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Chad Michael Murray Cheating Scandal With Paris Hilton: What Happened?

Chad Michael Murray

Want to know about Chad Michael Murray’s cheating scandal? Yes, Paris Hilton was involved in the same, causing a lot of drama online. Both worked together in House of Wax. Did the actor cheat on his first wife, Sophia Bush?

Even though their marriage was short-lived, people started wondering if Paris Hilton was the third person. Before getting into a further discussion regarding Chad Michael Murray’s cheating scandal, let’s briefly discuss his prominence. 

Starting from the basics, Chad Michael Murray is majorly known for playing Lucas Scott in One Tree Hill. Some of his other acting credits include Fortress, To Write Love on Her Arms, Gilmore Girls, Dawson’s Creek Season 5, The Beach House, Star, Riverdale, etc. Being Chad Michael Murray’s fan, you must watch the TV series Agent Carter. He played the leading role of Jack Thompson.  Little did you know, Chad Michael Murray also appeared in some music videos. One of them has been All I Need, sung by Brandy. 

Coming back to Chad Michael Murray’s personal life, his marriage with Sophia Bush lasted just for a year. Some fans are convinced that the actor’s extramarital affair with Paris Hilton was the ultimate reason. While some claimed that they were over as a couple even before he was found guilty. What’s the truth? If you are looking for the details of Chad Michael Murray’s cheating scandal, here is what we know. 

Chad Michael Murray'

Chad Michael Murray

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Chad Michael Murray’s Cheating Scandal: Everything To Know 

Well, Chad Michael Murray’s cheating scandal with the House of Wax co-star, Paris Hilton, has been pretty much confusing till today. Why? This is because it is still not confirmed. No. The actor has not confirmed the news of his alleged extramarital affair. At that time, he was married to Sophia Bush, as mentioned earlier. When she got to know about the same, she didn’t say anything but laughed it off. 

Who started the accusation? It was Nick Carter. At the time, it happened, Paris was already romantically linked to him. On this note, Nick said, “I’m not saying that Paris is a bad person, but I’m saying she’s got to work her problems out.” Concerning how Chad Michael Murray was accused of cheating on his wife, Sophia, he told that he was quite young back then.

In addition to that, the actor shared that he didn’t see things as clearly as he wished for. On the same hand, he clarified that years have passed, and he is fully grown up into an adult. So, things have changed. Despite all these explanations, he didn’t address if the allegations related to him and Paris Hilton were true. 

Even after parting ways from Chad Michael Murray legally, in 2006, Sophia worked with him. So, it was pretty much evident that both were on good terms. Both were too young at the time they got hitched. During an interview, Sophia shared that there was surely love for each other. But, along with that, there were societal pressures too, which forced them to settle down together so early.

Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush

Chad Michael Murray and his ex-wife, Sophia Bush

Also, the producers of One Tree Hill used the topic of their romantic bond in their advertisements. The actress found it “ugly and opportunistic.” Yes! It was bad.

To date, neither Chad Michael Murray nor Paris Hilton has confirmed their relationship rumors. Well, they didn’t deny it, either. So, the question remains. On the other hand, Sophia and Chad even worked together for the One Tree Hill finale in 2012. Concerning this, Sophia Bush mentioned that she is very professional when it comes to her work. She would never allow her personal life to affect her work in the set, in any way, even for a second. 

Now, there is nothing much more concerning. Because both Chad Michael Murray and Sophia Bush have moved on in their respective lives. Things are good. We wonder if they are going to work together again anytime soon. 

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