the fictional neighborhood.

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Erinsborough High School

Many of the characters in the show have attended and worked at Erinsborough High School, a co-ed institution that was established following World War Two. For exterior shots, the Coburg School and the Blackburn English Training Centre in Burwood East have been used. The interior sets, meanwhile, include a classroom, corridor, and stairs.

Where Is Neighbours Filmed

Erinsborough High

Number 24

Number 24 is one of the oldest houses and has a long history in the show. The house has four bedrooms and a pool, which Sandy Allen nearly drowned in when it was once owned by Max Ramsay. Harold Bishop and characters like Scott and Charlene have all lived there.

Erinsborough Hospital

With births, deaths, and tragedies over the years, Erinsborough Hospital has experienced its fair share of drama and touching moments. Characters such as Dr. Karl Kennedy and Nurse Dee Bliss worked at Erinsborough Hospital, and scenes from the show were filmed there as well as at the Austin Clinic and the Peter MacCallum Research Centre in Melbourne. The production office for Neighbours at Nunawading’s entrance is where the exterior of the hospitals is filmed.

Where Is Neighbours Filmed

Erinsborough Hospital

Only A Footstep Away

Although it’s unlikely that we’ll ever be allowed inside the Ramsey Street homes, you can go to the Melbourne Museum to see the kitchen from Number 22. Fans can enter the Scully family kitchen, which was demolished in the 1999 season finale, in the exhibit Only A Footstep Away. The set, along with screenplays and artifacts, is now on display at the museum after being written out of the upcoming season. Fans will remember how the set was painted blue in 1997 when Philip’s new wife, Ruth, objected to the previous color scheme while Scott and Charlene’s wedding cake rested inside the refrigerator.

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