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Renovation Resort Episode 2 Review: An Exciting Interior Transformation!

Renovation Resort
Renovation Resort Poster (Credits: HGTV)

Ah, the good ol’ days of binge-watching TV shows on the TLC channel that ranged from home renovations and cake-making competitions to how food factories operate. My childhood was full of these shows, and the fun and thrill of every new episode with new scripts would make my day.

With Renovation Resort, it takes us to the depths of how interior designing works and where to apply such skills to upgrade a boring-looking living room or cabin into a lavish spot. Certainly, you would want to please your guests with a marble-coated table or a soft rug for a minimalistic feel, and that is what Renovation Resort brings us to the table.

Competitive and Reality shows are very much loved by viewers. Some of them are Masterchef, Shark Tank, Single’s Inferno, and American Idol. Each of them is based on a specific genre to feature people across the globe who have the potential to win hundreds of dollars of cash or just find the name and fame through such TV shows.

So how good has Season 1 of Renovation Resort been since its release? I shall discuss it along with the latest Episode release! Spoilers ahead!

About Renovation Resort TV show

Introduced by the popular HGTV Canada hosts Scott McGillivray and Bryan Baeumler, Renovation Resort is all about renovating and upgrading a given cabin, space, or house within the said budget to prove who is worthy of their unique designs and can be deemed as the best renovator or the winner in the show. 

In the first episode, April and Arnold from Chicago, Savannah and Kyle from Phoenix, Jena and Sean and Rotem and Troy from Toronto, and April and Arnold from Chicago are introduced. Each team is anxious to impress the two HGTV stars with their unique creative methods.

Each team is given a healthy $100,000 budget and given seven weeks to modify the cabin they have been given. Each week presents a different design challenge. The concept is said to be authentic and original, which gives room for the participants to deliver their skillsets according to their comfort and liking.

Just like any other reality show, you can expect friendly host banters, indecisiveness in the team, and a judge’s approval with a few critics. As the season progresses, McGillivray and Baeumler select experienced guest judges to help assess the caliber, usefulness, and ingenuity of each design and then announce the results around the communal fire pit.

They also recognize weekly winners. Finally, bragging rights and a $100,000 prize will go to the team judged to have the greatest cabin.

Thoughts and Views on Episode 2

Renovation Resort

Still from Renovation Resort Episode 2 (Credits: HGTV)

Episode 2, named ‘History in the making,’ brings the four teams back to compete in the renovation of an old cabin according to the style and unique input of the competitors. What is interesting about this show is that there are challenges given to all four teams, be it renovating in a certain style or space or incorporating elements that are predefined in the set-up. 

History in the making features the teams having to utilize an antique piece in their cabin renovation, which emphasizes why the episode is named so. If you look from the perspective of a designer, of course throwing various curveballs and a limited budget comes with a headache and quickwork and of course some drama and clash of opinions which was showcased amongst the competitors. 

The guest judge for the week was a Canadian travel writer, Heather Greenwood Davis, who delivered an excellent job focusing on all the details and aspects of the living room decoration given for the teams to compete for. Each of the four pairs of teams had a unique outlook and taste in their design which ranged from a modern smart home to vintage decor.

Talking about the first duo, Samantha and Kyle, had a romantic cabin theme that involved a very subtle and minimalistic approach making the living room space very comforting and enjoyable for couples.

The colors used to project the aura were mostly teal and white, along with a few golds and browns to bring forth the essence of the theme in their renovation. The spaces were well utilized, and as the hosts said, “A rustic romance” was definitely in the air. 

Renovation Resort

Still from Renovation Resort Episode 2 (Credits: HGTV)

The next duo was Jena and Sean, whose take was a playful theme to their cabin’s living room. It was probably my favorite renovation highlight of the episode, as everything just was a perfect blend of all of the components they used

It looked adorable, playful, cheerful, and just the perfect spot to hang out after a long week and chill with your friends. Of course, the spotlight of the living room for me was none other than the little swing they put in the living space, which just enhanced it by two times!

After they were featured, April and Arnold’s smart home cabin theme, or the Luxe, was introduced to the viewers. Personally, this was a disappointment. Now, I know I am no interior designer or architecture, but hey, an eye for space and aesthetics comes naturally to any human when viewing space and what they want out of it.

A lot was going on in their living room with high-techs and in-built speakers, and they just shoved up components with multiple color codes that just fell off for me. The Mediterranean living room theme of Rotem and Troy was a pleasant surprise to the eye.

It was catchy, realistic, and had a very beachy feel. Exactly how a cabin space should make you feel when you enter the space. I like how the stony look was given to the walls where the TV screen rested, and so did a few of the sofas. The tropical color scheme was gorgeous, and everything fit into its place. 

Renovation Resort

Still from Renovation Resort Episode 2 (Credits: HGTV)

Again, I was no judge of the show, so all I could do was sit on my sofa and criticize what I watched and what I liked. Although I preferred Jena and Sean to win the living room challenge, the judges had decided for it to be none other than April and Arnold which just seemed a little biased, in my opinion.

It did not make much sense to me as to why a travel writer was chosen as a third judge when many other capable judges have done their masters and degrees in interiors and architecture or estates that they could have invited. But, to each their own.

Renovation Resort brings back refreshing memories of my childhood when I was intrigued by how well-articulated and fun such renovation and designing shows were. The thrill and fun of carrying out a task within the time limit and a budget were always exciting to binge-watch when I was not in the mood to start some plot-based series or movies.

The show also has great hosts with a seven-week timeline for every episode and features some great duos who work together to deliver the best in their cabin spaces. 

Renovation Resort

Still from Renovation Resort Episode 2 (Credits: HGTV)

Since it is a Canadian-based TV show, it might be a little tricky for viewers from across the globe to access the show as it is aired every Sunday on HG TV Canada. Again, it is available to watch on Prime Video, and if you want to watch it, then VPN services are available to access this show easily. 

What excites me the most is to know who would win the competition as it comes with a great cash price, and rooting for your favorite duo is just an enjoyable moment to see what they present next. So far, Renovation Resort has been a good watch, and I am looking forward to knowing what more to unfold in the competition for the teams.

Final Thoughts

Though some of the parts of the episode seem very much biased and aesthetic-centric with no explanation of what makes the designs of the teams so unique and pleasing, Renovation Resort Episode 2 managed to not own up to the title being “History in the making.” Come on, if it is history, I can expect a little vintage and retro vibe from the living spaces, but it turns out a modern cabin show wins the episode. 

If that was what the show aimed to bring out from the viewers, then it is an excellent tactic used. Episode 2 brings out the good talents in the renovation of the living room of the cabin. It is a fun and binge-worthy show for people interested in the competitive reality show genre, so it definitely is worth the try.

Our Rating: ⭐ (3.8/5).

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