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10 Best FPS Games on PC and Consoles in 2021

FPS is one of the most popular gaming genres of all time. We have witnessed a lot of masterpieces in this genre over time. Be it CS Go or Half Lyfe or the whole COD Series, FPS games always give you the thrill and excitement. Different storylines and scenarios give us the experience of virtually being there. We all have been on Mars or on Earth in 2033 or in World War 1 serving our nation through these games. Today let us see the 10 best FPS games which you can enjoy in this pandemic to pass your time. I am sure you would have played half these games. But if you haven’t, get on the couch and straight away jump into the action of first-person shooting.

1. Doom Eternal

Doom Eternal is the fifth installment in the classic Doom series. The Doom series is very popular among FPS gamers. This game was released in the year 2020. Doom Eternal is a revamp of Doom 2016 with better graphics, harder missions, and enhanced gameplay. According to polls, the average runtime of the main story in Doom Eternal is around 14 hrs. If you wish to complete the whole game with all the add-ons, it will take you around 25 hours 25 mins on average.

Doom Eternal

Image Source: mxdwn Games

In Doom Eternal, demons have invaded and conquered Earth. Your player-character must drive back the monstrosities. Doom Eternal introduces more story elements than Doom 2016, particularly the Doom Slayer’s origins. Doom Eternal has one true focus: killing demons in increasingly gory and brutal ways. This game is available on Steam and it is rated 9/10 on Steam. This game is also in the list of one of the best games to play in Steam in March 2021.

2. Superhot

Superhot is one of the unique FPS games you will ever play. The graphics are polygon type and look mediocre, but the concept of this game is what makes it unique. Superhot was published in the year 2016 by Superhot Team.


The plot is simple, you are tasked with taking out hostile attackers that are trying to kill them. Weapons picked up by the player have limited ammunition and break easily, requiring the player to rely on defeating enemies to attain new weapons or making melee kills. Taking a single hit from an enemy bullet kills the player, requiring them to restart the level. The twist in it is that the time only moves ahead when the player moves or fires a gun. This is the feature that makes this game so unique.

There isn’t the main storyline, you complete the game if you complete all the achievements. The median time reported by users to do so is around 23-25 hours. Superhot is available on Steam and it is rated 9/10 on Steam.

3. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Talk about FPS and not mention CS: GO, well that is not possible. CS: GO is one of the best fps ever made. It is iconic. This game was launched in the year 2012 by Valve. It is the fourth game in the Counter-Strike series.

There is no storyline. It is completely a multiplayer game where two teams go against each other in different types of game modes. CS: GO has indeed inspired many modern titles to implement this feature in their games. CS: GO is one of the main headline events of the e-sports industry. You make a list of the best fps games in any year, I bet CS: GO will find a way in that list anyhow. CS: GO is available on Steam, it is free to play. It is also rated 9/10 on Steam.

4) Call of Duty: Modern Warfare

After hearing fps, Call of Duty is probably the first word that arrives in the mind of gamers. Be it pro gamers or complete beginners. Everyone knows about the Call of Duty franchise. They have made so many epic games over the years. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare stands out as one of the best of the franchise. COD: Modern Warfare was published in 2019.


Neither is it a revamp of the original Modern Warfare nor a completely new game. It is somewhere in the middle. You will see some of the scenes of the original Modern Warfare, only with much better graphics and gameplay. The game is set in 2019, where a covert operation to recover shipments of dangerous chemical gas headed for Urzikstan, CIA SAC/COG Officer “Alex” is intercepted by unknown hostiles who kill the Marine Raiders accompanying him and escape with the gas. This is basically the main plot with many more small plots in between.

The average time to complete the main story is around 13hours 26 minutes. If you wish to complete each and every side mission with every single achievement, it may take you around 33 hours to complete it. This game is available on Activision’s site. It is highly rated by IGN with a rating of 8.2/10

5) Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is a sequel to Destiny. The first part itself was so good that no one expected the second part to be better than it. The developers surpassed all the expectations and took this game to a whole new level. Destiny 2 improves in every area. It evolves, taking the seed of the first game’s MMOFPS idea and building a whole new, entirely richer, deeper, and broader experience around it.


Everything in this game is almost perfect, and it is very highly rated among the gaming community and the critics. The average time to complete the main story is around 12 hours. But if you want to complete the game fully, with all the achievements and all the side quests, the average time reported is around a whopping 121 hours. This game is available on Steam and is rated 9/10.

6) Halo: The Master Chief Collection

This game combines all the best titles under the Halo franchise and gives you as one. Whoever came with this idea deserves a prize. Every HALO game is a masterpiece in itself, and to combine all those, the best missions in one single game is truly was truly a masterstroke. This game was released in November 2014. It is a collection of 6 games, to be precise.

halo master edition

Suppose you haven’t played any HALO game and want to start somewhere. Start with this game itself. The runtime of this game is around 43 hours. If you are a hardcore gamer and wish to complete every single aspect of this game, it will take you 130 hours on average.

This game is also available on Steam and is rated 9/10.

7. Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege

Tom Clancy series is also a quite popular series in the fps genre. Rainbow Six Siege is a great game if you want a slow-paced fps game that requires crucial thinking and planning. This game was launched in December 2015.


You and your team-mates choose from a variety of highly skilled Operators, each with their own specialties that can complement each other for a rock-solid team effort, Every round becomes a tactical, incredibly tense game of cat-and-mouse, as one team protects an objective while their opponents try to scout out danger and survive a breach. It is an online multiplayer game, so there is no storyline here.

This game is also available on Steam and it is rated 9/10.

8. Overwatch

Overwatch will be a bit different for you if you are used to CS: GO or COD or other fierce, gritty, or ultra-realistic games. This game was published in the year 2015. This is much lighter and a bit cartoonish visually. But that doesn’t mean that it is also bad in performance. This is an amazing game because of multiple game modes that focus on teams attacking and defending, lore-drenched characters with vastly different play styles, and a few MOBA-like gameplay twists.


Overwatch is also an online multiplayer game which means there is no storyline. This game is not available on Steam. It is available on the official Overwatch site. If you want to try something different in terms of visuals but get the same amount of fun in gameplay, then Overwatch is the correct game for you.

9. Titanfall 2

Titanfall is a game with massive imagination. This game was launched in October 2016. The game is quite perfect in every department. In this game, you will be doing so many exciting things. The unforgettable BT-7274 and unbridled creativity dominate Titanfall 2’s campaign, whether it involves you switching between decades in the blink of an eye, walking through a moment frozen in time, or simply ripping other Titans apart when you step into BT-7274.


Titanfall 2 is about a rifleman, named Jack Cooper, given a Titan, a big giant robot that is there to help or inflict trouble. As a rifleman, he does not have a pilot certification, which does not help his situation. But the Titan, named BT-7274 does not give up on their relationship and continues the fight The IMC forces led by Apex Predator Blisk, with Jack Cooper.

This game is available on Steam, and as I said above, it is quite perfect in every department. Hence it is rated 10/10 on Steam.

10. Borderlands 2

This game is a sequel to the famous game named Borderlands. Borderlands was a very good game in itself. Borderlands 2 is also as good as Borderlands, with better graphics and, indeed, better gameplay. This game was launched in 2012. So it is almost a decade old.

The runtime of Borderlands 2 is 6 hours if you want to complete the main story. If you wish to complete the whole game with every achievement, then it will take you 14 hours on average. Last year, a much-awaited Borderlands 3 was launched, which is also a very good game. But, Borderlands 2 is better than Borderlands 3. Hence it has made it on this list. You play as a Vault Hunter, a treasure hunter looking for an alien vault on a barely colonized planet. Throughout the guffaw-filled adventure, you collect hundreds of different guns, each with its own unique stats and attributes.

Borderlands 2 is available on Steam, and it is rated a perfect 10/10. If you have played Borderlands or if you plan to play it, then I would surely recommend you to play this series.

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