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TV Show Review: The Rookie Season 3 Episode 3

TV Show Review: The Rookie Season 3 Episode 3

“The Rookie” being a show involving law enforcement, has decided to tackle a major problem in America.  The plot is recently focusing on the incidents which occurred with relation to police brutality and Black Lives Matter Movement last year. “The Rookie” seems to have set its focus on providing a message in relation to those incidents. And unlike other shows, “The Rookie” is actually taking its time to develop the story in order to address the matter well. And one must give the show credit to be able to show the perspective of what one goes through while witnessing such events. While also showing how one is restricted by law actually to make much of an action against it. From a larger perspective, we tackle trust issues between the community and law enforcement. And will further look into it in this week’s episode “La Fiera”.

We continue with the last episode as Officer Stanton is assigned to take over the training of Officer West. We follow them as we witness concerning behaviors from Stanton on how he deals with the Black Community. On being fazed by it, we see Officer West press these matters with Chen and Doug. But is unable to cause any change as, according to Doug, Stanton is a solid cop with his own flaws. And asks West to learn what is important and ignore the rest. This episode will look more into it as how the characters react to the evolving matter at hand. On the other hand, Nolan will be held over the FTO Program for an additional month while Lopez is pregnant and unaware of how she should deal with the information.

Firearms Requalification

TV Show Review: The Rookie Season 3 Episode 3

Nolan gets distracted as he sees a man wearing a scuba suit in the shooting range.

As a police officer, one cannot lose sight of the power one holds on one hip. Therefore even though, the department allows one to requalify within a month, Grey expects everyone to qualify within the day. He reminds the rookies of the only three reasons an officer should discharge their weapons. After which, Officer Dixon being the range master, gives them instructions on their qualification. They must score a 30 while shooting a civilian would be an automatic fail. As the rookies give their test, Nolan is distracted by an unusual sight of a man wearing a scuba costume practicing at the gun range. Officer Chen comes in at first, even beating Harper. Meanwhile, Nolan has come last. Grey is disappointed as he warns Nolan to improve and requalify soon or else he will be put on desk duty.

Later as Harper and Nolan are in the car driving, Nolan again mentions the man in the shooting range. But Harper explains to him no matter who was there, he shouldn’t be distracted. Out on the streets, as they patrol, there are a lot of distractions. And considering the power they hold within their arms, they cannot let something distract them. As it could be the difference between life and death. Later as Nolan goes to the shooting range at night. He again sees the guy, but this time the man shoots at Nolan and drives off.

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Nolan’s mom calls him and invites herself in as she has arrived at his place unannounced. She claims that her fiancé has cheated on her with his ex. And is annoyed at the fact that she was given a one and a quarter carat of a ring instead of a 3-carat ring. Later as she calls Nolan, he feels that it is an emergency and hurries back home. There he finds her fiancé, who has come back to take the ring. But she has already sold it off. Her fiancé thinks she is a gold digger and wants to file a police report. Nolan agrees as it is his right, while his mom feels betrayed by her own son. Later as both patch things up, they decide to act real with one another. This may mean we will see more of Nolan’s mom in the following episodes of “The Rookie”.

Nolan and his mother discuss their relationship.

Meanwhile, Harper helps a woman in delivering her baby. She takes her to the hospital. And makes sure that she gets the doctor she wants. Harper herself had gone through quite a trauma during her pregnancy and knew what the woman might have been going through as people ignored her plea and fear. Later we find out that the woman gives birth to a child, and both are doing well.

Chen and Tamara

As Tamara comes to meet Chen, she gives Chen to sign a paper to show that she had been given the car to ride. As she had no place to stay, Chen had given her a car to sleep in. But as it turns out later, Chen and Bradford find that a guy was breaking into the car. On enquiring him, they find out that Tamara had sold the car to a guy for four thousand dollars. Chen is annoyed as the car had originally cost her eight thousand dollars, but now there’s nothing she can really do. Bradford feels like he knew it was coming. Later they meet Tamara, who was now dressed in new clothes.

Tamara purchases new clothes selling off the car Chen gave her.

Tamara asks Chen if she knew how it felt to go to school with greasy hair and dirty clothes every day. She had sold the car so that she could feel normal going to school. And had put the rest of the money in her college funds. She hadn’t told about this Chen as she felt she would not understand. She tells Chen that she was now living with her cousin. Later, Tamara again comes to Chen and tells her how she doesn’t trust people who are nice to her. She had bought a computer to study and wanted a safe place to keep it. Chen offers to keep it at the station for her as she could collect it every morning as she leaves for school. Both of them go for dinner as later, Chen would go visit her cousin’s place to check the safety.

Guillermo Sandoval

Lopez being a detective is now assigned to the case of a murder of a gangster. After seeking some guidance regarding La Fiera from Grey, she leaves but later finds out that the Sergeant is about to retire soon. She is happy for him but will miss him at the station. Later, when Nolan encounters the man in the shooting range, he gets a partial look at his license plate. Luckily that’s enough as only 5 were close to the license plate while only one of them was a white sedan. They get the ID of the person who rented it. It was Guillermo Sandoval who Nolan identifies as the shooter. He is definitely the perpetrator, as his license was registered to Guatemala.

TV Show Review: The Rookie Season 3 Episode 3

Harper, Lopez, and Nolan discuss the man in a white sedan.

They even have a location on him from his credit card. He was staying at no-tell motels in Ventura. Lopez calls in to get a warrant as they head to catch the perpetrator. When they reach his room, they catch him, but he appears to have sent a message to someone regarding a plan B. They discover that he is a cop and, on further digging, find out that he was a sheriff back in Guatemala. He was a survivor of the Massacre of Antiguon Leon. This massacre saw the slaughter of men, women, and children, even his children. The man he killed had nothing to do with it but worked for the person who had it done. The person was La Fiera, a very dangerous woman who usually traveled by yacht to avoid detection. That explained the scuba gear, but they had no idea what the plan B was.

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La Fiera

A little later, Lopez finds out that La Fiera is in town on a college tour with her son. And thinking that they will be attacked there, the whole squad heads to the campus. Lopez finally finds Mrs. De La Cruz (La Fiera) and tells her of the impending danger on her and her son. She hands in her bulletproof vest to the son as a precaution when bullets start firing at them. As the civilians try to run out, De LA Cruz and her son, Diego, go into hiding in one of the theatres. While they are inside, De La Cruz is able to identify that Lopez is pregnant. And we learn of the legend of La Fiera, a woman who got caught in a narco gunfight with her baby and took out the entire cartel.

TV Show Review: The Rookie Season 3 Episode 3

La Fiera thanks Lopez for protecting her son.

Meanwhile, Nolan, Chen, and Harper head to the roof to get a hold of the assailant. Chen gets a shot at the man’s hand, after which he decides to jump off the building. Later, after their story checks out, La Fiera and Diego are released. Lopez tells her that if she is in town and has a warrant on her head, she will catcher her, herself.

Later, when Lopez arrives home, she finds a gift on the table with a red bow. It was a gift from La Fiera along with a note as thanks to saving her son’s life.


Now we come to the final element of the episode, which was Stanton. Throughout the episode, we see how Stanton is a bad cop in the way he acts in regards to black people. We see how he categorizes and talks regarding black people. He had even categorized West as someone who played basketball or football. Implying that is how he got into UCLA. In the episode, there is a part where Stanton and West get a call to find a Black perpetrator who was 6 feet and wore a blue hoodie. When Stanton sees a young black man wearing a green hoodie, he pulls over the car. He believes that there was a mistake during the call and knocks the guy down and cuffs him up. He was apparently on his own property when his parents frantically come to his aide.

Stanton escalates the situation of encountering a black family.

We see how Stanton escalates the whole situation as he pulls his gun on the parents. He asks them to get on their knees as he commands West to arrest the entire family. West is shocked that Stanton even wants the grandmother to be arrested and calls in for a supervisor to come on the scene. As Bradford and Chen arrive, Bradford takes Stanton to the side and tries to get a grip on the situation. He tells him that the perpetrator was already caught two minutes ago and he got the wrong guy. Stanton still wants to make an arrest on the basis of assault on an officer and resisting arrest but is wavered off by Bradford. Later, Stanton tells off West for not listening to him and calling in a supervisor. Nolan asks him to tell Grey about the situation as he may be able to deal with it.


In the end, West finally goes to speak to Grey. He tells him regarding the situation with the family and how Stanton escalated the whole situation. That’s when Bradford comes in to support West in his plea. Grey finally gives in and says that he will bench Stanton until the situation is resolved. But, West feels that is not enough. We have a gut-wrenching scene as Grey talks about the sacrifices he and West’s father had made so that people like West could join the force. He tells West that he stands on their shoulders. West thinks otherwise as he responds, “And yet the water is still above my head. So, tell me this, sir. What were all your sacrifices for?”

Grey looks on as he asks West t leave his office.

This scene from “The Rookie” was truly beautiful as we feel the depth of the problem and how sacrifices made so long even now do not play much in the world. As the system is such that it does not allow much of an action to be taken against it.


This episode of “The Rookie” was truly thrilling and an amazing episode to watch. As we see, the various storylines interlink with one another. During this, the episode is able to bring out the problems surrounding police brutality and racism on-screens. And unlike other shows, they have taken their time nurturing the plot. And it seems like it may be a major plot point of season 3. Brandon Routh plays a convincing role as Stanton, a bad cop. As we get more into people like him and how their heads process as they encounter black people. The episode is even able to deliver key points on the relation between a mother and a child. The relation one has with them and what all a mother would do to protect their child. Overall, it was a great watch and has one looking forward to the next weeks’ installment.

You can watch all the episodes by “The Rookie” on ABC.

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