How to watch Jet Lag: The Game Episodes? Streaming Guide

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Jet Lag: The Game
Jet Lag: The Game (Credit: Nebula TV)

There are so many interesting videos out there of people showing off talents, making vlogs, or covering true crime cases. In this field of online media, where thousands, if not millions of people are making a name for themselves, Sam Dendy has made a name for himself too.

Through his various youtube channels, the one we talk about today is Jet Lag: The Game. The concept of playing board games on the world or using country areas as the road map to run and play tag is indeed a fun concept to try out, and to make a video out of it, uploading on youtube is an even more brilliant idea because that way we can even fun our journey while making amazing memories! 

Sam Denby is a boy who was born in America on the 17th of March, 1998. From a young age, he was seen to be very aware of the environment around him and also really curious about its workings, and he soon decided to open his own YouTube channel by the name of ‘Wendover Productions’ a channel dedicated to talking about all the things in the world, and how they actually work, such as economics.

The world environment, climate, and various such topics that he himself found interesting and thought as something to be shared with the world and children and youth out there to understand. There have been so many topics covered by the YouTuber, but one topic highlighting ‘Iceland’s tourism’ brought him into the limelight through the national newspapers of Iceland. 

Jet Lag Poster
Jet Lag: The Game Poster (Credit: Twitter)

As of now, Sam’s Wendover Productions channel has about 4.6M followers and a content palette that highlights a lot of different things! That is about his first channel, and now Sam went on to start three new channels, namely ‘Half As Interesting, ‘Extremities’ and last but not least ‘Jet Lag: The Game.’

Now, Jet Lag: The Game is a very recent channel that Sam has come up with, and it already has not only a huge number of followers but also a lot of seasons and videos that you can enjoy from! The concept is really interesting, and so are Sam and his friends, who are seen participating in different games that they play in different parts of the world. The show came out in 2022, and it has already come to its sixth season. 

There are three original creators of the show, Adam Chase, Ben Doyle, and Sam Denby. All three of them are also the main show hosts for the show Jet Lag: The Game. Adam Chase previously contributed to writings of ‘Half as Interesting’ but can now be seen focusing on Jet Lag, so much so that he has won three seasons of the five that are out. One season has just premiered, and everyone is excited to know who will be winning the show this time! Let us take a look at the streaming schedule and the plot for the show now.

The plotline for the show ‘Jet Lag: The Game.’

The concept for the show is simple, there is a certain game that is decided upon for each season, and then teams are made to then see which team will turn up to be the winner for that year! The show is known to be inspired by “The Amazing Race,” a game show that had a concept similar to Jet Lag.

For the first season, the hosts and the players for the season decided to create a vertical line across four states of America and ALL the possible challenges one could face while traveling such long distances. The second season involved them going around the world, that is, to Circumnavigate the world in 100 hours.

The second season had a guest host, Joseph, the creator of “Real Life Lore,” making an appearance, and the current season of the show includes the hosts and players making an appearance with another host joining them.

The concept for this season is a game of tag that the players will be playing in teams of two around Japan this time! It is indeed going to be thrilling to see the players try to figure out not only the routes right but also the language that is unknown to them to get to the right place!

A scene from Season 6
A scene from Season 6 of Jet Lag: The Game (Credit: YouTube)

Premiere Date for ‘Jet Lag: The Game’

The show Jet Lag’s Season 6 has already come out on the Nebula TV website a week before its premiere on the official youtube channel created by Sam Denby called ‘Jet Lag: The Game.’

The series premiered on the Nebula website on the 31st of May, 2023, at 08:00 pm Eastern Standard Time (EST). The first episode of the series will come out on the YouTube channel on the 7th of June, 2023. The episodes will be out each week on Wednesday. For regions outside the United States, the time that the episode will release would be, 

  • India – 05:30 am Indian Standard Time (the next day)
  • Britain (United Kingdom) – 01:00 am Greenwich Mean Time (the next day)
  • Australia – 10:00 am Australian Eastern Daylight Time (the next day)
  • Germany – 02:00 am Central European Time Zone (the next day)
  • Canada – 08:00 pm Eastern Standard Time (the same day)

Where can you watch ‘Jet Lag: The Game’ Season 6

The show Jet Lag: The Game, Season 6, is available to be watched by the audience on the Nebula TV Website for a minimal price for a subscription, the first episode is already available there, and the first episode will premiere on YouTube on the 7th of June, 2023. The timings for the same are mentioned above! Give it a try. It is indeed amusing and, if I can say, inspiring to watch *smirk*. 

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