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How to Watch The Black Phone? Streaming Details Of The Supernatural Horror Film

The Black Phone, which was released in 2021 in Hollywood, is still creating hype among the fans. The movie serves a solid dose of horror as well as a thriller. Scott Derrickson directed the whole film. The inspiration for the plot came from a short film by Joe Hill of the same name which he made in 2004.

There are a lot of elements of horror that quench our thirst for mystery and suspense. We see a teenager in focus who has been kidnapped. In order to talk with the other people who have previously been abducted by the same person, he uses a telephone. It is not clear how the voice of these former victims can be heard and conversed with through that phone.

The cast includes actor Mason Thames in the role of Finney. He is a young lad who has been abducted. The Grabber has carried out this villainous deed. Then we have actress Madeline McGraw who enacts the character of Gwen. She is her sister of Finney and is coming across some psychotic dreams as she sleeps. Actor Ethan Hawke plays the part of The Grabber. He is the one who kidnaps all the little kids. The Grabber also has a history of murdering people in a row. Then we have Jeremy Davies who reprises the role of Terrence. Finney and Gwen both are raised by him, he is their father. After getting widowed, he has become abusive and an alcoholic.

Where to Watch The Black Phone

A still of Finney from The Black Phone

The Black Phone – Where to Watch

As of right now, the film is available to watch in the cinemas. There is still time before we get the movie for us online. After its theatrical period is over, the movie will be uploaded to Peacock. The Black Phone is produced by Universal Studios and thus, it is only valid that their streaming platform has the movie available for streaming. Well, it might take as long as 45 days after its release date before we see The Black Phone on OTT Platforms. Thus we are expecting it to stream by August of 2022.

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Filming Locations

The Black Phone was primarily filmed at EUE/Screen Gens located in Wilmington North Carolina. A few shots were also taken at the New Hanover County and Brunswick. If we look at the trailer of the series, it is scarier than any of the movies released in the same year so far. Some critics have even pointed out that the project can become a potential franchise for Universal Studios.

The reception for the story is on the positive side. We see that critics have appreciated the good scary scenes provided with The Black Phone. It entertains the viewers with its good acting source. Actor Hawke has also been praised for his performance and the skills that he used in the movie. He did an excellent job at creeping the hell out of fans.

The directors are surely thinking about a sequel to this movie. Derrickson said that before the film was even released, the writers were discussing a potential sequel. He said Hill had given him a great idea for a second story that would be done if the first film became a banger. By the looks of it, the crew and writers will have to sit down once again because this movie is creating headlines every day since its release and obviously going to be a box office success.


The timeline of The Black Phone is set in the year 1978. The Denver suburb is disturbed because of The Grabber and how he kidnaps children. Finney and Gwen are siblings who live in the suburbs. They are bullied in school but one of the kids named Robin defends them both. He also tells Finney to not be afraid anymore and face off the bullies with power. Bruce is kidnapped by The Grabber and he is a friend to Finney. Although, Gwen gets to know about this through her psychic visions. Later Robin is abducted by The Grabber. The three friends are able to converse with each other with the help of a phone hanging in the room they woke up in.

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