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Velma Episodes 9 and 10: Release Date, Spoilers & Streaming Guide


Velma Episodes 9 and 10 release date is just on our doorstep and fans are obviously curious about the future of the same. It has been exploring a very cool detective drama series in which we can experience the entire focus on Velma from the Mystery Inc. of the Scooby Doo franchise.

Now, in the most recent episode of the series titled The Sins of the Fathers and Some of the Mothers, we saw an interactive session between Principal Rogers as well as Velma. The two talk about Dr. Edna Perdue who suffered from mental health after working on a covert mission. It was abbreviated as SCOOBI which stands for Special COvert Operation Brain Initiative.

Thus, Velma starts thinking about connecting this situation with that Diya. But it does not take her time to fall back into yet another hallucination. Turns out that these are actually being caused by the fact that her father does not believe anything about her mother’s kidnapping. Velma goes to Aman who says he shall accompany her more from now on.

Later, Velma finds out an even more traumatizing truth about Aman that he used Velma in order to rake benefits in the name of paternity leave even though Sophie specifically did not want the same. Being irritated by this revelation, Velma goes to Rogers in order to ask about the whole thing.

Velma Episodes 9 and 10 Release Date

A still from Velma

Velma Episodes 7 and 8 Recap

In the most recent episode 9 of the season titled A Velma in the Woods, we saw that Daphne and Velma are trying to hack the phone of this mysterious serial killer. Inside the device, the ladies find out a picture of Mount Crystal Woods. The duo decides to visit this place the next day. Although, Daphne bails out on Gelma as she wants to meet with Olive. 

Well, Velma is a smart girl and knows how to take advantage of any situation, and thus lures Daphne in by making her concerned about her hallucinations returning. Norgille lets them have the space at Gigi’s family cabin. Well, it turns out kind of awkward because Gigi was trying to have a romantic getaway with him at the spot. Turns out that all 4 of them are stuck in a ravine which was a trap. Daphne tells Velma that she purposely tried to reschedule because she likes it when Velma becomes possessive of her. As for Gigi, she has concerns that Norville still likes Velma and thus confronts her about the same.

Soon enough, the group finds a tunnel that lets them into the serial killer’s haven. Here, they come across the brains which are still working and belong to the murdered girls. Even Fred is here. Velma, who is emotional about Daphne right now, tries to ask her out in a relationship.

Although, their conversation is cut short by the tunnel which has started to collapse now. Diya literally comes out of nowhere and takes the group to the surface in her van. Diya and Velma reunite but are not able to find out who kidnapped her in the first place. This means the mystery of the serial killer still continues. It would be interesting to see who will be the serial killer and it would be shocking if it is someone we know. 

Velma Episodes 9 and 10 Release Date

Velma Episodes 9 and 10 release date is on the 9th of February 2023. The episodes are titled Family Wo (Man) and The Brains of the Operation respectively. It will drop out on HBO Max at 3 AM Eastern Time. New episodes of this animated drama series release every week on the platform on Thursdays.

How to Watch Velma Episodes 9 and 10

Watching Velma Episodes 9 and 10 is the most simple task. All you need is an HBO Max subscription and you are all set. The platform has various price tiers that users can compare and select the best option for themselves.

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