One Piece Reveals The Past Of The Nine Red Scabbards

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the Nine Red Scabbards Past

The latest chapter of the One Piece manga came out just a couple of days ago and it truly delivered in a mind-blowing way. Oden’s backstory continued to boggle the minds of the fans. In the last chapter, we could see Kozuki Oden go from Hakumai to Kuri, where he defeated Ashura Doji. Before meeting Kin’emon, Ashura Doji was a wild bandit who ran amock Kuri.

One Piece Nine Red Scabbards

One Piece Reveals The Past of The Nine Red Scabbards

His power was such that not even the Shogun of Wano wanted to interfere with this lawless region. After beating Ashura, Oden declared himself the King of the bandits and made Kuri into a livable place. Thanks to this, Kozuki Oden was awarded the title of Daimyō of Kuri, which was a great feat for him.

Other than Ashura Doji, other members of the Nine Red Scabbards also joined up with Kozuki Oden. We already saw how Kin’emon and Denjiro joined up with Oden. The past of the remaining members was recently revealed.

Kanjuro used to collect the hair of people and make brushes out of it. After meeting Oden, he joined up with him. Kiku and her brother Izo were street performers. They too were taken on the journey by Oden. Meanwhile, Raizo was a former member of the Oniwabanshu whose heart was broken by a girl, so he used to kidnap girls, although he likely used to tell them stories of his heartbreak. After being beaten by Oden, he too joined up with the guy.

When and how Kawamatsu joined wasn’t revealed to us, sadly.

Finally, Nekomamushi and Inuarashi showed up towards the end of the chapter having washed up on the beach of Kuri of Wano Country.

Hopefully, the next chapter will illustrate the adventures of Oden greatly, although at a slower pace. It felt as if things moved a little too fast last week. With that being said, let’s hope Oden’s flashback turns out to be great!

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