What Happened To Moonshiner Josh? Explained

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what happened to moonshiner josh
Josh Owens, Credits: Distractify

Josh Owens has become a very successful television personality, and with the recent accident, many people want to know exactly what is Josh’s status, whether he is even alive, or what exactly happened to him. This article, therefore, will give you every detail regarding who Moonshiner Josh is, what exactly happened to him, and all the details about Moonshiner‘s television show.

But before starting this article, you might want to know greater details regarding who exactly Josh is, well, he is currently in the show Moonshiners, but he started out his career as a motocross rider, but he has so far stunned his appearance in the Discovery-based show called Moonshiner where he uses his practical abilities, and some greater plus impressive liquor making skills.

Although the show Moonshiner has been under greater news for its concept or whether even if it’s a real show or just scripted, fans still love to visualize its content and watch every piece of its episode, and Josh’s appearance has really given the show some good view chart numbers. Let us take a look at this article to get some greater details.

what happened to moonshiner josh
Josh Owens, Credits: Distractify

What Happened To Moonshiner Josh?

Josh Owens has been a cast member of the Discovery show Moonshiner since 2012. He is one of the very famous members of the Moonshiners television series, but recently he has been missing from the show.

And it looks like it’s because of the fact that he had undergone a very severe accident which almost proved very bad for him and his health. Although he is currently fine and hospitalized. Some rumors circulated around social media that he had died, which were ultimately and obviously fake.

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Josh Owens suffered an accident on March 4, 2023, during at the time when he was performing a motorcycle race at Daytona International Speedway. He survived the accident but got bruised up and suffered severe injuries, which raised many speculations among netizens that Josh had died.

But as per sources, he is very fine, good, and thus hospitalized, proving all those death rumors entirely wrong. This was actually not the first time that something really bad happened to him. In 2021, his rotator cuff got disrupted, which broke his collar bones and ribs. Thankfully, he was alive and breathing. Considering this time also, things are at pace with him. 

what happened to moonshiner josh
Moonshiners, Credits: Mirror

What is the Moonshiner show all about?

Moonshiner is a docudrama television series on the Discovery Channel, the show actually focuses on the techniques and efforts of liquor production and briefing about what is the process behind obtaining liquor, and thus, the series focuses on the various techniques and materials used to obtain liquor.

The show is considered a bit controversial with all the liquor and other things done and performed within the show, and therefore, the show not only gives us a broader glimpse of the various efforts behind obtaining liquor, but it also, on the other hand, dramatizes the life of the people behind all of this who are actually involved in producing and obtaining liquor. 

While the show centers around the topic of liquor production and all the people associated with it, thus the authorities have encouraged the makers of the show to put up a disclaimer for the audience’s benefit and for theirs as well.

Why is Moonshiner considered one of the most controversial shows of all time?

Moonshiners have been a very controversial show, and therefore it has been that for some reasons, one of them being that the show heavily focuses on illegal activity and therefore promotes a very disregard for the law by showcasing things about Moonshine and the liquor for the youth audience and every viewer watching it. 

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The show also shows individuals involved in all of this, from making to distributing illegal alcohol, while it has also been criticized for its authenticity, with many claiming that the show is wholly scripted and much of the moonshine that is done within the show is actually staged. 

Thus, Moonshiner portrays illegal substances in a positive light which can be hazardous to watch for the mental state as well. 

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