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It’s Beautiful Now Episode 50: Release Date & Streaming Guide

episode 50
It's Beautiful Now Episode 50: Release Date. Cr: Google

It’s Beautiful Now is a Korean drama. This family drama is wonderful. Particularly excellent is the actress who plays Haejun; she can be both humorous and somber at various points. The most enjoyable relationship to see is the one between Mirae and Hyeonjae. Together, they seem good. I dislike the youngest son’s tale since they began by deceiving and defrauding the family.

Even if they do marry, it will not be a joyful marriage because the foundation on which they were constructed was rotten and fraudulent. The elders, too, committed a mistake in providing a monetary reward for marriage. Mirae’s mother seemed to be distressed. It would be intriguing to watch how Hyeonjae overcomes their mother’s opposition to him in the future. 

The opening speed was excellent, and plays about families usually work well. There is nothing wrong with the acting. However, they frequently switch around the haircuts of the male leads between episodes, which is unusual. The interactions in each of the children’s stories are beautifully written and far more reminiscent of life than fiction, making them all approachable. The dialogue is clever and humorous. Although there are a few tragic storylines in it, the humor dominates.

episode 50

All About “It’s Beautiful Now”

Everything You Need to Know About “It’s Beautiful Now”

It’s Beautiful Now is a South Korean television series featuring Yoon Shi-Yoon, Bae Da-bin, Oh Min-suk, Shin Dong-mi, Seo Bum-June, and Choi Ye-bin. The Kim Seong-Geun-directed weekend drama portrays the realities of the contemporary generation, which is unwilling to get married and start a family.

It debuted on April 2, 2022, on KBS2, and it airs every Saturday and Sunday at 19:55. (KST). The Lee family, led by Lee Kyung-Cheol, the grandpa, is the subject of the television series. His son, Lee Min-ho, and his wife, Han Kyung-ae, share three boys. The elderly decide to provide an apartment to the son, who marries within six months because the boys are reluctant to get hitched.

episode 50

An Overview Of The Prior Episodes

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A Recap Of The Previous Episodes

In earlier episodes, Kyung-ae vents her annoyance at Yoon-Jae and Hae-home. Joon’s After Yoo-na wounds her leg while trying to save him, Soo-Jae takes careful care of her. With a mystery, they can’t wait to reveal, Hae-Joon and Mi-rae battle for Kyung-affection ae’s in the meanwhile.

The news that Mi-rae and Hae-Joon are both expecting is joyfully shared by the family. Yoon-Jae, however, continues having to use the restroom because of morning sickness for an unknown reason. Yoo-Na and Jung-hoo are out grocery shopping together when Kyung-ae notices them and becomes concerned for Soo-Jae.

Jin-heon is taken aback after finding out that Soo-Jung has liver cancer. Soo-Jung, on the other hand, advises him to keep it a secret from Hyun-Jae and Mi-rae for the time being. Meanwhile, Kyung-ae begins to feel sad for Yoo-Na, but she is also concerned that she will begin seeing Soo-Jae again.

Soo-Jung discovers Mi-rae has cancer and drops them on the floor. She is heartbroken because she is unable to assist her mother. Hyun-Jae hears about Soo-Jung and volunteers to be tested for donor compatibility. Meanwhile, despite his gloomy attitude, Soo-Jung invites Kyung-Chul, Min-ho, and Kyung-ae to a home-cooked supper.

Its beautiful now episode 50

It’s Beautiful Now Episode 50: Release Date

It’s Beautiful Now Episode 50: Release Date

It’s Beautiful Now episode 50 will be released today, September 18th, 2022, on KBS2, South Korea, at 8:00 pm KST.

It’s Beautiful Now Episode 50: How To Watch

It would be streamed on Kocowa in the Korean language. Each episode lasts 69 minutes, and the 50th episode is the last episode of It’s Beautiful Now.

The narrative revolves around three brothers who’ve been seeking marriage partners to receive the residence provided to them by their family elders.

Characters in the primary cast include Yoon Shi-Yoon as Lee Hyun-Jae, Bae Da-bin as Hyun Mi-rae, Oh Min-suk as Lee Yun-Jae, Shin Dong-mi as Shin Hae-jun, Seo Bum-June as Lee Soo-Jae, and Choi Ye-bin as Na Yoo Na. As this is the last episode, it will be interesting to see how the tale concludes while disclosing all of the suspense and surprises.

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