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Creed 3 Filming Locations: The Sport Drama Movie

Creed 3: Filming Locations
Creed 3: Filming Locations

The year 2023 has been a very fantastic year for all the fine entertainment lovers out there. A lot of successful films and TV Series were released this year, matching the expectations of the audience. Cinema industries all around the world have been contributing to the joy of fans. Hollywood takes an important spot in that list.

A ton of movies belonging to multiple genres were released by American film creators who have won the crowd worldwide. The new installment of the Creed movie series belongs to the list of recent hit films in the USA. 

Creed is one of the best sports drama films in existence. Till now, a lot of movies that have given emphasis on the concept of sports received good responses from fans worldwide. From Basketball to Soccer, there is no shortage of good sports drama films.

These films are usually created by American directors who focus on delivering people the perfect feeling of watching a good sports film, and this is what American actor-director Michael B. Jordon has focused on here as well through his Creed movie series.

Creed 3

Adonis Creed (Michael B. Jordon) from Creed 3

The Creed movie series has got everything a sports drama fan could expect. From mesmerizing action sequences to powerful emotions, Creed focuses on projecting the life of the main character’s professional and personal life. The art of Boxing is beautifully channeled to the fans through this film series.

Creed 3 is the latest film belonging to the creed movie franchise. It has been receiving a lot of positive reviews from fans worldwide. The film has stirred up the crowd very much and has successfully met the expectation of its fans.

The Creed movie series is popular for starring the legendary actor Sylvester Stallone. His role as the professional boxer named Rocky Balboa plays an important part in the Creed movie series. The Rocky movie franchise is one of the most recognized and reputed movie franchises in Hollywood and Creed kind of acts like a sequel to the Rocky movie series.

Creed 3 is the first film in the entire rocky and Creed film franchises that do not include the Rocky Balboa character. Instead of the actor Sylvester Stallone, Michael B. Jordon is acting as the captain of the ship steering the Creed film franchise towards success and popularity.

Creed 3 boasts a cast list of talented actors, which include Michael B. Jordon and Jonathan Majors playing the lead roles. Along with them, we have actors such as Tessa Thompson, Wood Harris, Florian Munteau, and a lot more supporting the film’s storyline. 

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The Plot of Creed 3

As always, the Creed movie series focuses on portraying the concepts of drama and boxing together. The story of Creed 3 revolves around the events which take place after the retirement of the main character named Adonis Creed, who is the main protagonist of the first two parts of Creed.

He is a boxing champion who has won a lot of tournaments under the training of the legend himself, Rocky Balboa. In Creed 3, Adonis Creed decides to step out of the ring and conclude his boxing career. He then proceeds to start a Boxing Academy.

His retirement life is interrupted when an old friend revisits him. His name is Damian Anderson, and he is yet another professional boxer who did jail time for a crime he committed. Everything was good in the initial stage, but tensions started to rise when Damian did things to prove his worth for becoming the next boxing champion.

Both friends decide to face off against each other, which drives the story toward its conclusion. The plot even shows how characters from Creed’s personal life influence the storyline. Read along and learn about the filming locations of Creed 3.

Creed 3

Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida

Creed 3: Filming Locations

The movie’s filming was entirely done within the borders of The United States. To be a little specific, Creed 3 was filmed in the state of Georgia in the city of Atlanta. The film primarily included shots within training arenas and Boxing rings.

We do have other shots which are far different from the usual ones, with different surroundings. The meeting between the Antagonist and the Protagonist took place in a different spot as well. Primary portions of these shots were filmed in the Atlanta Metropolitan area.

Some portions of the Antagonist’s screentime were primarily filmed in several regions of Los Angeles. Finally, all the key shots, including publicly-crowded boxing matches, were taken in Tampa of, Florida, especially in the Amalie Arena.

Creed 3 is one of the best films belonging to the sports-drama genre, and a lot of fans are expecting a fourth part from the creators of the Creed movie franchise. Let us wish the team of the Creed movie franchise the very best for their future projects together!

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