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Is Kyrie Irving Related To Julius Erving? The Confusion Answered


Are Kyrie Irving and Julius Erving related? Yes, the speculation has started and is still on, just because of their same professions and their family names, of course. Julius Erving’s notable basketball performances are very much inspiring, whereas, Kyrie is still doing his best on the court. Before getting into the validity of their relationship rumors, let’s briefly look at Kyrie Irving and Julius Erving’s prominence. 

Starting from the basics, Kyrie Irving is a versatile player who is serving the NBA team, Brooklyn Nets, since 2019. Born on 23 March 1992, Kyrie is now 30 years old and hails from Melbourne. Talking about his position, he plays as the point guard. Previously, Kyrie has played for other teams like Cleveland Cavaliers and Boston Celtics. When it comes to his achievements, this year, he made it to the NBA All-Star and it’s his eighth time winning. 

On the other hand, Julius Erving has retired from basketball sport. Born in 1950, he is now 72 years old and hails from Roosevelt, New York. He used to play as the small forward. Julius had served for Virginia Squires, New York Nets, and the Philadelphia 76ers. From 1972 to 1976, he successfully became the ABA All-Star. In 1981, Julius Erving made it to the title of NBA Most Valuable Player and subsequently became the NBA Champion after a couple of years. Did you know, that Julius is also known as Dr J? 

Coming back to Kyrie Irving and Julius Erving, fans are lately wondering if they are from the same family. What do you think? If you are confused and are looking for whether Kyrie Irving and Julius Erving are related, here are your answers. 

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Are Kyrie Irving And Julius Erving Related? 

No. Kyrie Irving and Julius Erving are not related to each other. In other words, we may say that, even though their professions are similar, Kyrie Irving is not a part of Julius Erving’s family. They are not biologically connected in any way. 

Is Kyrie Irving Related To Julius Erving

Kyrie Irving

There is an interesting part too! If you minutely see, their last names may sound similar but don’t spell the same. Have you got it? Kyrie’s title is “Irving” and Julius’ title is “Erving.” The first letters of their surnames are different and thus, they are not the same. As you now know that Kyrie and Julius don’t have a relationship, their family trees are something you surely must be curious about. Right? 

Initiating with Kyrie Irving, his father’s name is Drederick Rubin Irving. Even he used to play basketball and served the NBL for a couple of seasons. It’s very much evident that Kyrie has inherited the playing skills from his dad. 

There was a time when Kyrie was rumored to be on the edge of retiring from the sport. But, Julius being in the same field for years, and being highly experienced, provided him advice on how to deal with the situation. He said, “I always thought it was a privilege, an honor, and a blessing to be able to be an NBA player. So, if he could respect that a little bit more, I’d be happy with him sharing my name.” Briefly, Julius was very much aware of the fact that Kyrie wouldn’t lose his NBA job ahead of the controversies surfacing on the internet. 

Is Kyrie Irving Related To Julius Erving

Julius Erving as Dr J

Kyrie Irving seems to look up to Julius Erving as one of his guides. Even though they are not biologically related, their passion for basketball appears to have connected them in some ways. It’s good between them. 

Best Wishes to both, Kyrie Irving and Julius Erving for the upcoming days of their life. Well, the former has yet to do a lot. It’s just the beginning for Kyrie! 

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