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Aaron Paul’s Net Worth: How Rich Is The Upcoming Black Mirror Season 6 Actor?

Aaron Paul's Net Worth

No doubt people are asking for Aaron Paul’s Net Worth now that the actor has joined the cast for Black Mirror season 6. The series’ announcement has sparked conversation in every circle of the series. The show is expected to return after three years, and the series fans are excited to know more about the horror stories in a what-if dystopia. Though the show’s release date has yet to come, we know who the cast is, which gives us an idea of what to expect from the series.

And seeing the Breaking Bad star join the fray, we all are delighted to know what role he would play in the show. And how much of Aaron Paul’s Net Worth will change after that. If you are new and have seen the actor sparingly, you might want to check out his shows. The actor is known mostly for his TV show performance, though he has given us a few hit movies. His hit performance lies in the TV industry, and seeing how the market shifted from movies to TV in recent years, Aaron Paul has hit a lottery.

Aaron Paul's Net Worth

CC: Aaron Paul

Though we don’t have full numbers, it is safe to assume Aaron Paul’s Net Worth would have gone up easily after those hit flicks. But enough beating around the bush. The top TV shows of Aaron Paul are; Breaking Bad (And its Epilogue El Camino), BoJack Horseman ( the animated show tends to attract people), and Big Love. The actor has done some good movies like American Woman, Smashed, and Eye in The sky.

What Is Aaron Paul’s Net Worth?

Estimating Aaron Paul’s Net Worth, it falls around $20 Million. The actor has made huge waves in the entertainment industry with his acting, and it doesn’t look like he will be stopping anytime soon. He has been part of major hit shows, including Breaking Bad and Westworld. And his coming in Black Mirror is a sign that the actor is far from fulfilling his potential. Along with his popular shows, Paul is also known to have an amazing car collection, which thanks to his net worth is massive.

Aaron Paul's Net Worth

CC: Aaron Paul

Here’s A Look At Aaron Paul’s Car Collection!

Aaron Paul’s Net Worth can be estimated a little by looking at his cars. He has five cars that he uses for different purposes, which is not uncommon among celebrities. All of them keep cars as a sign of status, but many like to have the four-wheeler for collection purposes. Aaron Paul has five cars that he owns and uses.

1965 Shelby Cobra 427: He likes it the most among his collection and has been seen taking care of it more than once.

1969 Ford Torino GT: Paul received it as a gift from the production company behind Need for Speed. How nice of them!

Lamborghini Aventador: Aaron Paul’s Net Worth must be something if he can own something like this.

Land Rover Defender 90: It might as well be called the family car; it’s so big the whole might go on trips in this.

Toyota Tercel: The car that appeared in Breaking Bad, does it have something to do with Paul having a model that had the car made it into the show?

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