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The 2021’s Most Popular Waifu from Anime and Manga

The 2021's most popular Waifu from Anime and Manga
The 2021's most popular Waifu from Anime and Manga

A Waifu is a Japanese “thing” or word used in the sense of an anime character toward which there is compassion or affection. The word, which originated in Japan during the ’80s, came into existence due to the Japanese way of saying, wife. The traditional teen for the wife is Kanai, which means “inside the house.” It is no surprise that waifu became a popular ward and a thing for Otaku. Their transcription became a new thing and is used for those female characters, which are astonishing due to their personalities.

So, people generally use this term to describe their love towards a character. Often it is used to know the popularity and live toward female characters. Those characters that people are fond of are called waifu, taken from the English term ‘wife.’ The fictional character that too from an anime becomes alive and close to hearts. Here, we will look at the current trend or popular Waifu, who is being cheered and is being showered with affection.

Most popular Waifu in 2021!!

1.Hori, Kyouko

Hori, Kyouko

Hori, Kyouko

Kyuoko is the main protagonist in the anime and manga Horimiya. She is a 17 years old girl in class 3-1 of Katagiri Senior High School. She is a cute and beautiful girl with chestnut brown hair and golden brown eyes. A long and slim girl generally has ponytails as her hairstyle or ties it as a bun. Most of the time, she is seen wearing a school dress and casually has different clothing styles, even with her simple attire.

A happy personality who is popular and energetic. Even though she is a cheerful person, she also shows a masochistic side of herself. One of the major traits of her personality is being jealous whenever someone flirts with Miyamura. She is also referred to as Hannya or “Goddess of jealousy.” At some po5 of time, she is concerned about Miyamura being interested in boys, to which she also responds by saying that he can love girls but loving a man is a big no. Sometimes it seems as if she is a sadist. She is also one of the smartest students being able to score above 90 Percent in every subject. Having a cheerful personality and a cute gesture, she definitely deserves to be the best for this year’s favorite Waifu.

2. Ackerman, Mikasa

Ackerman, Mikasa

Ackerman, Mikasa

Most anticipated anime of the year, which brought anime to another level with its storyline, characters, and development Attack on Titan also offers a Waifu, who is definitely both strong and beautiful. Mikasa Ackerman, the character who has suffered a lot in her past and has a strong will to move forward without being affected by anything. A strong and fit body with black hair and beautiful eyes.

She is a part of a war, wears her ammunition and uniform has to carry a lot of things with her to fight the Titans. After her parent’s murder by human traffickers, it was a tough journey for her. However, she managed to be positive and cheerful. She also becomes a female Titan. Being a part of the military, she has to always be on guard. She has a strong sense of right and wrong. She always takes care of her close ones and remains on their side no matter what. She hopes for a better world. A 19-year-old girl with moral righteousness deserves to be one of the favorite Waifu.

3. Emilia

Emilia from Re: Zero- Starting Life in another world, leader of the Emilia camp political faction and a candidate who will become forty-second ruler of Kingdom of Ligunica, is popular this year in Re: zero- starting a life in another world S2 part 2. Her special skills include being a master in martial arts and spirit arts user. She loves to commune with spirits and has a special corner for arts and crafts. She has many specialties and is among the main lead of the show. A youthful face with maturity, long silver hairs up to her hips with braids for which she is adored. She wears beautiful dresses, which adds to her charisma. And this is among the most loved Waifu.

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4. Emma



A 15-year-old beautiful character with orange hair and green eye color is a cute personality. The main protagonist from The Promised Neverland is an extroverted and caring personality. An ample amount of optimism with amazing learning skills and incredible ability to learn anything is a part of her character. Being one of the smartest kids, she is loved by the fans. Along with Norman and Ray, she is among the “premium quality goods” of Grace Field House. A cheerful, loud, cute, and athletic abilities, she was able to help her friends and is an elder sister figure to her people. Being an amazing learner and smart kid, she plays a crucial role in escaping out of the Grace Field House.

5. Nakano, Nino

Nakano, Nino

Nakano, Nino

A twin butterfly-shaped ribbon wearing girl in the show The Quintessential Quintuplets. She acts as the mother of her sisters, being one of the important parts of their life who takes care of them by doing daily chores. She is a cold looking but cute girl with her hair length up to her waist. She has pinkish hair. The fact that she is most fashionable among her sister keeps her to be the best among them all.

She is an open-minded social butterfly with an outspoken way of doing things. Having a lot of friends is being herself. At times she may get angry and talk bluntly without any worry, especially while confronting. At the same time, she is caring and protective. Feeds her family without any worry about her looks. Her interest is, moreover, romance, and she has plans for her future and husband. Being socially aware, she speaks her heart out whenever possible—an interesting character, which is amazing.

6. Blouse, Sasha

Blouse, Sasha

Blouse, Sasha

Daughter of Mr. Blouse and Lisa Blouse is a resident of Wall Rose in the Attack on Titan season 4. She is part of the 104th training corps and is the 9th best of them. She was first seen in the chapter “that day.” Young girl with golden eyes and brunette hair and kept a ponytail most of the time. She is a fun-loving and enjoying personality with a compulsive appetite. Sasha is shown to be prone to make mistakes, sometimes being timid in stressful situations.

She is courageous at dangerous times, has a great judgment of dangers. Before joining the army, she was self-centered and only cared about her village Dauper. She has seen some terrible years as a young kid; being unable to get food has grown her appetite, due to which she eats a lot, especially when under stress. However, in this show, her demise is disheartening to all the fans.

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7. Migurdia, Roxy

Migurdia and Roxy

Migurdia and Roxy

A mage from the Migurd race and a former magic tutor. Due to her inability to do telepathy, she leaves her village, being struck with the feeling of left out. She soon chooses to become a traveling tutor since she cannot make money and becomes Rudeus’s teacher. She is a young, thin Migurd woman with a short height. Having pale skin and light blue colored hairs with eyes being the same color.

She wears a robe and hat; being a magician, her body looks more like a teenager, making people mistake her as a teenager, yet she was a mature woman. She was a headstrong girl when she left her home; with an adventurous side to her personality, she left her home searching for work. An intelligent and intellectual trait is her part of the personality, quick learner and a keen focus on improving her skills.

8. Nakano, Miku

Nakano and Miku

Nakano and Miku

She is referred to as a child of God, is in her early 20s, and is an adorable girl. She has blue eyes and pinkish hair. She has a beautiful body and is a little plump too. Having special Milo power through which she can access people’s memory and learn everything about them by just looking in their eyes. She was called Miko after everybody realized her powers. Archbishop used her as a trump card to compete against Cliff’s grandfather. Her powers cannot be used without Archbishop’s permission. Her ability is used generally for interrogations. Along with this ability, she can also talk with people by sending messages using her powers. She seems to have a weak fate. But is definitely a popular Waifu these days.

9. Kohaku

Image result for kohaku dr stone otakukart

Kohaku from Dr. Stone: Stone Wars is a young woman of modern human descendants who is the daughter of Kokuyo and sister of Ruri. She brings Senku to her village to rebel against Tsukasa’s tyrannical empire. Senku fascinates villagers with his extraordinary talent for inventing and innovating things. He became the savior of the village. Kohaku is one of the main protagonists in the anime. She has blond hair with a spiked ponytail and blue eyes. She shares a resemblance to her sister Ruri. She is naturally beautiful and kindhearted. Taking care of her sister and being one of the most loyal personality. She tends to fight for her sister and is willing to take up any challenge to help her village. Sometimes she also shows her other side, which is definitely opposite to what she seems to be—an angry and aggressive character, which adds to her charisma.

10. Ram

Image result for re zero otakukart

Ram from Re: Zero, a secondary character, and sister of Rem. Ram was once stronger than Rem. She is the superior one who always cared about her. On the other hand, Rem wanted to get powers better than her, for which she tried various things. In an attack on their village, the village was wiped out; only these two remain in the battle. But Ram had a piece of bad luck because her horn was cut off. At that moment, Rem was slightly happy due to her jealousy. She has pinkish hair and red eyes. A beautiful face and a small physique. They an amazing characters whom people loved on-screen.

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