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Who is Camila Giorgi’s Boyfriend? The Tennis Player Spotted With Her New Love

Who is Camila Giorgi's Boyfriend?
Who is Camila Giorgi's Boyfriend?

Want to know who Camila Giorgi’s Boyfriend is? Starting from the basics, Camila Giorgi is a versatile tennis player, making a great world ranking at number 26 in 2018. However, at present, she is at number 67. Following Martina Trevisan, she is currently holding the number 2 position in Italy. In 2021, she made it to the quarter-finals at the Olympic Games, making a wonderful record. This year, she participated in the Australian Open and French Open and made it to the third and fourth rounds, respectively. Camille Giorgi is popularly known in this sport for her powerful flat groundstrokes and aggressive playing style. Undoubtedly, she is great.

Knowing her excellence in the tennis sport, fans are curious to learn what’s happening in Camila’s personal life. She was earlier in a relationship with another tennis player, Giacomo Miccini. Both have made several headlines throughout their relationship. But what about now? Has Camila found a new love partner in her life? Let’s dive into this article to learn who Camila Giorgi’s Boyfriend is. 

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Camila Giorgi’s Boyfriend: Who Is He? 

Talking about her love interests, Camila Giorgi’s Boyfriend is rumored to be Santiago Rodriguez Taverna. In case you are wondering, Santiago is also a professional tennis player, hailing from Argentina. He has made a world ranking at number 179 as of June 2022. This year, he has made it to the first round at French Open in Grand Slam. Also, he participated in Wimbledon and US Open. Not to forget to mention that he has won an ATP Challenger singles title at the Challenger De Tigre this year. 

Camila Giorgi's Boyfriend

Santiago Rodriguez Taverna is rumored to be Camila Giorgi’s Boyfriend

Recently, at the US Open, Camila Giorgi and Santiago Rodriguez Taverna were spotted kissing each other. That has made the fans suspect their romance. Well, neither of them has confirmed their relationship status. But, the way they appeared, it’s very much evident that something is going on between the two. This is the first time that Camila and Santiago have been found together in public, and that too in a cozy way. They do look very adorable together. Camila is older than Santiago. But the way they appear, their age difference isn’t visible at all.  

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More About Camila Giorgi

Besides knowing the details of who Camila Giorgi’s Boyfriend is, fans are lately interested in learning more about the tennis player. Born on 30 December 1991, Camila is now 30 years old. Based on her birth month, her zodiac sign is Capricorn. She was born in Macerata, Italy. 

Camila Giorgi's Boyfriend

Camila Giorgi

Camille Giorgi has also made it to the first round in Grand Slam Doubles at the Australian Open. As far as her performance at the same in singles is concerned, she made it to the third round not once but four times, more precisely in 2015, 2019, 2020, and 2022 respectively. Being a baseline player, she is highly appreciated by the people. She also excels in artistic gymnastics. Little did you know, she had been trained by her father, Sergio Giorgi. From the very beginning of her career, she decided to pursue her career in tennis sport. 

You may give Camila Giorgi a following on her Instagram account for more updates related to her professional winnings and personal life as well, in case she puts any. Best Wishes to Camila for the upcoming days of her tennis career. Hoping she achieves more. We are hoping the rumored couple opens up more about their relationship. 

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