Saturday Night Fever Ending Explained: What Happened To Tony and His Friends?

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Saturday Night Fever Ending Explained
Saturday Night Fever Ending Explained

Saturday Night Fever’s ending needs an explanation, and we are here to sort all your doubts out. The film was released in 1977. It has the elements of dance and drama. John Badham directed the movie. John Travolta stars in the lead role doing the part of Tony Manero. His character is an Italian American. Tony was brought up in the boroughs of Brooklyn in New York City. This man likes to spend his time at the disco, dancing and drinking on the weekends.

Apart from this life, he lives on weekends, the weekdays are full of social tensions and responsibilities. The place he lives is in a working-class neighborhood. With his life taking no new turns, we see that Tony feels stuck and directionless. This movie was a success among the watchers. We saw that it was made on a budget of 3.5 million dollars. Upon its release at the box office, Saturday Night Fever earned more than 237 million dollars.

After its launch, the film-shaped popular culture and had a major effect in the late 1970s. Disco music was propagated through its medium. It even brought John Travolta an insane amount of success and made him a household name. In 2010, Saturday Night Fever had even established as a culturally and historically significant film and was preserved by the United States Film Registry.

Saturday Night Fever Ending Explained
A still of John Travolta, among other casts from Saturday Night Fever

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Coming back to the film, we see that Tony is q9 years of age. He is an Italian American man living in Brooklyn, as we discussed. Other members of his family include his parents and younger siblings, and a grandmother. Tony is working at a dead-end job in a hardware store. Just to feel something, Tony goes over to the local disco. He performs amazingly on the dance floor. All the people at the disco start to appreciate him, and he feels happy to gain that sort of respect.

In an upcoming dance competition at the disco, Tony needs a partner. He is infatuated immediately with a woman he meets there named Stephanie Mangano, who has amazing dancing skills. When Tony tries to pursue her romantically, she rejects her proposal. Although Stephanie agrees to be his dance partner on the day of the contest and they need to be strictly professional.

Saturday Night Fever Ending Explained

Later, Tony and his friends start getting in trouble with a gang when Gus is attacked by one and is brutally injured. He is in the hospital bed. In order to take revenge from his side, the group tries to attack the gang. Although, Gus might have recognized the wrong group. As for the dance contest, Stephanie and Tony won the prize. Tony has a feeling that another couple present at the contest, who was Puerto Rican, did a better job at the contest than them. He thus gives his award and reward money to them.

His friend Bobby has been having a lot of issues lately, and while they hang out at the cable bridge, he lets his hands slip and fall down to his death in the water below. Bobby had a girlfriend named Pauline, who is a Catholic and is pregnant with his child. He wanted to escape everything and thus, might have drowned himself. As for Tony, he is too frustrated to even think and thus, goes on a ride to Manhattan. Later, he ends up at Stephanie’s apartment and asks her for forgiveness. The two then become friends and try to bond together after their fight in the morning.

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