What Happened To Natalia Grace? Orphan Adoption Scandal Explained

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What Happened To Natalia Grace
Natalia Grace (Credit: BBC)

Want to know what happened to Natalia Grace? You must have come across this name in the recent news headlines. Still, not everyone knows her identity. Well, in 2010, Natalia Grace was six years old and a Ukrainian orphan. Initially, she was adopted by Michael and Kristine Barnett, an Indiana couple. They met her at an adoption agency in Florida. Later, they came to know that Natalia had a dwarfism issue. Things didn’t go right thereafter. 

Natalia Grace has Spondyloepiphyseal Dysplasia Congenital, which is a form of dwarfism. The couple who adopted her accused her of attempting to murder. To be more precise, Natalia was reported to threaten Michael and Kristine and also their biological children. This was harsh. It didn’t stop there. The medical experts who treated her reportedly shared that Natalia Grace is a “con artist.” They also addressed them as “sociopaths.” But things went wrong when Natalia Grace denied all these claims. She quickly became the nightmare of the Barnetts. 

Eventually, the orphan adoption scandal became famous on the internet. What do you think? Who told the truth? Not everyone knows that a docuseries on her also got released. It goes by the name- “The Curious Case of Natalia Grace.” Here is the trailer attached below. 

After these claims were made by the Barnetts, the couple abandoned Natalia. Following that, another Indiana couple adopted her. What happened then? Did they make the same allegations against her? Or was it something else? If you are looking for what happened to Natalia Grace, here is what we know. 

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What Happened To Natalia Grace? Everything To Know 

The former couple, more precisely the Barnetts accused her of hiding her age and identity. In other words, they reported that Natalia isn’t Ukrainian, having no such accent. Also, she had “full pubic hair” and hid her periods for several months from them. That was weird. Also, things went more dangerous when Natalia reportedly poisoned Kristine’s coffee. On the other hand, Michael also saw her standing with a knife at the edge of her bed one night. That was horrible! 

It was in 2012 when the former couple who adopted her petitioned to change Natalia Grace’s birth year from 2003 to  1989. Eventually, her age was also requested to change to 22 years. This entire scandal was pretty much weird, surprising, and whatnot.  

But, things turned different when Natalia Grace denied each of the claims made by the Barnetts. That included being an adult, and the accusation made about attempting to murder.

However, Natalia later got adopted by another couple- Cynthia and Antwon Mans. The time they adopted her, they had two kids, and a third baby was on its way. Guess what? Things turned upside down. They addressed Natalia Grace as a “genuine loving girl.” In 2016, they reportedly attempted and showed their eagerness to become her legal parents too. 

What Happened To Natalia Grace
Natalia Grace (Credit: Metro UK)

Not everyone knows that Natalia Grace gets $733 each month in the form of disability support. This entire Natalia Grace orphan adoption scandal became a national story.

In the docuseries, Natalia addressed the Barnetts as “liars.” On this note, she said, “I’ve never done anything that Kristine and Michael have said that I have done.” 

People are curious to know Natalia Grace’s current status. Well, she is alive and is reported to be still living somewhere in Indiana. When asked, she shared how badly she wanted to live with the Barnetts.

Another surprising thing is Michael and Kristine are no more together. The former adoptive parents of Natalia parted ways and served their divorce in 2014. 

In case you want to watch The Curious Case of Natalia Grace,  make sure you switch to Discovery+. However, you can also watch it on Amazon Prime, Hulu, and YouTube TV. 

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