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13 Anime Of Summer 2020 Season That You Can Easily Skip

Anime 2020
Monster Girl Doctor

Last Updated on April 17, 2021 by OtakuKart Staff

The continued pandemic of COVID-19 certainly had tougher during the summer season, as it not only had several long-term concerts, but some of the new premieres only were revealed later. This was a very odd year and an uncommon summer anime season. Real, we always look for the best anime possible. Nobody wants to look at crappy bits of waste, but you are me, you look at it from start to finish, and sometimes it’s a very difficult road.
Some of the titles are here simply because they have gone through great disappointment and have not been up to their hype.
While critics and people who reviewed them consider the entire anime to be poor, it’s important to know that what you like is subjective and that, even though it has a low rating, you have a right to love an anime.

There are certain anime that are not worth the hype and time that you can easily skip watching. Skipping these anime will save your time and you can watch some other amazing anime that is there on your watchlist for months.

1. Gibiate

This series is terrible, despite renowned talents such as Yoshitaka Amano from Final Fantasy who works on Gibiate. Still, frames panned action scenes, and the Gibia monsters’ CGI models were badly composed, leaving an uncanny valley impression. The premise sounds cool enough a samurai and ninja trip into the future to avoid the outbreak of a virus that turns humans into monsters of various kinds. It is, however, as frustrating as it may be, with bad performances and ridiculous decisions. It may be fun to watch “so bad it’s good” but avoid this show if you won’t risk watching a potentially boring train wreck. The story is going on in Japan. The year is 2030, with an infectious disease called Gibia, which turns infected people into different monsters, on the grounds of age, sex, and race totally engulfed the World. A samurai and a ninja from Early Edo journey together in time to rescue a professor working for the virus in a ravaged Japan. In their journey to save civilization, they are battling countless Gibia monsters and outlaws together

2. Super HxEros

Rent-A-Girlfriend gave me the most obvious negative response of the season this season, but I’ve only ever seen the first episode. The decision is based on two key titles of the fan service in the season – SUPERHEROES and Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Period. At least the most important titles I have seen. The latter has hotter fan service despite being shockingly crass. I shall go into this in a further review, but the short version is that two factors impede the series: one that attempts to be campy, but instead turns out to be stupid and takes the idea very young. Yes, I know it is not intended as the next inter-species analysis, but this is the center of the problem: it seems to have an insufficient analogy to make a series where the mechanic is based on sex.

3. Ninja Collection

I don’t have to include it, but it’s so bad that I can’t get on this show, I just want to talk about it. I figured it’d be a pretty good presentation on ninjas nowadays when I saw the visuals. (The summary said that) No, but this is a sheer tragedy. And in fact, it was a spinoff series of Yamishibai: Japanese ghost stories. Must watch. Must watch. Really there is no story. The ninja thing wasn’t presented or at least not presented, it’s not ninjas, I believe. I just don’t comprehend. The main characters have not been fully introduced. Like a bland piece of white slate, they’re also. It’s not at all like the main characters. The animation doesn’t bother me, it’s the same as Yami Shibai’s paper type presentation. I just don’t care. I don’t care. All I cared about was a good story, but the good story didn’t make it worse. I figured, the voices would be fine I think it would only be an episode, but now, with this kind of animation. The dialogues are awkward; there’s no passion in the voice. After all, I did not believe the voice actors were voice actors. This should have been horror, psychological, and mad stuff. Yet it didn’t actually do it. The workers did not even attempt to make it terrifying. Three episodes were available, three minutes every time I watched this, and I hadn’t even been able to make it in episode 6.

4. Monster Girl Doctor

As implied in the title, Monster Girl Doctor is a doctor who treats children. Glenn orgasms from his touch whenever heal a patient monster child. Visually, there’s nothing to write about this show house. A little too self-serious is the Monster Girl Doctor with a clear emphasis on the “scientific side of any patient. This series will only fulfill your fetish if pain turns on; if it does not, go reload Monster Musume. People and monsters have resolved their differences after years of war and are now happy. The post-war period led to the creation of Lindworm, a city that has been since then the center of racial peace. Glenn Litbeit has a human doctor in monster biology who runs a small clinic together with his partner, Saphentite Nikes, which is a monster with half-snakes called a lamia. He uses his experience to search for assistance to every beast. No matter what pain, worry, or injury it might be, it’s always ready to help.

5. Lapis Re: LiGHTs

The protagonist Tiara is going to a prestigious magic idol academy in the city of Mamkestell. She’s mates in the academy with several girls. This is the essence of the issue of Lapis Re: LiGHT: its cast is modest. The series has too much time, with such a wide group of characters, to develop some identity other than its simple individuality. Lapis is also focused on tackling the problem of an idol show, a magic sequence of girls, and a slice-of-life at once without strongly accomplishing any particular topic. The continuous animation of Lapis’ character is one of the positive aspects. Mamkestell is also a beautiful town influenced by the Mediterranean, and between the cast are also some nice light Yuri moments. You may like the series, but it’s not a priority clock if the lack of emphasis does not bother you.

6. No Guns Life 2nd Season

No Guns Life is a series of cyberpunk noirs and Juzo Inui is a man who has a gun as his head. It sounds like the most badass series ever from his premise, but its presentation is sadly quite short. Although it definitely has a special use of Unreal Engine on CG backgrounds, it reminds you in large part of the graphics in an old video game. Season 2 is at least a breakthrough from Season 1. The series will now concentrate on the development of its characters with much of the fatiguing exposition. You’ll certainly like season 2 if you have seen and have loved season 1 before.

7. Muhyo & Roji’s Bureau Of Supernatural Investigation Season 2

It is an adaptation of the mid-2000s Shounen Jump manga. In her plot and aesthetics, she looks very dated. Studio DEEN favors not much, churning out animation which clearly cuts corners. In this season, a rival team challenging Muhyo & Roji’s turf provides new suspense. If you want to see the series discuss the commercial aspect of a supernatural analysis, then Stage 2 will be for you. Otherwise, the supernatural animation to watch is much easier.

8. Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time

Peter Grill has finally proven his worth and is able to take over his beloved senior, the glorious and innocent Luvelia Sanctos, after winning the title of the world’s strongest fighter. Despite some objections from her dad, Peter intends to have a healthy relationship with her. Sadly, the news of his great victory breaks out quickly as the women of other races – ogres, orcs, elves, and others – even some of them fail to produce their descendants with their might. Sadly, this dream breaks apart. In order not to violate Luvelia’s trust and cause a scandal, Peter tries to discourage other salutary women’s advances. However it is easier to undertake such an accomplishment with so many beautiful women.

9. Wave, Listen to Me!

I rarely base this decision on a series’ first episode, but it just made mich so angry and furious, that for a long time, I seethed about it. The Ranting Minare was furious and tempting, like the guy who plumages alongside you on public transport and starts yelling about how much his life sucks, and the whole reason she first ended up with the radio was so underhand that she felt fashioned. The tale was exposed in the anguish and outrage of Minare. And those feelings are not especially amusing on any basis. (I don’t mention illegal.) I’m very happy everyone liked it, but it wasn’t a show for me very strongly, and it made me irritate to the extent where it refused to fade away from my mind like a couple of those less well-performed shows that were definitely not very well done.

10. Rent A Girlfriend

I confess I gave only this one as much a chance as I did because of how spacious this season was even if I had a couple of more shows I wouldn’t have given it backward. However, that does not change the fact that with its smooth production and great music, I really wanted to be successful. It was able, despite Kazuya’s difficulty in understanding the business nature of his ties to Chizuru, to really dig into and undermine the aspirations of many of their citizens. But just Nah. But near. It didn’t go that way and I was confident that it would ever go. On the contrary, it became obvious to my more cynical side that the entire series is about the growing harem of Kazuya working as a therapist and making progress on the expenses of himself. I’m a big fan of strong and competent boundaries and Chizuru makes it happen all over Kazuya. I’m a big fan. How do I root the couple into a romantic comedy in which one party disregards their perfectly reasonable wishes as to how he is treating them? The girl just wants to pay, it doesn’t teach him to be a good person in her job description and I’m tired of women playing this exact part for men.

11. Hatena Illusion

Having loved Kaito anime like Kamikaze Kaitō Jeanne a few decades ago, I was looking for something in the same vein from Hatena Illusion. However, the show seems to be mired in the most familiar conventions of the 90s anime without introducing something new and exciting to the Kaito formula. Hatena herself is consummate of the weak, naive Makoto, whose only fault is to be a boy when Hatena mistook him for a girl while they were childhood friends. It makes it hard to empathize with the titular character, particularly when Makoto’s lackluster is only taking the violence without a word of protest, and it makes a shoddy start on what is likely to end up with a romantic relationship. That aside, there’s so much going on in this series—which deals with true magic as well as stage magic—that I can only follow a bit, and there are only a few instances of Hatena doing her ghost thief routine.

12. Smile Down the Runway

Centered on the first few episodes of Smile Down the Runway, I was planning to follow up with our protagonists on a project runway-style climb to the top. But instead, I got a melodramatic soap opera with increasingly impossible twists and turns. By mid-season, this may as well have been dubbed the Punish Ikuto Half-Hour because of the way his male lead was coping with so much drama, there was no time for him to sew clothing. The turning point for me came when Ikuto, fresh from grappling with a family tragedy, was manipulated by several characters in a row trying to turn Ikuto’s tragedy into a bribery tool. When Ikuto comes to an emotional resolution, it’s time for a fashion show that is meant to be the culmination of the season—to give his and Chiyuki’s supposed aspirations more of an afterthought. Paired with a purity of art that doesn’t make clothes a lot of justice.

13. Plunderer

As such, I feel like I’ve got to default on Plunderer, which I hear has actually changed quite a bit since its catastrophic first episode, but baby, the first episode was a complete blast. Plunderer’s premiere was such a horrific disappointment on any possible front in fact, that it quickly stuck in my head as the worst thing I’ve been exposed to all year. The satire was unfunny at its best moments and downright insulting at worst, the world-building seemed profoundly flawed in ways that clearly could not be reconciled in a single episode, and I personally considered the graphics to be just plain ugly. If I’m frank, I have no doubt that Plunderer may very well have been a quietly promising tale rolled up in some tragic package; that’s been the case for many a series of years. If the first episode of the show is so bad that it kills any and all hope that one may have in giving the entire thing another shot, though, that’s a huge issue.


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