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Velma Episode 3: Release Date, Time, Title & Spoilers


Velma Episode 3 release date is quite close. The show has only started airing recently and it throws light on adult comedy and is animated. Throughout the episodes, we can expect to watch some mystery evolve as the characters are trying to get to the bottom of the same. Although, it does not go without us seeing a lot of humor.

The inspiration for the plot and the whole series, in general, has come from the character Velma Dinkley. As we all know, she is a character in the scooby-doo franchise. Throughout the series of the franchise and various episodes, we see her as being the brains of the whole squad as she has answers to almost everything. Charly Grandy has curated this series for the fans.

The voice to Velma has been given by Mindy Kaling. We see Velma in the lead of Mystery Inc. along with the other members as the episodes go over their lives in general. There has been a lot of series in the Scooby Doo franchise with spinoffs here and there. Although, this is the first one where we have not seen the character of Scooby Doo at all.

Velma Episode 3 Release Date

A still from Velma

It has been described to the fans that this show serves as an alt-universe origin plot for the characters whom we see in the Mystery Inc. The main plot of the show will focus on the murders of the local teen girls in the city as we see Velma in the lead. Back in Velma Episode 2, we saw that Aman has finally agreed to defend Fred in the court of law but he is not so happy about the decision just yet. Velma, who is trying to find out what has happened to Diya, asks Daphne to hand her the cold case files.

Velma Episode 2 Recap

Although, she wants 500 dollars in return for the favor. Then, when Velma does a little digging, she finds out that Daphne actually sells drugs at the school. As for Norville, he is constantly trying to make the money that Daphne has asked for so that Velma can have the file. He sells his stuff, the sword and at one point, was even ready to sell his kidney. Later, when he actually gets the money as an offer, he denies it because he wants to win Velma’s trust and heart truly and not by pulling plugs here and there.

Although later, we see Daphne and Velma starting to create a bond with each other. Also, Aman argues that he will provide the 500 dollars if Velma proves that Fred is innocent of him, which she later does.

Well, everyone was about to go home happy bit Fred, just a moment before proven innocent, snaps and everyone gets to see his other side. This proves to the court that he must be guilty. This also ruins their entire career for Aman. On the other hand, Daphne agrees to give Velma the file and hands her, her mother’s file. As she sees the file, she finds out that the phone’s last location was actually tracked at Fred’s house. As Velma starts hallucinating a lot, Daphne kisses her to snap her out of it. Norville sees the exchange and is quite saddened by the aspect.

Velma Episode 3 Release Date

Velma Episode 3 release date is on the 19th of January 2023. The episode is titled Velma Kai. It will drop out on HBO Max. New episodes of this comedy and mystery animated drama series are released every week on the service on Thursdays. Fans can keep a reminder for the same so that they never miss anything at all.

How to Watch Velma Episode 3

Velma Episode 3 is only available through HBO Max. We have mentioned the date on which it is supposed to drop out on the channel for all the fans to watch. The platform starts with a basic recharge plan of just 9.99 dollars a month. It can also be updated to avoid the annoying advertisements which are shown in between.

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